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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Calm day

Dear Friends and Family,

Getting on line this evening has been a hassle, I'm finally writing using a land line at the hotel. The high speed internet that worked so well last night is not working well this evening at all.

Nan has had a good day and has been awake most of the time. Her speech was slightly slurred this morning but has improved as the day has gone on. She has been eating more and a decision has been made to discontinue the TPN for the present and see how she does without it. To me that is a very scary idea but sometimes we need to defer to the experts. We were told today that continual TPN can lead to kidney issues. We certainly have kidney issues for sure.

She has had very little temp today, is on a basic antibiotic, tomorrow the cultures will be complete and we will know if she has an infection in her blood or some other infection. Dr. Meng and the IR team has decided to do the surgery tomorrow morning at 11 (give or take a few hours). They will replace the present nephrostomy tubes, use dye to see if they can spot the source of the leaking. She will then return to the room to recover and it is expected that she willo be allowed to come home on Friday. We are not really sure about that yet.

Our dear friend Irene Wing drove up from San Jose to day to spend time with Nan. They played a card game, traded stories and enjoyed each others company. Nan called her this evening and she made it back home safely in spite of the rain.

I decided to search for chargers for our cell phones. Both our phones were getting low so I started walking. First I found a store that sold chargers for Nans phone. Then back to hook it up to charge the phone, rested a bit and since Irene was there I left again for what was reported to be a nearby Cingular store. Well the 10 blocks turned out to be uphill and very long blocks. The store was tiny but they had a charger for my phone. Then I headed back, well it had decided to rain and of course my coats are safely at home. So I stuck close to the storefronts some of which offer shelter, found a local place to eat and had a garden burger and hot chocolate and then headed down the hill for the hospital and some warmth. It was good to get back and I was so tired from my hours of walking that I slept soundly in the hospital's idea of recliner for awhile. Nan and I had a nice evening together charging our phones, showing her the emails that had come in and discovering that we could hook up for a few minutes using the hospital phone system. That helped Nan pass the time. Various doctors came in and visited and all feel pretty good about Nan's general health at this time. We still have no word about the CT taken at end of November. Nan is going to try to get Dr. Bergsland to take a peek at it in the morning and also hope to be able to have a new one taken while we are here. That is doubtful really.

Loree has been a sweetheart and been watching the dogs and cats, fish and house to keep it all together. Since we have no heat it probably is a little cooler than the animals are used to.

We have talked to both Pam and Sharon today and both remain ill. Sharon sounds really bad and was running a 102 fever today. Yes she has been to the doctor but so far the meds are not turning the tide. Pam is waiting for insurance approval for a CT scan of her lungs. She is sounding better and has returned to work.

We got to talk to both Nikki and Jason today and I think mom got to talk to Jo as well. We hear from Loree that Steve is a very busy boy, he is wonderful about helping when I am away and of course when we are home too. We love to be in touch with the kids and value their words and ideas so much. It is just so nice to hear the phone ring and discovery it is the kids!

I managed to write an appraisal here from the hotel this morning, that was a trick, even had to call LeAnn, our faithful friend and neighbor to go to the office and read me a password number so I could access a MLS board I needed. I had hoped to write more appraisals in the morning but realize that I left my briefcase in the hospital room tonight, it has all the data that I need. Right now I'm heading to bed. I'm once again getting sick and the meds have run out that I was on. Many people are having a tough time recovering from these current bugs.

Please pray for an overall guidance from our Heavenly Father, that Nan's health issues will be dealt with while she is at the hospital and that she can move to a recovery stance once we get home. She is bravely going through this hospital stay just like she has all the ones before.

Thank you for your prayers, calls, good thoughts and encouragement.

Love from

Nan and Tim


  • At 10:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    What the heck! I have been hybernating for a few days and there are 30 minutes of blog reading to catch up on the adventures of super couple. My goodness you people lead a busy life!

    My blog said, had flu and headache. Laid down woke up. Laid down woke up. Felt bad. Laid down woke up. Just your basic boring stuff. The highlight of the whole thing was catching up with the blog.

    Good, good news. Some new blood, some antibiotics, fix a few leaks and good as new! A pernament doctor to coordinate everything to best effect. Yahoooooooooo! I'll check off a bunch more prayer requests as answered. I'll add a couple more especially for you!

    If you want to be like Tim the way I want to be like Tim, start by buying a cell phone. Then leave the charger at home. Then hike up a hill 10 blocks to buy a charger. Make sure its raining when you do this otherwise it won't count as Tim like!

    Where can I get a make life interesting cell phone? May be my Psyciatrist(sp).

    we got your back keep leading!



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