Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday evening, going well

Dear Friends and Family,

After yesterday with its good and bad moments today has been a relaxing improvement. Nan has had a good day for the most part. She got up early this morning and came down before the fire was even burning. The room quickly warmed as the wood caught and she snuggled under her heated cover and with her viberating slippers. We had breakfast of cereal and bananas and a hot drink, mocha at last. Then I worked a bit sorting things on my desk and she watch TV, talked to people and rested a bit.

Mid morning Nan decided she would like to go out today, Longs called with yet another prescription ready so we dressed, no small task when you have 4 bags to find homes for in your clothes and went to Brentwood, then to Tracy to do some shopping for a combined valentines and mothers day gift, also Olive Garden for soup and salad. Her tummy was upset with the food and she struggled a bit. Finally we headed home and she was tired. When we got home she ordered some warm apple pie with ice cream and when that was done she began to seriously consider a nap in her bed. I rubbed her feet for awhile which she seems to really enjoy, ask Pam or Carol Peden if Nan likes her feet rubbed, mainly she does not like you to stop once you start. She headed up and just then Jason checked in with a nice call and Mary came to visit. Mary went up and stretched out on the bed talking to Nan and then in a little while she went to enjoy her family and Nan went to sleep. Nikki also called before she drifted off to sleep, reporting that she and Keanna enjoyed the zoo today, what fun on such a sunny day.

Now I am supposed to be working and Nan is resting. Later she will come down and we'll have another small meal of something which appeals to her. We have discovered that small serving are the way to go, they stay down better. Tomorrow morning we will head to Brentwood to try to persuade someone to take blood for Dr. Meng so he can know how things are shaking out.

Nan has read the paper, watched some old time TV, read her emails including one from Bob and Carrol with some very good advice regarding funds to help Cancer patients. She has snoozed, she has walked, she has shopped and through it all she has felt pretty good. She is such a kick to be with, always has been, loves to be in charge, to plan, to make things happen. She enjoyed a long talk with Sharon this morning and that always makes her feel good, then she got to talk to Dana and catch up on the trials and tribs of being a grandmother to 4 darling little kids. My sister Sibyl called from Ohio today and it was very nice to get to catch up with her on what she is doing. She sent some very cute valentines to us and we really enjoyed them.

Well now I go work and tomorrow I will be out in the field from about 11 to about 4 pm, a great time to call Nan or come by if you are in the area. I hate to leave her and we have some precious people nearby to help if needed, LeAnn and Loree both are great about helping.

Our prayer concerns remain the same, leaking, high creatines, little urine output from kidneys but we also have much to thank the Lord for, a good feel good day, good rest, good food and good friends and family. How we love all of you, if you could only know!

We send our love,

Tim and Nan


  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi from NC!

    How good it is to be home! It was good to be with Linda, but It's always good to come home. I didn't realize how tired I was until I got off the plane.

    I'm not sure why some of my comments to the blog are not going through. I honestly did send one yesterday. I'll try again.....

    Oh the ups and downs of Nan's recovery.... One day she is in the hospital the next she's talking about taking a trip somewhere. What a gal! Never could keep down for long. I'm glad you're feeling stronger most of the time and not quite so nauseated. Treasure those good days!

    What ever happened to your Social Security disability request. Did you ever hear anything from them? Check with your doctor ~ sometimes they have more pull. All these things take time and effort, don't they? Do you have anyone who can help you? That utility credit that Bob and Carrol talked about sounds like a good deal also. Good luck!

    I'd better get busy fixing lunch. Roger is very glad to have me home again......

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    You have had the Good, the Bad and if I could send a attachment you would have the ugly! I'm sure I have a picture of Art here somewhere. Well so much for technology or the lack there of. You will just have to get by with the Good and the Bad.

    The Good things that have happened today. Nan was out and about doing regular stuff and doing it well. This is wonderful news.

    The Bad of course are some of the numbers that are not quite up to snuff. Long term I think this will improve dramaticlly with the same doctors looking at the blood tests each week and balancing all the medications to their maximum good.

    Your pray warriors are on it Tim, rest easy!

    ps I have a secret remedie for the low urine output. While I was in the Navy doing special research in this area I noted that those sailors that drank #### made many long trips to the urinals. Advise if you need more information on this subject.


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