Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Much much better and you helped a great deal!

Dear Friends, Family and Fellow Gisters,

Thank you for your affirming and loving comments both privately and to the blog. Unless you have been at this end of a trying time with a treasured one in pain and suffering you just could not imagine how much a few carefully chosen affirming words help. Nan and I were especially touched by the kindness expressed by fellow workers of Nikki at DOE. We were both moved to tears by the thoughtfulness.

Last night after I blogged Nan's condition gradually improved. The temperature dropped rapidly to a more acceptable 99.2, the heart rate began to lower to a more normal range for her. She began to be more lucid and restful. We both considered my staying here in the Antioch Hilton in the recliner but as she improved and we considered that I would be snoring all night without my cpap machine we finally decided that I would go home when she fell asleep. That happened about 11:30. We also decided that I would rewrite the appraisal that I kept losing either when I got home or this morning. I felt awake having talked to Pam all the way home so sat down, made toast and a mocha and quickly wrote the report and emailed it. At 1:40 I was able to go to bed and at 6 this morning I was once again awake, anxious to hear what was taking place with Nan. She did not call until about 9 and was doing much better. Less pain, no fever and calm had set in. When I rose I showered, went to the desk and did conditions, value checks, reviewed reports and cleaned up. I assigned a number of reports to Jean and also set up files for son steve. Then I left for the hospital with only 3 reports left to write. I had prepared a sack of many little items for Nan and of course in keeping with my senior status I managed to leave the sack right there on my desk. As I left I made a deposit of money that had come in, YES, made a federal tax deposit the IRS had been wondering about, drops files off at STeves front door and headed to the hospital.

I found Nan in good happy spirits with some pains remaining, no fevers, low blood pressure. Mid day Nan decided to try standing on her feet which yesterday would not support her. This time in spite of the pain we put the slippers on and got her to the recliner where she set up shop for the next 2+ hours. She had lunch there, read the kind comments from friends and family, read her emails. The soup delivered to the room lacked all the things that make soup good, a few carrot scrapings in hot water is how she described it so the caf came through with better soup. She ate it all, the crackers, some mashed potatoes, iced tea. Finally we both decided that a nap was in order. Nan walked slowly back to her bed in pain at every step and settled in for a much deserved long and deep nap, no deep that the nurse was alarmed at her low blood pressure and refused the pain meds. We did a bit of a dance and eventually got Dr. permission for Nan to have the meds in spite of a lower than ideal blood pressure. Our nurse this evening and for 16 hours is very good, straight shooter and kind. We both like her and trust her. After our nap I did research for properties and drove to Discovery Bay to shoot photos before dark and to retrieve the bag I had left earlier. By that time Nan had been visited by the kidney doctor who wants the dressing / lock mechanism for Nan's left nephrostomy replaced. There is a bit of infection there. This hospital does not have the system needed so I brought some from home.

I found Nan to be happy and contented and shortly after I arrived Nan's cell rang and it was Keanna and Nikki. They had a great conversation which Nan enjoyed. Now Nan is watching TV and I am blogging. She just had the lemon I smuggled in with sea salt and is sipping hot tea. A far cry from last night with its trauma.

We wish to thank you for your special prayers and contacts last night. The Lord does have His hands over Nan as He does us all. We look forward to a long nights sleep tonight knowing who holds tomorrow. We were so glad to hear from Sylvia and Steve Ahn, our long time friends from Tracy, from a fellow gister Sue, from Marilyn Bitzer who knows first hand the experience of caring for a suffering spouse, from Bob and Carrol who face the big C every day, from Roger and Carol who have seen their own brand of challenges this year and last. I especially want to thank Art and Pam who put up with long phone calls and are a great source of hope.

I have included a photo of glamour girl today while she sat in her chair. Some how this lovely lady manages to always look good.

Thank God tonight and continue to seek His will and healing. Now we long to be able to head home again, just not sure when.

Sending our love,

tim and nan
the second photo is of Nan on the back deck recently when she was planting seeds and plants.


  • At 10:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Well my prayer for a good report was answered. A day later than I had hoped.

    Sorry I wasn't on line last night. If I had been I might have been some service to my friends. As it was, I was busy doing stuff and was no help at all! Will you please forgive me?

    So pleased to hear today's good news and to see the pictures. They remind me of all our interactions. Positive, useful and informative! I'm praying that tomorrow continues to build on today's successes.

    Your lucky friend,


  • At 10:43 PM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hello dear ones, What nice news in the blog this evening. Keep up the excellent improvement, Nan!! Things even sound better for Tim and that's good news! Love to you both, Barbie

  • At 4:27 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good morning dear friends,

    Encouraging news from CA this a.m.! Yesterday I was concerned about both of you. Today seems more hopeful. God is nearby even if it doesn't always feel like it.

    Tim, keep cranking out those appraisals! As you know, the money will come in just in time when you need it the most. God doesn't seem to answer our prayers very far in advance. He lets us exercise our faith. (Don't we understand that one about now...) Remember, when you feel weak you have many friends lifting you up in prayer.

    Thank you for including the pictures. Hang in there! We love you guys.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:39 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    How We rejoice to read that the Lord has granted our requests for Nan to improve. The Smiling face in the Picture is a big lift to All of Us Who follow Your daily blog and hold You both close as dear friends. We will Pray that good things continue to happen at the "Antioc Hilton" & the Mail Box at Home too.

    Hang in there and know that We are thinking of You and hope to visit again on Sabbath if You are up to it. We are hoping that You will be Home by then.

    Love You Both,

    Bob & Carrol.


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