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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Another day, new challenges, clock is ticking

Dear Ones,
Its 8 pm on monday night. Like many other days this one has presented us with new challenges and suffering. After I rubbed Nan's feet last night they began to itch and then the pain started. Nothing she could think of lessened the pain and it was not until early this morning, about 5 am that she finally was able to go to sleep, just too much pain in her left foot and leg no matter what position or angle. I let her sleep until Terry came to make her visit, she was pretty clear that nan was suffering from infection in the foot and leg probably caused by the foot stick back in the hospital for a blood draw by atilla the hun. So while Terry was still here we contacted the oncology office and they fitted us into a 3 pm appointment. It took awhile to get nan dressed, to find clothes she can wear with all the extra fluid she is retaining. Then I turned the van back into a bed on wheels and Nan bravely walked out and climbed in. When we arrived at the dr. office the blood work from this mornings draw had not yet arrived so they did a CBC there to determine the basics. They said hemoglobin was 10.2, I doubt it but based on that there was no transfusion ordered. The doctor carefully examined the foot and determining that she needed antibiotics. Terry is bringing them this evening and every 12 hours Nan will receive the drugs through a push into her PICC line. I can only hope, pray and pray some more that the result will be less pain and more mobility.

We are at a point where I do not like to leave Nan for very long as she really can't move about on her own without being a risk. Yet I have several that are going to require me to be away for awhile. I hope we can work things out so someone who lives nearby can be on call if Nan needs some help. She is so brave and independent, hates to ask for any assistance.

I'm concerned about the extra fluids which are not going away and the distinct possiblility of Nan still getting dehydrated in spite of the fluids her body is carrying. Today the blood work showed a hemoglobin of 10.2 yet last thursday when we left the hospital it was 9.4. If this is a true number then it is wonderful but dehydration can also cause the hemoglobin to show wrong on blood test we have learned.

Nan does not feel well in general, she has thrown up at least twice today, tiny amounts but still it is not a good sign. So far no food in today, none at all. I have her drinking a little glass of cranberry juice right now and later, soon I will try to get some soup or toast or yogurt in so she can take her evening meds. It is hard to think about a week from now when we are to be on the cruise leaving San Francisco toward Mexico. Ultimately the decision to go or not go with have to be with Nan and how she feels. The antibiotic has now been delivered and we are to administer it for 7 days, every 12 hours. Have to sit it out 1 hour before pushing it in to get closer to room temperature.

So tonight Nan is resting on the couch slipping in and out of sleep with the TV on quietly in the background. I'm blogging early because I think we both need to get to bed on time tonight. I'm trying to not eat and lose weight for my thursday morning exam for a new life insurance policy. I had planned a big day today getting lots of things done and out but the health situation sort of changed our plans but I am so glad someone is addressing the redness and heat in her foot and leg, very scary stuff really.

Progress on the money front today. The bank cashed out two small IRSs and said we can deal with them on our tax form at tax time perhaps even claiming medical reasons for cashing them early. The kind lady from the bank called this afternoon and said she had deposited both into the account. We also received one check from a client who always pays promptly. It was enough to nearly cover the two house payments which Nan called in from her bed in the back of the van as we drove this afternoon. We are making progress with our immediate bills and its pretty amazing considering how far we were off last week. We are so thankful for God's blessings. Of course we don't have IRS covered or the dozens of medical bills and friday payroll but we are doing better for sure. It seems we are always short these days but I only work when I can and not leave Nan at risk.

Please, please pray for Nan this evening. I often wonder what will take place next. Just when we seem to make progress with one medical issue another pops up to challenge Nan. I can tell you that without you, her family and friends, life would be much tougher for Nan. She loves to find courage in calls she gets.

We are enjoying beautiful flowers that jason and jo brought on Sabbath. Jo always manages to pick the most original arrangements and this one is totally unique and so pretty. And the orchid is stunningly beautiful. Just seems like flowers, calls and rest keep Nan going.

I am praying that Nan will be able to sleep tonight without as much pain. She is so very tired right now.

Thanks for all you do,



  • At 10:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Glad to read an update on Nan's progress. It does appear that this leg of the race is full of switchbacks but there is movement and even the pain which is natures way of saying that something needs attention is a blessing even if it's a mixed one.

    Hospitals are as you know dangerous places and it seems that you have taken something away from there that you did not need. Thankfully it seems to be well in hand. Lets all pray for blessings in specific doses to stop the infection and the pain it is causing.

    Tim, Tim, Tim stop wasting your time with the dieting for dollars plan. Just own up to your largeness and take the hit like a real dough boy! Really how much do you think you can save on a premium in 3 days! If you just let it go at least you will have less stress and that is a good thing.

    God speed in all you do!


  • At 8:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I concur with Wes's comments on the diet plan!!! With your stress levels, and your other health issues, you don't need to add fainting away to the list.
    Thinking of you both every day and hoping today is better.
    With love, Judy

  • At 2:50 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    Is'nt this wind something else? It is really wilde over here and seems to show no signs of letting up at all.

    That leg & foot infection sounds like a nightmare. We hope & Pray that the emergency Antibiotics will do the trick. Could this really be from that "Nurse To Remember" at the Hilton.

    Hard to believe what has happened at that College Campus, What is this World coming to. I guess we know the answer to that. So many suffering Families there.

    Our continued Prayers are with You and also Roger at this time, this getting Older is not the "Golden Time" that We expected.

    Hoping that this message finds You more comfortable and on the rapid Mend Nan.

    We continue to Pray for Your Healing and comfort.

    Bob & Carrol.


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