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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday night and we are still in the hospital

Dear Family and Friends,
Well we are still here, we are relaxing in the room after a combined meal of hospital food and caf food I brought up to Nan. She had white rice, mushroom soup, pretzels with mustard, ice tea with lemon, jello and custard. Plus a big of red pepper. The nurse comes in a frowns since someone put Nan on a low residual diet for no reason. She eats everything at home so why not here.
Nan was happy to get to eat since she spent the entire day without food or water waiting for a morning CT scan which turned into a 2 pm affair. No problems. The feeling was that she was here and we needed a new scan so do it. We hope that the oncologist turned in the request for TPN to the home health care people but we doubt it. The doctor who came by today said Nan had a sort of fungus infection in her nephrostomy and is treating it with 3 days of antibiotics, well there goes getting out tomorrow or the next day.
After I arrived today we went for a short walk and a brief sit in the visitors room. The nurses came running since Nan's heart rate was up. They just wanted her to get back to bed. Mmmm, how do you get exercise and not walk?

Today I started early and finished disassembling the crib to transport to Jason and Jo's home, then I went to the motorhome and it was very very dead. I took the little miracle device I got for Christmas which jump starts. After I figured out how to make it work I got the generator started in the motorhome and then the engine would start. Drove the beast home and parked it in the driveway, then rushed in to prepare for a 10 am appraisal in Castro Valley, a one hour trip. Arrived at 10:01 and enjoyed a visit with a CCU nurse, inspected her townhome, shot comps and then headed back. By that time I was very weak and very hungry so found an In and Out place where they made a cheese sandwich for me. Then to Ruby Hill where the average sized home is over 4,000 sf. It is amazing to drive around in this area with hundreds of homes, all huge and all worth over a million dollars, even the maids drive Mercedes I think. Then home to check the mail, yes there was a check, then make the house payment using the phone, then to the bank for a deposit to cover the house payment, then to post office to pick up a special letter from IRS, would you believe, they want money!
Finally I got to head this way, to the hospital. To radiology with the past two ct scans so radiologist could have something to compare to, then up to the room and finally I got to see the beautiful patient. Nan was doing well but had found out that her potassium was still low. Hospital doctor stated the obvious, food passes through Nan so rapidly that her body does not get a chance to absorb what it needs. So something will have to be added to suppliment her food intake.

We are very ready to have Nan come home but we wait until it is right. She has fielded many phone calls today and loved everyone of them. She has had a good day inspite of being starved for half of it.

We had hoped to go to Jason and Jo's in the morning but it does look like it at this point. It promises to be a perfect weekend. The high point of today for Nan was a visit from Keanna and Nikki as they were heading to build a bear in Walnut Creek. They brought a cute little basket with a tiny pug inside, cute, very cute.

Well I'm wrapping it up for the evening. Please pray for Nan, that she will grow stronger, wound will heal, that she will have peace and a good night.

Sending our love,

Tim and Nan


  • At 11:17 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    Bummer! You didn't get to take your trip to Jason and Jo's today. At least the baby isn't due for a few more months. You should have time to get the crib to them sometime before that. Just maybe they will be coming your way soon and can pick it up.

    Nan I'm glad you are able to keep your food down and hopefully you will be getting the TPN ~ soon. Most of us use more of our food than we need. Your body can't use it fast enough before it goes through. I guess you can look at it as "by pass" surgery.

    We are having another very cold day. It stated out at 20 degrees and it is now all the way up to 32 and the sky is getting very grey. There is a possibility of snow today and tomorrow then next week should be warmer again. These old bones are starting to feel the cold. The cottages are full this week end. I hope our guests don't get snow bound!!! I'd sure hate to have to feed all of them.

    Do have a great Sabbath even if you are in the hospital. At least you are hydrated and mostly comfortable.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 3:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Condolences! Any one that has to eat a combined meal of cafeteria and hospital food should surely qualify for some special award. Is there something in the dark closet of your past that you are paying for now? Oh! That could not be it, as Ms. wonderful is also being punished with the same food there must be some other reason. Well I guess I will add that to the short (sic) list of things I don't know.

    You have a lot of gaul sir to talk about how much work you do, just listen to yourself. "I worked from 7 till 11 and my desk was clear". You my friend are a light weight. I have been procrastinating so long that I will be retired a year before you could even see my desk, assuming there is one under all my stuff. At this moment it is only a supposition because no one can remember ever seeing the proported desk!

    Don't bother me, I'm praying for my friends!



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