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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Another chapter in our odyssey

Dear Family and Friends,

We are finally relaxing after a very eventful day. Loree, our beloved personal assistant, office manager, book keeper, house sitter, fish feeder, dog and cat feeder, flower waterer is here visiting Nan and what a lift she has given. Not only that Loree solved a problem that Nan has faced all day. This morning her TV grew fuzzy and then quit totally and has not worked again in spite of many requests for mechanical to solve it, no luck. Loree was not content with it not working, took the hair dryer and plugged it into the power outlet for the TV in the wall, no power so she took the extension cord I always carry in my portable office and plugged the TV into that, it worked so Nan now has TV again and after a boring day with bad news on top of bad news medically she appreciates having the TV back. Thank you Loree, once more job title to add to the list mentioned above. TV repair person.

A doctor from infectious disease which we have met before over in Concord at John Muir came this morning and decided no needles to pull off fluid after all, taking a wait and see approach to that issue but was quite concerned about the discharge and infection around the left nephrostomy. Tests seem to indicate that there is a degree of infection not only around the insertion point but also up the tube inside. Therefore it has been determined that the left nephrostomy has to be replaced. Our first thoughts were that we would have to go back to UCSF where the current tubes were inserted. However after doing some research the doctor found that the replacement nephrostomy can be done right here in Antioch. The wrinkle is this, Dr. Patel wants 72 hours of antibiotic before the tube procedure so at the earliest that would mean the tube work on Saturday, that probably will not happen so it looks like she will spend Easter weekend right here in good old room 111.

Today Nan walked twice and they were long walks both times. the second walk took us out the locking door into the sunshine and breezes. Nan loves the breezes and only reluctantly turns her walker back to the interior of the hospital. The second time she settled into the recliner and commissioned me to Olive Garden for fried zucchini sticks, ranch dressing and belini ice tea. We then feasted and finally she was ready to go back to her trusty bed again. Nan has been sort of emotionally down today with the news about needing new nephrostomy surgery and antibiotics for such a long time period but to not do so could be serious, Infection without a plan is not a good thing. Now at least there is a plan.

An unusual event took place this morning. One of the kidney doctors came in and after looking at Nan told her she needed more fluid, Nan was startled and told her a kidney doctor had just removed her last evening from all extra fluid intake. At that todays kidney doctor turned and left. How she could think Nan needed more fluid when she weighs 146 today and 12 days agoshe came into the hospital at 120.5. Normal is around 130. Fortunately the kidneys have responded well to the increased fluid flow and have a creatin of 2.3, the lowest we have seen in a very long time, probably since Boston. However Nan has a hard time moving about due to all the extra fluid she is retaining, probably about 14 lbs or so at this point and she would tell you it has all settled into her posterior and feet.

I was with Nan for about an hour this morning and then left for an appointment with STeve and Keanna in San Leandro. I got to visit with Keanna while Steve did his inspection, what fun and what an imagination that girl has, we walked, we had her at the wheel driving the car, we talked and we made up nice things to say to Grammy. All too soon Steve was through and we went our own ways, he to shoot comps and then take her to the Oakland Zoo and I headed for Daly City. The GPS took me right to the door and I arrived early, the lady insisted on paying for the appraisal which was a nice surprise. When I get a check I immediatelly start thinking of what bill I can cover. After Daly City I headed back to Walnut Creek to see a home I have seen several times since it was purchased. Very nice in what we call an "infill" location. That is a developer buys a property which has a large site, usually an older home with a big lot, takes away the house and divides the parcel into several lots. In this case probably about 8 houses, all 3,000 sf or more. These are challenging to appraise because they are surrounded by existing neighborhoods of older homes with smaller living areas and lower values. We cope with the challenge by looking for other newer developments nearby which are truely comparable to the subject home. GPS to the rescue, it found all of them. Then it was time to head back to Antioch and the hospital. Using back roads and streets I avoided the terrible traffic jam that always afflicts Highway 4 and arrived to find Nan ready to eat something tasty. So out again to Olive Garden. Then out again to buy a movie in case the TV did not get repaired, Loree solved that problem but its a movie we have been wanting to see, The Pursuit of Happiness. WE'll watch it later, not tonight.
So we really need your prayers, for courage, for healing, for strength, for guidance for this group of doctors that rarely talk to each other and never quite seem to agree on what to do next.

