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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Rough day

Dear Family and Friends,
This has not been the best day. We woke to Nan being sick during the night and again this morning. Terri came to draw blood but could not get blood from either line so had to use a butterfly needle and draw blood that way. Nan had lost over 5 lbs since last monday and had a very low blood pressure that almost put her back into the hospital. We had been concerned over the weekend that we were putting too much fluid in so cut back, wrong decision in fact. So we have both hydration and TPN going strong all day and this evening as well. In a few minutes I will change the TPN to a new bag which will carry her another 24 hours. Last week's blood work showed creatines had dropped to 2.6 and today they were 3.5 again. No wonder she has been nauseous and not feeling well. She bravely got up and cooked supper tonight while I was on my way home from work, it was wonderful and tasty but Nan lost hers in a few minutes, so sad, heart breaking really. All that hard work! Let me tell you when Nan makes dinner it is hard work for her, she is weak and has a rolling chair in the kitchen so she can cook and stir and chop while mostly sitting down. She is one brave and stubborn lady!

My day has been mostly a bummer, I have so many office things to do that I don't get appraisals out the door and people are getting unhappy about that. Money is continuing to come in the mail but much much more is needed to begin to catch up with expenses. I'm coping with a constant pain in my chest which I think is caused by depression. At times it seems like I am facing impossible odds every direction I turn. No I have not turned by back on the Lord and I seek His help all the time, still I face some very real challenges with the biggest one being nan's health and recovery. I have heard that the doctor and crescent home health care have decided to try to include both hydration and tpn in one large bag and eventually get it down to a 12 hour connection so Nan can have some free time and space.

We are looking forward to hitting the bed tonight, tired, worn out and a bit low emotionally. We are heartened that Sharon is doing well, that Pam is back at work, that Dana is off on a short vacation with Ronnie for a couple days, that Art and Connie are home safe, that Roger and Carol are vacationing in Florida and that Bob and Carrol are doing well too. Irene is back from her big adventure, Jason is in Salt Lake City for work, Jo is back teaching, Nikki and STeve are both back slaving away at their jobs and Keanna is in school learning up a storm. We hope Barb and Gerry can come see us soon, that would be a nice break, not to work but to socialize.

Please pray that God will remain in control of everything that takes place under our roof. We certainly need Him every day in every way.

Sending love,

tim and nan


  • At 11:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Wow! I thought I had a bad Monday. Reminds me of the saying, " I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet". Lord forgive me for my complaints and bless my friend Tim who stands in need of the intervention that only you can give. We do not ask because we are deserving but because you told us to ask and promised that if we keep asking there will be an answer. We are asking continually and expect and answer. Thank you Lord.

    All of us need God's blessing every day. Most of us don't ever see how many blessings there are. I see mine everyday I read your blog and secretly thank God's that I haven't been given the strength to do the things you do every day. I pray that you will get to see that other person to whom God has given even more strength. That would help your perspective and allow some peace to settle round you.

    Platitudes are all I have to offer today, but maybe the sunnal come out tomorrow.

    your friend,


  • At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Sorry to read that things are not going so well for you Both. Let Me assure You that We continue in Prayer for Nan's healing and Your wellbeing too Tim. Sometimes it does seem like God is on Vacation but We do know that He is listening and is in control and He wants the best for His Children.

    Yes, Carrol & I are doing well considering what We have on Our Plates to deal with every day. We just passed the 2 Year mark since Carrol was stricken with this Cancer Stuff. What a life changing moment that was but over the many months We have learned to deal with it on a day to day baisis with the Lords help . Yesterday We went to the lab for Special blood work which is sent to some Special place that reads the test that determines the Cancer Activity level in the Bone Marrow. Next Monday We see the Dr.while We are at the Chemo Center in Stockton for Carrol's regular monthly Aridia infusion, Dr. will then have the lab results and will tell Us if the counts are suffeciant to allow Carrol to remain off of the Chemo Pills for another 2 months, We Pray that will be the case. The waiting time is so nerve racking but We trust that the Lord is keeping things in order.

    Last evening while Carrol was at Band practice I had a Computer Crash of sorts with AOL but I was able to get AOL tec support in a matter of minutes and a very friendly & competent Fellow in British Coloumbia Canada talked Me through a quick fix that took care of the problem. I was back on line in less that 1/2 hour . Amazing indeed !!

    We have friends coming over for a visit this afternoon , have'nt seen them for a few weeks.

    Sounds like You have a handle on the Nausea problem Let's hope & Pray that it does improve things for Nan. She is indeed a Tough Brave Lady and so deserving of a comfortable life style.

    Take care of Yourself Tim, I know Your Pain, I struggle with the same types of discomfort, more eveident when Carrol has problems.

    Thanks for keeping Us up to date and for listening too.

    Much Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 4:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey Dad,
    Hope today is going better than Monday. Praying for you and mom as always. Salt Lake is nice, but I can't wait to get home. Guess MBA has made the news quite a bit lately with the whole sickness thing. We're handling it right though. Can't wait for Peru next week. See you guys sometime soon.
    Love ya,


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