Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sunday night, calm, improving,

Dear Family and Friends,
This evening is certainly better than last night. Nan has fallen asleep after a day that started sort of rough and improved as time passed. Our dear friend Mary who trained Nan in the travel business and has become a very close friend came to visit this morning. Her time with us was such a lift and she was able to stay with us for several hours. Since Nan was vomiting they put her back to soft liquids so she has had broth today which she managed fine. After Mary left I brought in our portable recliner and we both took a long nap. Then I set up the laptop and checked emails, starting working an appraisals. Nan looked over longingly at the recliner so I vacated and she got up and sat in the chair for about 30 minutes. She finally tired of being in the chair so we washed her up, changed the incision bandage and she settled in for the night. Now they are drawing blood to check potassium again.

Nan started TPN this afternoon which was a relief. We also had a visit from the the kidney specialist, he made great sense and took enough time to listen to our situation. He is running tests of the colostomy output this evening and is hoping that the run of antibiotics is over. he wants to start Nan on a medicine which replaces the destroyed good bugs in her GI tract. He also wants her to use the special yogurt for two weeks to see if the GI will start working better so she can absorb more. Of course with a new doctor coming into the situation it may mean Nan has to stay longer in the lovely hospital.

Our nurse today is a guy and he is very attentive, He is Elmer and of course I can only remember his name by thinking Fudd first, makes me laugh inside and Nan laugh outside when she sees me thinking when he is in the room.

Nan got to talk to Nikki, Jason, Sharon, Dana, Art today. Her cell phone stays warm since she keeps it tucked next to her hip so it won't fall out of the bed. When it rings one can hardly hear it.

I had the privilege of talking with Karen Cress, our pastor friend who now lives in Denver. She is one of the prayer warriors and is always interesting to talk to. She has such a love of the Lord and a frustration with the direction many churches are heading, she is doing a good work to help people do a better job of sharing Jesus in their lives.

At this point I am heading home, I'm tired but not discouraged like I was last night before George called. I just got to talk to Art who is driving to their other home in Indio tomorrow morning with his wife connie.

We got word that Glen Conner, a long time friend lost his father yesterday afternoon. He has suffered for some time but was a giant man of faith over the years. He will be missed and our positive thoughts and prayers are for Glen and Joyce this evening.

Now its time to head to bed. Nan is slipping in and out of sleep as they keep coming in for blood, stool samples, urine samples, you know the routine when you are in the hospital. They give you a little blood and then take it all out over the next few days to see if you need more blood, yikes.

Please continue to keep Nan in your prayers. From what I know she is doing better and may be allowed to leave the hospital soon.

We write with love for each of you,

tim and nan


  • At 11:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You put the right blood in,
    You put the right blood out,
    You do the hokie pokey
    And you turn yourself around!
    That's what it's all ah bout!

    I wish I had a name that made made people laugh so loud on the inside that it made other people laugh on the outside. Wow! What a gift. I have often thought of changing my name to Hey You, which is what a lot of people call me any way, but I would have to get my eyes more slanted for it to be very funny and my insurance doesn't cover cosmetic surgery.

    For those unfortunate enough to have watched many many episodes of Have Gun Will Travel I offer the following. (TIM) Have Recliner Will Nap. Please come see me at school at 3pm I'll be ready!

    Sorry got to go. I have get a Fudd sundae.


  • At 4:03 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning from NC!

    So good to have someone listen to you! If they only knew how much you know about Nan in and out they could learn a lot! You are nearly ready to write an article for the AM Journal. But alas, you don't have time. What a life you have had the last 10+ years! With Nan's research and personal experiences you are both full of knowledge. Now I wonder how you could use all that information? Hang in there. It looks like things are looking up a bit.

    Today I help a friend take the wall paper off her bedroom wall. We were full this week end, so there's a pile of laundry to do also. I haven't been faithful going to the "Y" lately, so my hips are hurting again. Going to the "Y" today is a given ~ not an option. Well, looks like my day is very full and I'd better get it started.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 12:24 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Glad that things are looking up a bit. A Dr. that will listen is a rare find these days.

    May the Sun that is shining so beautifully outside reach inside the Hospital walls to warm and cheer Nan today.

    I will make a quick trip to Jackson tomorrow morning to keep Our "Bonus Point & Event Ticket Status" alive & well. We have enjoyed many good Concerts there and a good portion of them were FREE because of the "Point Draw" and a little bit of luck that I seem to have where the "Draw" is concerned.

    We continue in Prayer for Nan's healing & that She will get strong enough to be Home again where things are so much more comfortable for Her.

    I had the Honda Serviced this Morning. We are fortunate to have a very good Dealer here in Lodi, They send out Service Cupon Specials every 5,000 miles like clock work. Oil Change $24.99 complete with a Wash job to boot is a great deal. Never have waited longer that 1/2 hour and Free Coffie & Donuts are always there in the Lounge with "Hi-Def" All Channel TV.

    Tim You mentioned the Fire-Bird the other day, I thought you got rid of that "Birdie" or is this a different one?

    I understand that "E-Bay" is pretty good at Selling Used Cars of all kinds. You might give that a try if You are still in the selling mode.

    Right now we are waiting on Our Yard Man to come and give Us the verdict on what We will need to replace(Shrubs & Plants) and what will survive all the frost that We had this Year. It looks pretty bad to Me but He says We will be surprised at how much of it will come back. The Sprinkler System seems to have made it fine with no broken valves,pipes or sprinkler heads. We carefully followed His instructions on wraping the open pipes and covering the control valves with insulated plastic boxes.

    Have a good day and stay in touch. We remain in Prayer for you Both.

    Bob & Carrol.

  • At 4:12 PM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim and Nan, It is very important to get 30 minutes of sunshine and fresh air daily. Is there any way you can get Nan outside in a wheelchair or walking? She has been shut-up in that hospital for many days and I don't think she is getting enough fresh air and sunshine. This is Dr. Barbie listen!
    Today I planted some daffadill bulbs that I just received from my Secret Sister. It is very late in the season to be planting but we will see what happens. In fact I already have some blooming that were planted last year. At least the jackrabbits don't like daffadill bulbs but they do love tulip bulbs so there went all my tulips that were so beautiful last year. Well, dear little Nanny Goat, we love you and you are #1 on our prayer list and God is listening! Is there a good book you would like to read? I'll get it for you...just tell me. Love and hugs! Barbie


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