Tomorrow I go to Sacramento, Stockton and Riverbank and then point the bugs nose to Antioch once again.

Please pray that God will keep His hands over both of us and give us His courage and Hope.


tim and nan


  • At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    What a stunning victory.I could hardly contain myself when I hear the score. Nan 14 Cretins 2.3 Wow! what a great game. Way to go Nan and coach Tim, congrates to you too. The judges were suprised as well and seemed confused by the outcome. Judge 1 was sure more fluids were the key to success while judge 2 thought there was quite enough fluid. Only the Shadow knows!

    Glad to hear there is a plan for the infection and the fevers that go along with it. It must be a real relief to have this problem identified an a plan in place to get the needed results.

    Prayers and blessings on you both with strength sufficient to met the new day with rejoicing!


  • At 6:21 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning from chilly NC!!!

    Brrr!! A.M. temperature is 33 degrees and tonight should be 21. Oh well ~ there go our flowers. It's called "Dogwood winter" ~ happens nearly every year. There will be "Blackberry winter" and then we're ready for spring.

    What a day you had yesterday. It must be the moon or something. So, you have conflicting opinions from doctors, finally agree on source of the infection, more antibiotics before more surgery which I'm sure you're not looking forward to, to hydrate or not hydrate..... AND I'm sure you are looking forward to being home again ASAP! I'm sorry you can't be home for Easter week end. At least you have a TV again. Thanks to Loree!

    Continuing saga at Lakemont ~
    All is calm again here. The renter took the girl to another friend's house. (She really was in trouble with drugs)Renter called to say he was leaving last night and checking himself into alcohol rehab. I checked the cottage before he moved out (took another man with me)and advised him to leave ASAP since the X might be on the way. He was gone before I got back to the house. X never showed up. Yeah!!! Never did figure out which were the "bad guys". So all is well here. Where was Roger? at chorale practice.

    Nan,have a good day of R&R so you can conquer that infection. Tim, get those appraisals cranked out so the checks will come rolling in. We look forward to a "QUIET" week end.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:24 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    How can Medical Persons have such a lack of comunication when it is so important. Again We must trust the Lord to lead, after all We are asking Him every day to do so.

    Good news for You Carol, We were praying that things would turn out alright for You too. Has Roger got a new Choral Group going now?

    Take care on the busy Highways Tim, that #4 is a real pain most of the time , sometimes I think it's almost worse than #205 and everyone knows how bad that is.

    We hope to see You tomorrow if things are ok for a visit . We will call first.

    Much Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 12:51 PM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim and "Nanny Goat," Maybe the new bag will heal the infection so you do not spike a temp and it might take care of the nasuea. Getting some fresh air each day is sooo good for you. 15 minutes of sunshine gives you some Vit. D.

    We're making a box of goodies for Mike and Sandie. She can't find her perfume or hair coloring in Maui so she sent me shopping. Mike is going to try his hand at golf again so we found his glove and some T's and golf balls to send along in the package. Mike turns 47 on Friday the 13th. Can you believe? Jeni came down from Tahoe on Wednesday for a bike race in Prarie City. She's really into this bike racing. What a gal!

    We are having a Daniel/Revelation seminar starting next Friday evening. I'm in charge of platform decorations. No biggie as the church we rent from always has an attractive platform and we will just go with that!

    We pray for your health to improve, for Tim to keep strong, and for the doctors to have the knowledge they need in treating you. Stay sweet, keep smiling, be positive.

    Love ya' lots! Barbie


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