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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Heading home at last

Dear Family and Friends,
Finally we are heading home. We had expected to be released tomorrow morning but Nan reached me this afternoon to say they had decided to release her today. Of course for those of you who have spent time in a hospital getting out can be a very long process, this is one of those times. The process started hours ago and the soonest we will walk out is around 8:30 pm. Then Teri our nurse will meet us at the house and get us going with the hydration for the evening. Tomorrow we will get our shipment from Crescent of TPN and probably hydration as well. This hospital wants dextrose to be in the hydration and what we have at home is only saline. Nan has had a pretty good day, she is having some lightning pains in her lower groin and back which the pain meds really don't completely stop. She is really tired of the food here, she was on a full liquid diet which means no imagination at all, mushroom soup for about 7 or the 9 days. She is making good use of the Sees Candy and the 3 pills they are giving her every day to improve her GI are really starting to work. Now we hope someone has written a prescription for them so I can find them tomorrow at Longs Drugs.
I think Nan and I both have reservations about her going home. After so many days of round the clock care and protection it is sobering to be home without that help. Kent was kind enough to come this afternoon and attempt to fix the furnace. Sylvia was kindly cleaning the house and suddenly felt it getting warm. They met briefly and Kent thought it was repaired. When I got home later in the afternoon I tried to get it to work and it had failed. Kent thinks our furnace is getting old and needs replacing, however the reality of this issue is, there is no money for a new furnace. We are in dire straits right now financially, for some reason the checks which had been coming faithfully in the mail stopped last week and I have friday's payroll, AMEX which covers the business expenses, car payments and other misc. bills all looming over me. The Lord is fully aware of the challenges we face and I know He will help.
Along with the apprehension we have about Nan being at home again we also are very thrilled that it is taking place. We have faced challenge after challenge over the past 10 years and especially over the past 9 months. Now we face new ones. This evening we are facing the challenge of using a bag of hydration that is designed to hang with a pump that is designed to use bags that are filled in a vaccum.
Nan has had a quiet day with lots of rest. No nausea, controlled pain, totally lucid, back in control and feeling stronger.
I am going to stay home tomorrow with Nan but I could really use some help on tuesday with someone visiting for a portion of the day. Please let us know if you might be able to visit, play cards and keep Nan company. If not Tuesday I will have to be gone other days as well and we could use some company then too.
Once again orders are starting to come in and of course they tend to be for distant places, Atwater, Elk Grove, Oakland but we are grateful for the work. Steve has been a great help over the past 3 weeks going the second and third miles helping.

Well it is getting close to the time to leave and things are winding up here. Overall we have received excellent medical and nursing care here. Doctors have been willing to meet challenges and have helped a great deal. Nan leaves with creatines lower than they have been for over a month, potassium and magnessium closer to normal, hemoglobin in a good place and full hydration at last.

We just got the word, we can go.

Please pray that our transition will go smoothly this evening and that we can get Nan home without freezing her outside.

sending our love

tim and nan


  • At 9:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I hope that you and Nan have a great day. Be it ever so humble there is no place like home. I look forward to an update on this new chapter of the Tim & Nan adventure!



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