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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Full moon, ocean waves crash in the distance, we are OK.

Dear Family and Friends,
We finally got here this morning about noon having all the things on board that we needed. Jason and Jo had created a wonderful lunch and Nan had brought the deep fryer and made her famous Sam's Chicken, a vege chicken that tastes very much like the real thing. We spend the afternoon with the kids and then came out to the motorhome for a nap. When Nan woke she sent me in see what was happening and then we both went in, Nan walked in using her walker and enjoys their recliner. We watched a hallmark movie and enjoyed the last of their scrabble game. It is so nice to be with family and of course we wonder how the weekend is going for our other children. This evening as I just walked the dogs I could hear the wakes breaking below the bluff and saw peaks of the moon high in the sky. Stars were every where, first time I have seen stars or even took time to look up in a very long time. I sure see why Nikki and Steve love this area, great climate, interesting people and beautiful scenery every where you look.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll borrow Jasons car and go do an appraisal in the little town of Marina. Then tomorrow evening we will drive the two hours back to home to face a new week.
On our way here today we deposited the checks that have been stacking up in the office. We are so thankful for the clients who have made decisions to pay up. Is there enough to solve the financial issues we face, not even close, but much better than we were a week ago.
We really appreciate being able to park our motorhome on the lawn right next to Jason and Jo's house. We hook up to water, electrical power and even cable TV. Unfortunately we are making some tracks in their lawn this time since there has been rain lately.
Nan and I are both concerned this evening since she is beginning to have more and more nausea with infrequent bouts of throwing up. We thought we had this thing dialed in, more hydration meant less nausea, well we have good hydration now, good blood numbers but still nausea.
Dr. Morgan sent an email after reviewing the three cds of the ct scans. He said he could see some progression in the one tumor that was not removed during surgery. He had a couple suggestions mentioning other meds but he also said that there is no evidence that these drugs would help. Nan made a devision, she has increased her Gleevec to 800 from 600 a day in hopes that the increased dosage will halt the growth of the tumor. Over the past few days the flow had diminshed in the wound fistula but today there is more fluid coming out again. Seems we gain a little and then slip back over and over again. This evening we are going with TPN only since our thinking is that she had gotten enough fluids on board.
So we pray for a better day tomorrow, our motorhome is attractive this evening with a beautiful flower arrangement Jo gave us, some very special tulips. Thanks so much.
From what we hear Sharon is doing well in her recovery and so is Dana. We wish we could be with both of them to help.
Please keep Nan before the Lord, most obvious issues are renewed nausea, increased leakage, tumor growth. Oh God share your blessings with precious Nan. She will not disappoint you as you invest your healing power in her life and body.
We thank you for your involvement in our experiences,


tim and nan


  • At 12:46 PM, Anonymous Bob and Carrol said…

    Dear Tim and Nan,

    What a beautiful area the Central CA. coast is. I always hoped to retire in the Arroyo Grande area as two of our best friends lived there and we had such a wonderful time visiting them, but they moved to Reno and I got sick, so... The weather is so temporate there plus everything grows so well, especially the strawberries, artichokes and brussel sprouts. We used to camp in Feb. at Sunset Beach,when the kids were young, to get away from the persistant San Juaquin Valley fog, and it was usually sunny and warm. We still recall those happy days! I love the ocean and the sound of the waves. Enjoy it for me too.

    We remember Nan in our prayers and trust the Lord to do what is best for her. Have a safe trip home with happy memories of time spent with your loved ones. How great that is!!


    Bob and Carrol


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