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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sabbath evening - not so good

Dear Family and Friends,
I am writing from Nan's hospital room where she is not feeling so well this evening. She is toying with a low grade fever, feels cold, is on the edge of nausea and in general is not just right. She is coughing which is disturbing.
We have had good news today re: creatines which are now 2.9, potassium is now 3.2 which is within normal range, hemoglobin has dropped and so she is going to receive a unit of blood this evening when they can locate a unit which matches her anti bodies. When they came for the blood draw they only drew out one tube. We told them they would need several tubes, they said no, they only needed one, well several hours later they were back for several more vials of blood, oh how we wish they would listen, we actually do know what we are saying having been in hospital rooms for many, many nights. There seems to be a disrespect for patients opinions and suggestions.

I am feeling so concerned and down this evening. We enjoyed having a visit from Dolly this morning and during that time Nan felt pretty good. She had a tiny breakfast of cream of wheat, a lunch and then dinner tonight but started feeling poorly mid afternoon. We had hoped she would be feeling well enough to be able to go home tomorrow evening but if she is not well then she needs to be right here. The house seems so quiet and lonely when I go home for the night and then I wake with my mind going every which direction trying to sort out possible helps for Nan. I talk to God in the early morning, wrestle really, seeking HIs help and His healing. Finally I just jump out of bed and head into the day. I find life pretty challenging right now to stay optomistic and helpful to Nan, I want her to have my best, she deserves it.

How I wish we were home tonight, sitting in our recliners, dogs nearby, fire burning and watching some rerun. For those of you at home with your loved ones I urge you to treasure what you have every day in every way.

At the moment Nan is getting phenagren to help with the nausea, her temperature was 99 which is dropping from the prior 100.7. She feels lousy, poor sweet lady, we had planned to walk and then play dominos but all of that is out now. She just does not feel up to it. I find it very difficult to walk out the door of her room when she is not feeling well, it is hard to leave her in others hands when she has been in my hands for 37 years.

We had a delightful call from Nikki this afternoon. She, Steve, Keanna and friend Kevin were enjoying playing on the beach at MBA. The weather was perfect and they were having a great time. Later they will hook up with Jason and Jo for a bit and then head home. We are so glad that our children are enjoying themselves today. They work very hard and it is great when they can lighten up and simply play. Nikki said Keanna was enjoying herself so much playing in the sand and with Mela boo.

Nan is growing sleepy fast now that she has both phenergan and 1 mg of dilaudid for pain. Both can make one sleepy and I think sleep will be her best friend right now. I just wish I knew where the fever suddenly came from, where the nausea came from, what mystery is going on inside that has not been discovered and treated.

I took the time this morning to unhook the bose speakers connected to my desk computer at home and bring them here so we could play music today in her room. It worked perfectly and we enjoyed the quiet sounds of southern gospel and Sandi Patti. I also brought her a gatoraide and green olives but she has not felt well enough to have either so I guess I'll take them back home.

We know that her kidneys are working better now. Nan woke at 4 this morning in pain, her back was really on fire. She discovered that her right drain bag was overfilled. This is 500 cc compared to 150 cc for the entire night when we were at home. So I brought drain bags for tonight so she won't have that same problem again. It appears that she is finally fully hydrated which is a real blessing.

Well once again the time has come to wrap this up. We are so thankful that Dolly Vogel was able to come and visit today. She read encouraging stories, prayed with us and shared about her life and work. We were deeply helped by her coming.

As you might imagine we are growing pretty fatigued of being in hospitals and dealing with the logistics attached. I try to be with Nan as much as I can, we get better care when we keep an eye on what is taking place and ask the right questions. For example this wing is short staffed enough that it might be 30 minutes before someone comes after Nan pushes the call button. We waited three days before finally insisting that the bed linen being changed. Not really complaining, just a fact of life.

Please oh please keep Nan in your prayers tonight. Please ask for strength, healing, well being and for God's timing regarding when Nan gets to go home.

Thank you for your love and prayers,

tim and nan


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