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Monday, March 05, 2007

Blog 350, long day, Nan doing well

Dear Family and Friends,
First off our prayers are with Sharon as she faces surgery tomorrow. She has been here for us so many times and we so wish we could be there for her. Dana is recovering well from her surgery and is hobbling around on her crutches. Sharon please know we are all praying for you. Have someone call us when you are out and waking up please.
Nan has had a good day. I left this morning at 8 am for a 1.5 hour trip to Atwater, then to Madera where I almost ran out of diesel after driving 575 miles on a tank, looks like I got about44.5 miles per gallon, not bad for the old car. Then I sat the GPS for Sonora which according to the onboard computer was a nearly 3 hour trip. However I got there in about 2 hours. Amazingly the agent who I had an appointment with had not arranged for a key to get in. I found the cabin in two feet of snow and it was in interesting challenge to measure without falling on my bun. Then I trusted the GPS to guide me through little mountain roads for the comps. Finally it was time to hit the home button on the GPS and it said I had 2.5 hours but the trip was more like 1.5 hours. I arrived about 8 pm and Nan had been keeping in touch and had dinner ready. Wonderful fried steaks, scaloped potatos, baby green beans. What a treat! She did great with the meal. So we feasted and then did a few housekeeping choirs, like get a new TPN bag ready, change batteries in the pumps, bring new water bottles to Nan's area and finally sit and finish the hot drink I started this morning but this time with an added ice cube so it was iced mocha. Loree and Tamara came by with files for the office, she has had a long day of work taking care of business while we all were out working seeing properties.
Tomorrow I see something local for a divorce at 9 and then work right here in the office trying to get caught up and make that important call to IRS before they freeze our assets.

Nan and I are very fortunate to have several people we work with on a daily basis that hold things together. First off is Steve our son in law. He faithfully works in an honest manner, does a great job of getting things back quickly and is a great help and advisor as well. Loree is great at answering the phones, checking and working the emails, setting up orders, fixing little errors and keeping our clients happy. Ken prepares the paychecks for the employees and Jim at INet keeps the computer systems working properly. It is hard to believe we used to be a company of 8 appraisers but times change and people move on, retire or have babies. Kevin is now the head appraiser at E Loan who orders dozens of appraisals each month from our company and we appreciate the orders.

This evening Nan's right nephrostomy is running a streak of blood, while kidney doctors tell us not to worry unless it is the color of a tomato I sure do not like to see blood in the bag. Nan is less concerned having seen it many many times before. Teri came and reprogramed a pump this morning so Nan could have hydration all day. We think a little extra hydration will be a good thing. We can start it up anytime we feel like we need it.

Nan has been busy working on disability papers and when Mary can come she is going to help her with them. Mary is the busiest lady with a business to run, grandchildren she helps care for and other errands, she is such a dear person.

Nan is stronger each day it seems. She walks quite well now and is pretty steady on her feet. When I am gone she ends up going up to rest and back down by herself, she is careful and attentive to where she is going but does pretty well. I am so proud of her, when others would give up and throw in the towel she just bounces back and trys harder. Nan is an inspiration to anyone who knows her and a great delight to be with. So having said that perhaps it is time to show her my love by some feet rubbing which she really really loves. The swelling in her foot has gone down some and her face is less puffy today. We will be very anxious to see the results of the latest, this morning, blood work. Results should be back tomorrow and they promise to fax to us as well as the doctors.

I am thankful tonight for life itself, for sunsets, for nearly 400 safe miles with little expense, for Nan's increased mobility and strength, for her wonderful meals, for her many phone calls keeping me up to date on what is taking place with her.

So we send our love this evening, our appreciation for each of you and our special prayers for Sharon as she faces surgery!


tim and nan


  • At 1:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Aunt Nan & Uncle Tim,

    Hello! Just to drop in and let you know that Sharon just went into surgery at 2:30 pm. Surgery lasts about 1 1/2 hours and then 1 more for recovery. Rodney has been with her all day and Troy made it in for her to be wheeled off. I know they are waiting anxiously for their Mom's return. I will let you know when she gets out from recovery.

    Glad to hear you both are doing well. Keep it up and we will continue to pray for you.

    Love, Shay

  • At 6:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hello again! Sharon is out (7:30 pm) and doing as expected. She was in recovery for quite awhile but they had been waiting for a room.
    Gwen was going to be helping her for a couple of days. We hope she recovers quickly!
    Love to you both, Shay


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