Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

11:45 and we are doing well

Dear Friends and Family,

Here is the picture, Pam in on her kneees cleaning floors and has used her magic touch already on the mantle living room floor, dining room floor and the bathrooms. Food is cooling in the garage on ice, nan is in her recliner considering going to bed after a very long and positive day. She is not running a temperature and has not run one all day. She is drinking guava juice right now and going through stacks of paperwork, she is nursing starr back to health after starr hurt her rear right leg and is limping, she does it chasing the cat over and over again.

The garage is clean and two cars can be parked there thanks to the shelves Tom and John built a few weeks ago. Gerry will be proud. We've had a fire going all day thanks to Art and his wood pile. Pam has the washer and drying going and I think is going to spend the night here with us, sure hope so at this late hour.

Sharon had a big day in Texas, several of her friends and co workers made decisions through baptisim today and then there was a huge potluck afterwards. Such wonderful and blessed news.

I really let people down last night, Nikki and Pam were both waiting for me to call and let them know we were on the way to the hospital and when things turned better and it was so late I did not call, both spent the night wondering what was going on. So sorry about my neglect. Both Nikki and Jason called this morning and got to talk to mom who was doing so well by then.

We are looking forward to Barb and Gerry coming in the morning and then to all of you who are able to come by and visit. Feel free to come and go as you need to. Take a moment to go fishing, feed the ducks, sit and talk with our birthday girl. Let me tell you she is doing well tonight. We just did the incision wound bandage and put a new cover over the nephrostomy and all looks well.

I'm about to wrap up my activities and head to bed, who knows when Pam will finally be ready to sleep, she does great work and has a good eye to make things look nice.

We are very thankful for the temperature breaking last night, thankful that God appears to be allowing us to have our celebration of Nan's 55 years tomorrow.

So we send our love and our appreciation to all of you who have helped so much on so many levels.

tim and nan and pam


  • At 5:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Sunday Morning to you, I trust that all is well and in high gear. Wish I were there, drinking hot drink in front of the fire place with you, sitting back and watching Pam run to and fro! Pam, thank you so much for all your loving hard work. It would be fun to be there with you. It is always more fun to clean someone else's house, but you have gone above and beyond--sign of a true friend.
    We had a great day yesterday. To see someone "see the Light" is amazing. We serve an awesome God!
    Here is to you and your wonderful day. I hope you have a slow and enjoyable day with friends and family. That is one thing that should last forever, friends & family. Won't we have a great time in Heaven!! Hello to everyone. I love you and will be thinking about you both all day.
    Love you Special, Sharon


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