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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Doing well

Dear Friends and Family,

Thursday evening, Nan is on the phone with Sharron, has talked to Dana, Nikki, Jason, Irene and others I think.

Events of the day include: a call from Dr. Bergsland, UCSF oncologist. She urged Nan to stick with the local oncology team and she would be a back up person when needed. She had looked at the Nov. 30 CT scan, said the left side appeared stable but she thinks there might be something on the right side near the skin surface. She is urging Nan to get a CT scan here at the hospital while she is here and it has been enough time. Nan mentioned that to her doctor but did not get much of a response. Dr. B also wanted to know how Nan was taken off TPN and so Nan told her that the nutritionist decided that she could do OK without TPN. Everyone agrees now that Nan needs at least partial TPN for the forseable future. Her kidneys are working better but so far we have not gotten anyone to tell us todays creatines. We are curious.

I stayed here in Nan's room until late last night, then home to bed, then up at 7 this morning to tackle a stack of work, finally at around 11 I had a clear desk and could shower and come to the hospital. I was here for about an hour and then reluctantly left for an appointment in Daly City, near SF. After that I headed back home but caught traffic. So I got a chance to talk to Art, Nikki, Nan several times and made it back to the hospital. I went first to the caf to see if there was anything Nan might like, there was. So I brought up two bowls of potato soup and pretzels, ice tea and a hot chocolate for me. I also got a salad. We ate and then they delivered her tray which had more soup. Nan has not been getting as much food as she can eat so far here and tonight we finally got some food into her.

This evening I am going to go home early, grab the fiero, go get the motorhome and drive it home, disassemble the crib in the guest room and load it into the motorhome. We really don't expect to see Nan released until friday evening at the earliest. So we might drive down to Jason and Jo's on Sabbath morning getting there in time to have lunch with them. We had hoped to have Melaboo with us, the cute little doggy that Steve and Nikki have. But they cancelled their plans to go to San Diego after all and intend to do fun things closer home. I know Steve had been looking forward to this trip and I'm sorry they had to change plans.

Nan is pretty stable this evening but is looking forward to seeing home soon.

So we send out love and thank you for your prayers.

Stay tuned for more upcoming events!!


tim and nan


  • At 3:45 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hello from NC!

    It's good to hear that Nan is stable again! Isn't it fun getting acquainted with new doctors? The patient isn't supposed to know as much as Nan does. Just think of all the experience she has had the last 10 years. She knows her own body better than any doctor. You both know what works and what doesn't yet the doctors still have to try their own methods first. I'm glad she's getting TPN again. This way she can keep her visiting nurse and have back up nutrition.

    It's still very cold here! We're looking forward to spring, but we sometimes get our worst snow storms in March. Time will tell.

    Have a blessed Sabbath.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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