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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Doing pretty well

Dear Friends and Family,

Pam is on the mends, Sharon is drying out, Nan is holding her own now that she is older and I'm coughing again.

Nan spoke with Pam this evening and found her better, back to work as a school principal and starting to heal. Sharon reports that an insurance inspector came today to see the damage and she is anxiously awaiting word on repairs. Nan had a visit from Julie, the wound care nurse who is so kind and attentive. She switched from one kind of lock dressing for Nans left nephrostomy to a different kind that would stay locked and hold things in place. No signs of nasty infection and the tummy wound is getting slowly but gradually better.

I worked hard this morning here in the office to try to catch up with clients needs, reviews, rent surveys, conditions, value checks, reviewing appraisals and emailing them out. About 2 I finally headed to Santa Clara for the sole purpose of taking interior photos of a nice victorian that is being currently used for office space. Lender wants to be sure it can be put back as residential if needed as that is how it is zoned. Then I set the GPS for Antioch and a review. However traffic from Danville on was very slow and I ended up taking photos far after sunset. We'll see if we can manipulate them into being visible. Tomorrow STockton at 9 for the oldest house in Morada,a once high end development northeast of STockton, then Lodi with 25 acres at noon and then 2 pm in Placerville for a reverse mortgage, then home I hope. I get really tired by the end of the day and this being the owner means lots of stress and deadlines to meet.

Nan was by herself from 2 until about 6:45 when I got home. As I am getting more and more sick as each day goes by I called my doctor and his staff reached him on the beach in Mexico. He prescribed different meds which I picked up at Longs in Brentwood on the way home. 2 huge horse pills each evening for 7 days. Fun!

Nan and I made our own dinners today. She made nachos and I made whole wheat mac and mushroom soup, a favorite for me. She is eating apple pieces too and drinking a very tall glass of ice water full of ice. I have the fire burning brightly and intend to go prepare her TPN as soon as I finish this blog. Nan on occasion still loses her dinner, it happens suddenly and then it is over and she does not have followup nausea like she was having. She broke up her time this afternoon with some time up resting and some time down puttering around doing things. She is really enjoying a new robe that was supplied by Jan from Denver. It is the softest robe I have ever felt, amazingly so. Nan loves it. Wonder what hotel chain it came from, no Jan would not do that. Just kidding.

Today Nan made appointments for my friday schedule. What a great help that is.

Right now I intend to go sit in the chair by the fire and relax for a bit. While I rest I'll prepare the TPN.

We thank you for your prayers and ask that you would continue.

I'm going to add a couple photos from the party now.



pictured tonight are Pam, Nan, Jason and Jo with Steve, Kim, Peggy and Jeanie. One shows Nan with flowers that arrived from Sharon. More photos tomorrow night.


  • At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    What a great day! A List of the people in your blog reveals the following: who is feeling worse than Nan! Pam has flu, Sharon is coughing, Tim is taking horse pills, the owner is stressed while Nan makes dinner and schedules appointments while wearing a really soft robe.

    Yahoo at last! It has been some time since Nan has been feeling so well. We all share her and your joy about this.

    Praying for all of Nan's family and friends to be healthier in the near future,


  • At 10:59 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi from Boise,

    What a great week you have had! I think you are still basking in the memories of all your freinds coming to celebrate your birthday. It sounds like it was a really fun time which your friends prepared for you. I wish I could have been there.

    Tim it sounds like you have a nasty cough! Take care of it. I know ~ you got to do what you got to do! We will continue to pray for strength and healing for you also.

    Linda is doing very well after her knee surgery. She has eased off of the pain pills, so she is much more alert and moving around more. Today she had her first PT. She is tired, but doing well.

    Wes, I enjoy your comments~ concise, to the point and well said!

    Continued Love and Prayers ~ Carol

  • At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Take those pills Tim, We will pray that they do the trick. You do need to be at the top of Your game for sure.

    Nan, We are so happy to read that You are feeling better and making progress. The Lord is Hearing Our Prayers and We can know that He knows what is best for each of Us.

    I made a trip to Stockton today A.M. for January billings from the Clinic, Dr, & Labs. Now that the New Year has arrived We can again submit them to Our Independant Cancer Insurance Policy . They pay a specific amount on almost everything but when the Annual limit is reached We have to wait till the next Calendar Year to Start again. We are very thankful that Carrol bought this Policy "Loyal American Life" (Austin Texas) many Years ago when Her Mother died of Cancer.

    How is Your claim for Disability coming along Nan? That will be a big Help when it finally gets started.

    Good news about Peden's Daughter, She has a lot of people pulling for Her to get better.

    Have a good Evening & Rest up for tomorrows drive, Tim.

    Love you,

    Bob & Carrol.


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