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Saturday, February 03, 2007

A Really Fun Sabbath...

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is resting under her heated cover after a busy evening. She mostly rested this morning while I took Keanna to Sabbath School in Tracy. She continued to rest while I met up with Steve and Nikki for lunch at Olive Garden. Keanna was not feeling too good and I discovered she is afraid of the automatic toilets at Olive Garden. Nikki says she has to trick the automatic valve into waiting until Keanna is well away from the toilet so it does not surprise and frighten her. Got to admit I've been startled a few times myself by the automatic devices. We had a great lunch and then I headed home to Nan. She had come down and made squash for lunch, lost a bit of it but was feeling pretty well. She enjoyed a very cute little teddy bear send by Loren and Emily for her birthday. It makes a great set with another lighter brown teddy bear we already had, so very cute. Thank you Emily for your kindness. Late in the afternoon Nan went up for a nap and I puttered around putting away left over items from the party and was able to park my car in the garage with room to spare. For those of you that know me parking cars in the garage is a big deal and its so nice to have them both inside tonight. This is all true thanks to first Gerry Lammerding working so hard rearranging things weeks ago and then Tom and John building the wonderful shelves. Now things have a home and the garage is encouraging. we can easily access any box of appraisals, open the freezer without hitting the car, open the fiberglass storage units Steve got for me 2 years ago Christmas.

I also came across wonderful paper supplies that marilyn sent several weeks ago. Paper towels, kleenex boxes, toilet tissue. Thank you again Marilyn for your big boost in helping us get back on our feet.

When I came back in Nan called me on the intercom. I went up and we changed the bandage and decided to pick up a few things. So I helped her dress into a nice black outfit and we headed out. First PetCo for dog food and a cute little book called Pugs for Dummies, not that there are any dummies here but there sure is a pug. Then Nan wanted to go to Trader Joes so we got a few very nice quality things there and she discovered that she had a gift certificate in her purse from long ago. It helped buy the groceries. Then we headed to Target where she rode the electric cart and I struggled to keep up. We found some needed items and others that are just nice, like gummy worms, Nan loves them. Then as we were driving out she said, why not got to Mimi's Cafe for a bite. So we headed in, by then she was really tired and about worn out. She had some good hot tea, I had a hot chocolate that was wonderful and we ordered a garden burger to share, that was not so good so we came home. We got her into a nightgown and snug in her chair where she worked on some good lemons and took her meds for the night. We noted that there is a full moon and really enjoyed our time together very much.

Nan has an amazing resilence in facing life. For her to dress she has to deal with 4 bags, finding a place to store them or pin them and yet she does not complain or throw fit. She just works on them until they are placed and then heads out. She did quite a bit of walking today and some time in the wheel chair, she looked great in her black outfit with red hearts on it. This is no average person I have the privilege to live with, she sets an example of how to face adversity on a level most people would not believe yet somehow makes it all work.

We are experiencing a change again in the leakage. Over the past two days there is more fluid in the dressing when we change it, not as black as it used to be and at the same time there is almost no fluid in the illiostomy bag which a week ago was running black. We do not understand what is happening. What we do know is that her level of nausea is much much less, that she still loses her cookies sometimes but quickly recovers afterwards.

We had an unfortunate event this evening. Keep in mind that last monday we had a new PICC line installed since the last one had a leak on one of the two lines. Nan has flushed the red line several times today and it worked perfectly. This evening she asked me to push the flush since it was harder than usual. I did and suddenly we both felt it give way in her arm. So we once again have one bad line just 5 days later. That was not a high point of the day at all.

On monday I will be leaving early and getting home late. I have 4 appraisals in Coursegold, 1 in Madera and one in another little town. I will need every minute I can find to complete all the inspections while I am there and I believe it is several hours from home. That will be an interesting day. Then Tuesday we head to SF for Dr. appointment, spend the night and then Wednesday at 10 have the nephrostomies changed and dye injected to see what is going on. Perhaps they will learn more about the leaking at that time.

We are thankful to so many people and to our wonderful Creator this evening.

Please pray that we will be faithful to such a caring and wonderful God.


tim and nan


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  • At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Good Morning!
    To begin with, I have been in and out of your garage many many times and I have never seen both cars in at the same time! I need to get there quick just to observe this situation. Wish I could say the same about my garage. I am still fighting this cough that follows the cold/flu that is going around. The water situation is slowly drying up and hope to get started on the repairs soon.
    I want the wound to heal, completely, and all the rest to work like it is supposed too. So thankful that you feel strong enough to move around some. That makes a world of difference in getting through each day. Will call as soon as I think you are up. Love, Sharon

  • At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    We will be Praying for Nan's Dr. Visits coming up this week. So good to read that She is making some progress and having less nausea is very welcome. Nan , You are one Tough Lady !

    We are leaving for Reno tomorrow Morning, Combo Visit. Tax Return Prep & Maybe a Show at the Eldorado. We will be Staying at Fitzgeralds as usual,(Comp Rooms are hard to turn down) We will be back Wed afternoon unless bad weather moves in . If that happens We will come home Tuesday, don't want to deal with chains & snow at all. 17 Years in Minn,Iowa & N.Dak are all the cold & snow that I care to deal with.

    Have a Safe Day going to Coarsegold. We have been there many times and stayed at the Casino for Various Shows, Very good places to eat there. Almost anything you would like, Very nice Place. We Saw Glenn Campbel,The Oak Ridge Boys & Anne Murry there. All were very good Shows.

    Much Love & Prayers Always,

    Bob & Carrol

  • At 9:45 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    I know it is nearly time for a new Blog ~ but I'm just settling down from the day and getting to the comuter. I'll be here in Boise probably the rest of the week. Linda is doing well and tries to be as independent as possible. When she is able to drive she will be ready to be on her own again.

    Sorry to hear that the wound is leaking more. At least the nausea is easier to live with. This is good. Perhaps your appointment on Tuesday will bring more answers.

    Keep up your courage and your garage clean!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Really glad to read that you survived the full moon. Please do not identify the party, it might be embarassing. Sounds like you and Nan had a great day. Hanging out, shopping and hitting the local cafes. Then the speed bump, with the line problem. Your wrote well when you mentioned the attitude and Nan's ability to hold it consistently in positive mode. That is how progress is made, for what are setbacks to many are a process toward victory for you. Very, very, very impressive.

    You might want to hold off any more mention of the two you know whats in the garage. The Unamerican Activities Commission is in the area and if they hear about this you will be on their list. Beware!

    Tomorrows forcast is for lots of work and no speed bumps at home.


  • At 5:36 PM, Anonymous Phyllis said…

    Dear Nan and Tim

    It's the stranger in North Carolina reporting in to let you know that you are prayed for daily and included on many prayer lists.

    The out-and-about day you and Nan had would have made me tired. What an amazing couple you are! I am blessed each time I read your BLOG.

    Love and prayers,



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