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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A very good day at sea

Dear Family and Friends,
How I wish you could be here with us. We slept well last night, had an equipment failure of the colostomy but Nan knows just how to fix everything and within 15 minutes we were asleep again. Always shocking to discover it has failed.
We woke later and I got up and went to the internet room to talk to the office and discovered I can use my own laptop connected to their system. So I got my emails in and Nan can read them later. It was so nice to hear from so many of you responding the blog and we are really thankful for the blessings of being able to be here. For Nan it seems like a miracle considering two weeks ago she was still in the hospital running fevers etc. She has to be very careful what she eats and only eats tiny portions but she has been able to taste lots of good things so far. When I went back I read for a few minutes and then she was awake so we dressed her for the day, watched a bit of an old time movie with a happy ending from Turner Classics, then headed out with Mary to have lunch. AFter that we played dominos on the deck with Mary and saw dolphins beside the ship playing and putting on a show. Since we are in the middle of nowhere out here, the dophins were a special treat. The seas have been calm so far, the weather is gradually warming and it has been a wonderful day. Right now Nan is resting up for dinner and a show about piano tunes this evening, supposed to be good.
I was able to talk to Loree this morning with the instant messenger hooked to the laptop and it sounds like all is well back home. She knows a lot about fixing little typos and keeping people happy and on board so to speak. Steve is working hard and Heather has been able to help some too.
We miss being able to talk on the cell phones. It just does not seem right for Nan not to get to talk to Sharon or Dana like she does nearly every afternoon.
Loree let me in on a secret, that Syliva came and cleaned house and it looks and smells great. Thank you so much for doing that Syliva, we left it sort in a mess and I'm so sorry someone had to deal with our leaving disaster. Thanks Syliva, thanks so much.
We are relaxing, resting and spending tons of time together, a real pleasure since we rarely get to spend this kind of time together. Nan is feeling better today than yesterday with less nausea. Today she walked a long ways on the deck using the wheel chair as a walker. She did a great job and was proud of herself afterwards.
I know Nan misses talking to keanna in the evenings. She keeps mentioning Keanna and hoping she is going to have a great birthday party coming up. That little angel certainly has wound herself into our hearts and we treasure her so much. How wonderful that Nikki and STeve allow us to have so much contact with her. We Miss Her!
We really look forward to seeing Jason and Jo (with Timothy), Nikki and Steve and Keanna when we get back. Seems we are so far away.
We thank you our dear friends for your support and love, seems strange not to have Barbie and Gerry or Art along on this cruise. We miss them too.

Please pray that God will continue to bless Nan with health and recovery.

Love from our love boat to yours,

tim and nan


  • At 10:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    We are there with you my friend. Your most excellent and informative blog take us with you every league of the way.

    What a wonder that you are actually on the cruise and for a few moments were completly disconnected. Then you were disoriented by your diconnection. Oh! My! and internet cafe' what will I do now?

    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? Yeh there wasn't really a decision to make. Tim is back on line. Hook-up again! This is good for you blog readers, who were anxcious for news. Not so good for a workaholic trying to go cold turkey. We all hope that as the days of cruising increase and the pull of work decreases you my friend will BE ON HOLIDAY.

    You and Nan are the best! Surfs Up,


  • At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Thanks for the Update. We are thinking of You and are glad to read that things are fine and relaxing for You on the "Peaceful Pacific"

    I talked to Our Local Honda Dealer yesterday about Your Odyssey Brake Issue. Their advise is to take it to Your closest Dealer with the Copy of the "Fix" that was done on Our Odyssey and they will diagnose & verify the problem & then do the same repair for You. Our Dealer here will do it for You if You wish and can spend about 3 hours here some time at Your convenience. I will give You the Contact Names if You decide to come over here.

    Love & Continued Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.
    We are expecting temps in the 80's the next few days. Feels Good!


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