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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Sabbath evening - rest and friends

Dear Family Members and Friends,

It is evening now, the windows are open and cool breezes are passing through. Nan is so desperate for TV that she is watching COPS. We brought Nan's TV from her desk at home with its rabbit ears since the hospital does not yet have the cable system working. It remains amazing to me that an entire hospital with a 100 or so patients can go the weekend without any cable TV. It makes a long stay much longer.

Today we have had some wonderful visits for which we are very grateful. Nikki and Keanna appeared at our door and we celebrated Easter with a bunny rabbit. We had a wonderful time and Keanna looked so cute in her new blue dress. At 2 Bob and Carrol arrived and Nikki and Keanna went shopping. Bob brought some wonderful cookies he had prepared. They are wonderful eating and are disappearing rather rapidly. Thank you Bob and Carrol for coming to see us and bringing your cheer, soft drinks and prayers. As I was saying good bye to Nikki and Keanna George and Yvonne Miller drove up for a visit. So I showed them the nearest way in so George would not have to walk too far. Bob and Carrol and George and Yvonne sort of knew each other and knew some of the same people. We all visited and enjoyed our time together, then Bob and Carrol had to leave so Bob could get back to Lodi to feed his aging mother. Later George and Yvonne headed home for a nap and both Nan and I took a nap also. It has been a wonderful day, getting to spend it with family and friends. Nan has received a real lift from the love she experienced.
This evening my phone rang and it was Nikki and Keanna. They were in the area and so we ate at Olive Garden. We brought back cheese raviolis to mom and she ate what she could. Then this evening we went a small dance with once again with the nurses. They brought in a bag of hydration to hang for Nan. We raised a question about it and found out they were acting on yesterdays orders, one of the kidney doctors had written an order to increase the hydration yesterday. Since that time all doctors have told us the extra hydration was finished we had the nurse call and the order was expunged. Boy you never can let up your guard. Nan does NOT need extra fluids right now being about 16 lbs over weight right now with fluid. She can feel it around her middle and right ankle especially. So we dodged another bullet.
Nan is enjoying her pump which gives her a minimal amount of pain meds on an ongoing basis plus she can push the pump when she needs a little more. It is much nicer than her having to beg the nurses for meds every two hours. This evening Nan's fever is back again, not high but hovering around 100. For Nan any thing even a tiny bit above 98.6 is a fever and important. So there are good reasons for her to still be in the hospital this evening, infection.
A few minutes ago Nan insisted we take a walk. She bravely lifted herself out of bed, got on her feet and walked to the end of the hall, the far end of the hall. Now she is resting. She really deserves her rest. This has been a good day over all and Nan has enjoyed it all.
It now seems the nephrostomy tube will be replaced on Monday, that Nan will be transported to Concord for the procedure and then back here to her room. Hopefully after that the fevers will end and she will be able to come home.
Please pray for Nan, for the leaking, for the fevers, for her recovery. Thank you for all you do.
tim and nan
photos are from today here in the room of Nikki, Keanna and a beautiful bouquet of flowers which arrived this morning from Jan in Denver. Nan was thrilled and has commented on the flowers to everyone who visited and the nurses. Thank you Jan.
Also thanks to George and Yvonne who supplied a new box of Sees nuts and chews, Nan had one piece of candy left in the box from Bob and Carrol last week. People are so thoughtful.


  • At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Happy Easter ~

    Great pictures of Nan, Nikki and Keanna - I can see how that little Keanna is the apple of your eyes! Kids are just a lift - so much fun.

    More See's candy arrived - that black and white lady has brought cheer to so many people for years and she continues to this day. My kids in South Carolina are going to wake up to her goodies this morning too. They don't have a See's there in town, so of course Nana had to supply them! They love the little chocolate eggs and when you bite into them there is a chick inside. They got a couple of those in the basket and I found a carton of 6 more - just the cute eggs. That was Nick's choice - "those eggs with the chicks inside".

    Today I'm headed to the bowling alley for a 60th birthday party - at 10AM. I guess when you get older you can have a party no matter where you are. They reserved a room with 4 alleys and are having a catered lunch. Sounds fun to me!!

    Enjoy your day there at the Hilton and you have tomorrow to look forward to getting the infection cleared up. Then it's on to healing - that's good news!!

    Blessings to you both with many prayers tucked in ~ Marilyn

  • At 10:22 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    It was indeed a good visit with You Yesterday. At least We were able to get you on to more than just 2 channels on the TV.

    Hope you are enjoying the DVD,s that We brought over. That Camera of Nicki's is really something.

    Just a note to clarify that I do not have to feed My Mother! I just need to get Her headed to the dining room She sometimes forgets to go down when they call and then has to wait for a tray to be brought to Her room. Much better for Her to eat with the others and socialize a bit.

    We have company next weekend for the Academy Alumni time. Carrol's Sister's class "57" is having a 50th reunion so She and another calssmate of Her's will be with Us for a couple of days. Our friends the Anderson's, Larry "57"& wife Nancy also will be in for the reunion.

    We are hopeing along with You that Nan will be home before next Sabbath, if She is We will come over Maybe Thursday P.M. If not We will come over the following Tue/Wed or so and do the "Wheel Thing" Tim. Carrol,s Clinic Aridia Infusion is Monday 16th at 8:30 that is always a long day but the people there are so friendly and make the time as comfortable as They can. Carrol is still off of the Chemo Pills for at least 2 more months . Next Lab work will not be till May 3/4 and then results will be read on May 14th. We Pray for good numbers then.

    We will be Praying that things go well for Nan on Monday.

    It was good to see the Millers, I think Carrol Played in the Academy Band with Yavonne back in 53/54.

    Have a Happy Easter Sunday and don,t eat too much See's.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Happy Easter to you both. I hope that your home tv works well enough to break the monotony.

    Good luck tomorro with the replacement tube.
    Maybe you will be able to get home soon.

    W will be thinking of you both, and don't eat too mcuh chocolate.


  • At 6:22 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Happy Easter!

    It looks like you had a good time with Keanna and Nikki. Kids are much more fun than TV anyways. So, is it a go for your trip to Concord tomorrow or not? Or do you know for sure? It looks like the doctors are still confused on that hydration thing.

    Roger's brother and wife were here over the week end on their way back to MI from FL. We had "lookers" here for the week end also. As far as being capable of running the place we have no doubt. The brother is the one with the final say re purchase. I did finally get out from under the mountain of laundry today too. I stayed up until 12:45 a.m. last night getting it done. I knew with all the confusion today I would be a mess trying to deal with it all.

    Lesley starts tomorrow! Yea!!!!!! I see help in sight! We are trying to get away the end of the month for that cruise we were planning last Sept. I'll be so glad when things settle down again here. I'm exhausted!!! Strange ~ I don't seem to have the energy I had 13 years ago... I wonder how we got to this point?

    We'll be thinking about you tomorrow with your procedure. I hope it stops the infection and you will be home again soon.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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