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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Overwhelmed by kindness

Dear Friends and Family,

Our friend Art appeared this morning with a truck bed full of wood. I was already out and when he called me my cell did not hold the call so I had no idea he was on his way. Art did a puppy cookie patrol, stacked kindling, move the entire pile of wood from his truck to the wood place on the side of the house and covered it in case of rain. We were down to a few pieces of wood and this makes a huge difference for us. Nan and I thank you Art for this wonderful birthday gift, warmth for the months to come. Arts only reward was a pepsi he found in the frig, he loves pepsis and has been know to consider leaving a resturant if they only serve coke. Art and Nan had a chance to talk for a few minutes and he told me later on the phone that she looked good.

The wound care nurse came today also and pronounced the incision wound better. She also took a close look at the nephrostomy place on the left side and said it looked pretty good, very little evidence of infection and coming along nicely. That was music to our ears. The incision wound is putting out less and less drainage it seems. It can be handled easily with the twice a day changing of the gauze bandage. Nan does not miss that 5th bag she had to wear for so long.

I spent my day going first to a little mobile home in Bethel Island, then to Orinda to a nice place with a great view and cute remodeling worth about 1.2 million, then to Richmond for a FHA quick visit and then to Tracy for a construction inspection and then finally home to momma. We had started putting the hot packs on the wound when Nikki and Keanna arrived. Keanna always comes in full of ideas and energy, this time to have her dinner. Nan and I had decided to try ravolli's and then discovered we had no sauce. Well Nan came to the kitchen, found a can of tomatos, put them into a sauce pan and started adding herbs and spices. It turned out great. nan had 6 raviollis with sauce, Martinelli's sparking apple juice and it all stayed down. We had a great time with Nikki and Keanna but Nikki kept an eye on the clock to get little one home and bathed and in bed at a decent hour. Keanna always wants me to come out to the car when they leave. I've developed a little habit of a little shuffle dance as they drive away and she giggles and seems to like it, its now a tradition, one I like very much.

Last night Nan asked if I could make the humidifier work as her mouth is so dry every morning when she wakes due to the new med. Well in the process I ended up with water all over the floor and no steam coming out. Finally I figured out how to make it work so tonight we'll have more success. Since I've been sick I'm sleeping in the guest room but I think I'm about well enough to be able to return to the big bed! I am gradually getting better, sure not a quick healing process at all.

We are looking forward to sunday when we can see many of you up front and personal. Nan had a thrilling card from her brother, David today. It contained some shopping money and she plans to have her hair done with it. She was so excited and touched by the kindness.

Nan's computer is in the computer hospital tonight, Jim with I-Net Computers has it and is trying to get it to work fast again, its has gotten so slow that it won't do what it is supposed to do anymore. Some of the email addresses are in it that we had intended to email invitations to so at this point we are stuck.

Todays mail once again brought several checks from clients which is good since Nan wrote so many checks for bills yesterday. I need to screw up my courage and call the IRS in the morning before it is too late.

It has been a good day for Nan, she has gotten enough rest and enough up time to be in good balance. We are thankful for days like this and for people like Art who gave us such a boost wood wise.

Sending our love to each one of you,

May God bless you in a special way today!

tim and nan


  • At 1:54 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    Angels come in different shapes and forms. You have seen so many during the past year. They have built shelves, painted your living room, brought food, wood, lotion, good cheer through cards, phone calls and e-mail. They have provided funds when things looked bleak, cleaned your house, garage and yard, did laundry, cooked meals and anything else that you needed to have done. Your faithful office lady, Loree ~ what would you do without her? Your nurses have been caring and helpful. And we must not forget little Keanna ~ what a little angel she is bringing you sunshine on "cloudy" days. How blessed you are to have such wonderful friends and family!

    As you look forward to your big birthday bash on Sunday remember your blessings. God has been good to you! You have had so many ups and downs this last year, but God has provided your needs through His "ministering angels" around you.

    Continued Love and prayers~ Carol

  • At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Phyllis said…

    Dear Nan and Tim,
    Amen and Amen to Carol's comments.

    I sing a little ditty sometimes that is nothing but a repetition of "Thank you Lord" five times and then "You are so good, you are so good, you are so good, you're so good, good to me". Definitely lifts my spirits. Find your own tune and try it.

    Your are prayed for daily.

    Love and prayers, Phyllis


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