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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Sunday, not too bad

Dear Friends and Family,
11:10 so this will be short. After having a big day yesterday Nan slept in, I kept checking in on her and she was sleeping so peacefully. Around noon she got up and came down and spent the rest of the day down in her chair. We had belgium waffles this morning which turned out very good. I had a list of things to accomplish and as I consider the list now most of the things are checked off, funny the ones that got left undone, call IRS and write reports, mmmm, something is not quite right there.
Teri our nurse came this evening and easily opened up the picc line for tomorrow mornings blood draw and we tried to add saline solution this evening but have the wrong pump which is set at too high of level per hour so will have to wait until Teri comes tomorrow to reprogram it. We think a bit of extra fluids would help Nan feel even better.
This evening Keanna and Nikki came to have dinner and Nikki ended up cooking most of it. Turned out great and Nan had seconds. She has been working on the papers for social security today and Mary has offered to help her get them ready for the agency.
Having Keanna and NIkki come in is so fun. Keanna now carrys on excellent conversations and knows a lot for her age. I can't get away with teasing her by saying the wrong things any more since she catches me and says, Pappa, you are wrong. This week Nikki is having her try new foods to expand her diet, she is game and tried brochali (sp) and tonight she tried some new things.
Jean's friend ordered a part for the furnace and this afternoon I installed it. Only took a few minutes and when I tried the furnace it fired up immediatelly, now what it will do when it is cold and damp outside, well we will have to see but so far, this $100 fix seems to have solved the problems, fingers crossed.
So now we head for bed. Nan will be alone for long hours tomorrow so if you can call or come by that would be great. I am leaving for an Atwater appointment at 9:30, then madera at 11 to 12 and Sonora at 3 pm. The next day I stay much closer to home. Thursday it looks like a run to Eldorado Hills.
We have had the motorhome in our driveway for 2 weeks since planning to use it to go to Jasons but ending up in the hospital instead. Well our lovely HOA sent a letter threatening a fine so I took it back tonight to its $75 a month storage home. Before I took it back I installed a switch that allows me to remove all battery drain from the radio when the motorhome is stored. For the past year every time I go the engine battery is dead due to the way the guy hooked up the new radio. Now that is fixed I hope.
It was so good to see folks at church in Tracy, some very special people we love.

Well good night for now, would appreciate your prayers for Nan's health tomorrow as she is alone for so long and for a safe trip for me as I drive about 300 miles before coming back home. We are considering a used dolly so when I have these long trips with much work to do there we can take the motorhome and Nan and a care behind, I can go do local work, we can stay at an RV place and be safer and have a little fun as well. Used to have a big trailer but sold that, too hard to use and to much money tied up in it. Now I need to screw up my courage and sell the Fiero, can help with paying taxes to IRS. Lord lead us day by day is all I can say.

Sending our love and looking forward to hearing from Jason now that he is back from Texas. Dana's surgery went well on her knee and Sharon is heading into surgery on tuesday.


tim and nan


  • At 4:02 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    And yet another good day for you both. It sounds like you had a wonderfully productive day ~ Making Belgium waffles, repairing the furnace, RV back in storage, screwing up courage to sell the Fiero,... By the way, Tim, you wouldn't get anyone at the IRS on Sunday anyway. In fact I'm not sure you can even get through to talk to anyone at the IRS on any day. And, Nan, it sounds like you faired quite well after your adventure of going to church. All in all you both had a very good day.

    Thank you, Mary, for being an advocate and helping Nan with the Social Security papers. That can be a real job! Now all you need is a doctor to verify your need.

    Keep those good days coming!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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