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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Nan gets buffeted by test results

Dear Family and Friends,
Nan and Barbie visited the kidney doctor today at 11:30. They went over the test results from mondays blood draw. Creatin is 3.5, potassium is down to 3.1, phosphorous or something like that is also low. Hemoglobin is 8.4 and we are surprised that the doctors office has not called to suggest a transfusion. Nan came home from the Antioch visit wiped out. She rested in her chair for a bit and then went up to sleep most of the afternoon. However this evening she came down to assist with dinner prep. Nikki, Barbie and Nan created a great meal and we all had a good time socializing and eating. Keanna sat at her own little table. Nan lost the first round of food but quickly recovered and was able to eat a couple servings of Tostados, wonderful tomatos, great avocodos, fresh lettuce, refried beans and corn tortillas with grated cheese. So good.
The ladies sent Gerry and I to the store for some supplies and it took a long time as we found a mobile cart for Gerry to ride in, the find the right things and then get through the check stand. A funny thing happened. Gerry is outgoing and funny and a lady started to talk to him and kept coming by and talking more, when we got to our car there she was again in her nice car parked in our way saying she hoped she would run into Gerry again when shopping. I can't believe this babe magnet! We really had a laugh and Gerry could not quite believe it. I warned Barbie not to let Gerry go shopping alone in the future. She is less than worried!
After Nikki and Keanna had to go home due to the lateness of the hour we got out the dominos and the Mexican train device and played for hours. It is now almost midnight and we are all just through and going to bed. What fun and we were able to find a place with pillows for Nan to be comfortable so she could play too. While she played she had a cap full of all of her meds she had to take so she would play a game and then take a few more pills, she finally got them all down including the potassium pill which is so large it needs wheels to move it around.
Gerry and I did an appraisal here in the bay and then a construction inspection near George and Yvonne's house in Tracy. Then Gerry took me to lunch at Chevy's and we came home to work. I wrote appraisals and Gerry washed cars, Nan's car looks new again and mine looks much better than it did. Barbie did dozens (it seems) of loads of wash and dryed and folded for hours. Later in the afternoon I found her sound asleep in a recliner in the living room, she certainly deserved the rest. Having them with us is a huge lift for our spirits.
When Nan was at the doctors today she had lost 5 lbs and the doctor thought she might still be dehydrated. I don't see how but what do I know. Something is not right internally or Nan would not be having so much nausea again. We are putting about 3100 ml in each day of TPN and hydration. Plus she drinks a little bit and eats at least one meal as well.

I am asking the Lord to help her recover from this setback. I know He is the great and wonderful physician and I seek His personal visit to care for her many health challenges.

A special prayer tonight for Jason as he and a group from MBA fly to Peru for a mission trip. They leave about midnight and fly for a very long time before arriving at their destination. Our hearts are always in our throats when he travels so far away but we are proud of what he is doing. We also think of Jo who is left behind to care for things and pray for her well being. Dolly is traveling to southern california tomorrow and we pray for her trip and safety as well.

Gerry and I are seeing properties in Oakland, San Mateo and Martinez tomorrow, it will be a long grueling day for us. Nan and Barbie are going to tackle the pots and pans storage shelves. We have too many utensils that we no longer use and it makes it very hard for Nan to find a pot or pan to use for cooking. Barbie is a wonderful organizer and worker. They get along great and its fun to watch them interact.

Well I'm sleepy and your eyes are probably crossing from this long blog. Please keep Nan in your prayers and our finances as well. God answered in a special way meeting the challenges of this day!


tim and nan, barb and gerry


  • At 8:29 AM, Anonymous Phyllis Lytle said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,

    Just a short note to let you know that you are in my prayers and thoughts daily.

    God has had His hand of blessing on the two you and answered so many prayer requests over the years. I only met Nan before her surgeries in Boston about a year ago. An realize how powerful His presence has been in your lives.

    I pray that every need will be filled for you today as well.

    You are a blessing and inspiration to me each time I read one of Tim's blogs.
    Thank you Lord.

    Love and prayers,

    Phyllis - North Carolina


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