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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A normal day sort of...

Dear Family and Friends,
10:45, heading for bed as soon as this blog is completed. We've had some high points today. Nikki let us know weeks ago that Keanna's class at school would be in charge of chapel today and Nan determined to be there. So we got up this morning, I worked for awhile and Nan rested in a bit, then she dressed, washed her hair using a special shampoo device. We arrived 1/2 an hour early so we stayed put in the car where it was sunny warm and comfortable. Then we wheeled our way in to enjoy a very quick moving 1/2 hour. When Keanna spotted her Grammy she raced across the room and jumped into our arms. She was so pleased to see us and when Nikki arrived Keanna waved to her happily. It was fun to video tape and watch Keanna in action doing the motions for the songs. All too soon it was over and Nikki had to race back to work and we said good bye to our sweet little lady and came home. We got Nan settled in upstairs and then I headed out to see 5 properties in Oakland for FHA reverse mortgages. Then back to Brentwood to pick up the photo Jason took for me the other day in Oakhurst since they are now asking for it and shopping at Safeway since Nan was ready to create dinner.

When I got home and brought in the food Nan was happy to see me. She was ready to get out of bed and come downstairs. Straight to the kitchen she went and cooked a wonderful dinner, scallops, wonderful lima beans, french bread and she did it all. She had seconds along with cranberry juice over ice. A few minutes ago we hooked up a new TPN for her but the pump started screaming so just restarted and it seems to be OK now.

Tomorrow I will once again be out for the day seeing things in Walnut Creek, San Pablo, Vallejo, Oakland and then home again. Oh how we wish some checks would come in the mail, every day things get more and more critical. We have plenty on the books, its just getting lenders to mail the checks for work we have completed. Loree kindly sent out statements today and that usually shakes some checks loose, we sure hope so. Tomorrow our health insurance takes about $1,100 out of the checking account for their monthly fee, wow things sure pile up.

Nan had a brief time of nausea this morning but it passed. She made it the entire night in the bed without the nasty back pain of the night before. Since the doctors have prescribed some new medicine which puts good bugs in Nan's GI her output has become must less liquid, best in fact in over a year. But after she eats we have to follow up with several times of empying the bag, however that is something we are thankful to do since it means things are working and that she gets to eat and enjoy some real food.

I'm wrapping up now. To those who wonder if we finished the paperwork for nans disability, yes and no. nan did it all but they claim they never got it so we have to start over again and Nan is just now feeling well enough to tackle it again.

So we send love and ask you for your prayers in Nans behalf. One special note to a special person. Sylvia came and cleaned before we came home from the hospital and it was so wonderful to come home to clean floors, tidy counters and all the dated food gone. Also we are enjoying an orchid she brought to us for Nan's birthday. She said it was to replace all the ones that had died and that she had thrown out. Well it is beautiful and doing quite well, thanks!

Our friend Irene is on a cruise this week, hope she is having a great time with Ron, sister kathy and husband and the open sea.


tim and nan


  • At 1:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HI Tim,

    David, Darla, and I have been following your blog. We're praying for you and Nan. I don't want to leave my e-mail address on the internet, but if you want it you can visit my website and leave me a message on the Wedding Page via the RSVP function.

    Hope that all is well.

    -- Donna Mustard

  • At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Hope that you enjoyed a comfortable day and were able to spend some time in the warm sunshine.

    Our Company left this afternoon to visit their Daughter & Family in Santa Rosa, then on to Southern Ca., More relatives to see, Palm springs, Loma Linda & then on to their home in TN. It was good to visit with them & catch up on the Family news. My Sister arrives tomorrow PM at Sacramento. She will be here for 5 days.

    I hope that Nan kept copies of those Disability forms what a Bummer that it has to be done over again.

    Time to finish up the laundry and turn in. Big day tomorrow.

    We know that you are enjoying being Home together again.

    Did You catch the News that Wayne Hooper Passed away last night, He was 86, What a Marvelous Musician He was. We all have sung His arrangements in some form over the years. As a Young Man of 13/14 Our Family had Wayne & the Quartet in Our Home for Dinner at Jamestown ND. Campmeeting 1953/54 as I remember. What a Gentelman He was.

    Have a good evening and We will talk tomorrow.

    Love You ,

    Bob & Carrol.


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