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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Tough day

Dear Friends and Family,

Good evening, we are finally settling in recliner next to recliner. Fire has turned to embers, Nan has just completed her round of drugs including two antibiotics, Gleevec, Rapamune, Zyprexa. We are glad to be home but it has been a rough day for Nan. She woke and lost her cookies twice this morning. Once was during breakfast when her first bites of cereal did not stay down.

We are very concerned since she only was able to create 250 cc of urine last night. Usually she puts out about 1000 or more during those same hours. Today she has only made about 200 or 300 cc s for the entire day. It appears that most of the water that Nan drinks goes out her colostomy instead of going through her kidneys. I have written an email to Dr. Meng at UCSF asking if we could possibly have some fluids to give Nan through the iv to keep her kidneys working. He is considering it. He was so kind and responded to each of my emails today.

Nan has had a low key day but spent most of it in her recliner. She had cereal and banana for breakfast, alvocado egg rolls for lunch, rice and chicken soup for dinner a few minutes ago. She has also had grape juice, cranberry juice, and water and water and water. She has been so faithful to drink even during the night. After I took Keanna to Sabbath School we came back home and Keanna watched over grammy while I went to Longs to turn in prescriptions from UCSF. Then Nan called to tell me her colostomy bag had failed so I raced home. But Nikki was already here with her mom. Nan just needed some supplies and took care of everything. I got the fire going stronger so she would be warmer. Keanna had continually checked with her grammy to see if she was OK, so cute. Nikki sorted Keannas toys updating and sorting them as she worked. Keanna's corner looks great tonight thanks to her work. Thanks Nikki!

I think it is hard to come home from the hospital. While we are there every health concern can be met quickly and fixed but now we are so far away and it feels like we are at risk. Both Nan and I really need your prayers tonight. Nan needs God's courage, His healing, His mercy and His loving arms wrapped around her. Right now as I look over she has fallen asleep in her chair, tired and fearful.

We found out today that since we are no longer going to be getting the TPN we also lose our home health nurse Teri who is so wonderful. Seems they only send the nurse if we are getting tpn. That was a terrible blow to Nan. So now we will drive to Brentwood to a lab on monday morning and have blood drawn. The reports will be faxed to the doctors at UCSF. We lose our person caring nurse. I appealed today to Dr. Meng that Nan be allowed to have IV fluids and if they decide to do that then we will need the care of Terri again possibly.

So we once again coming begging, please remember Nan in your prayers tonight.


Tim and Nan


  • At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Our concern for You Both is Heartfelt, We understand the feeling of coming home from a place where everything is rapidly responded to and taken care of in minutes. Now at Home what to do is a project. Let Us All pray that the Home Health Help can be restored soon. Carrol relates to your delema so well as She dealt with that issue almost daily during Her many Years as a Home Health Nurse.

    How We wish that things would improve for Nan on a more permanent baisis. She so much deserves to be comfortable.

    Have You been able to make any progress on getting the Furnace fixed ? A more even temp in the house with out all that manuel labor of making a fire would be a plus for the both of You. Our PG&E bill this month was nearly $100.00 less than it would have been without the Medical Exemption on the Meter.$146.00 with the temp set at 72 degrees day time and 62 degrees night. Our Home has not got down to less than 64 even when it was so cold. I guess Our Contractor did the right things when He installed the system and did the insulation.

    I noticed Yesterday that Gasoline is going up again. $2.59 right now and last week it was $2.39 I don't know who is in charge of it but I think it ts so unnecessary to put that burden on all of us that depend so much on transportation.

    Tim , Have You contacted The "American Cancer Society" They will Pay You an annual Cash Mileage allotment. $250.00 All You need to do is apply over the phone. They will send You the simple form to fill out with Your Cancer Care related travel info once a month, Fax it to them and 2 weeks later you get your check in the mail. Every little bit Helps.If You need the Number & Form name ,Here it is. (866)-444-7672
    "Paitent Travel/Lodging Reimbursement Form". Their fiscal year runs from August 31st / Sept 1st.

    Love & Continued Prayers for You,

    Bob & Carrol


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