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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nan is once again at the wheel!

Dear Family and Friends,
Sharon came through her surgery fine and is home recovering. She checked herself out of the hospital before noon today and with Gwen at her side went home to rest in her own recliner. How good it feels to have that trauma over for Sharon. Dana is up running around now and is coming back fast from her knee surgery which is great news.
Nan had a rough start this morning, slept until about 9:30 and was awake for a bit and they had nausea. I have a monitor in the office of what happens in the bedroom so I can hear her. She did not like the fact that her regular wound care nurse could not come today and someone else came. Nan was not pleased and sort of let her know. We got our supplies and the nurse changed the dressing and said it is looking very good. We knew that! Over the last few days the dressings are dry when we take them off, only the wick, a tiny piece of cloth that is poked down into the fistula opening comes out wet. This is progress and and answer to prayer.
Nan had appointments made to have her hair washed and worked on, this is thanks to a generous gift from brother David. We also took Starr to be washed and have her nails clipped. I wrestled back and forth about going with her or allowing her to take the van and do this stuff alone. Finally I decided that I would go. I took the laptop and used it some in the van while Nan had her hair done and a facial. She loved that and it made her feel so good. We also went to Kohls, they were having a huge sale, buy one blouse or shirt and get the second one free. Nan found several that will work over her bags and still look great. She liked the 1/2 off sale.
I've went to bed feeling bad and woke up worst. I'm dizzy, have a sore throat, a slight cough and just feel tired and lousy. Dr. could not see me today, was already double booked and I sure understand that. He is a popular guy. I am intestered in heading off the sickness before it become worse.
Tomorrow I drive to Eldorado Hills to do an appraisal, been putting it off for a couple weeks. I have other work to do in Martinez, Oakland and STockton. Hope and pray I feel better soon as I really need to be at the top of my game to keep all the things I must do in order.
Nan came home tired by happy with her accomplishments today. She drove a lot and sure remembers how to do that well. When I remember how weak she was in Boston, could not even push the buttons on her cell phone and now walking to the car, getting in, racing around and parking without a hitch, yes we have come a long ways.
They faxed the blood work to us today, good news, hemocrit was 31, hemoglobin was 10.6, creatines were down to 2.6, lowest in two months and that was before we started doing the extra hydration, white cells were in the normal range, magnessium was slightly low and potassium was right in the middle of normal. All of this was great news. Friday we see our oncologist at 3:30 in the afternoon and then plan to board the motorhome for Jason and Jo's place. However they have been exposed to the whooping cough next door so we are checking that out, don't want Nan put at risk of anything else.
I'm so tired right now and feel lousy, I think I'm heading to bed right after I hook up the TPN and hydration for the next 24 hours.

I've got to tell you, it never gets tiring to read the positive comments our friends and family add to the blog. We love to hear from you.

Sending our love and gratitude to each of you.


tim and nan


  • At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I am so glad I found you! I have been looking every where. I went all the the way to Santa Clara to a school convention but you weren't there. Then I heard you were in Tracy for Sabbath school so I came back from Santa Clara but you had gone already. Zack confirmed your visit here but did I get to see you? NO, I did not, so I am out looking for you and Nan but you are out cruising. Going to movies and eating burritos. No wonder I never get to see you.

    Don't think that you can elude me forever. I have ordered a tracking system called TPS (Tim positioning system). I ordered it from the E.R.I.N. Locational Husbandry Company. They guarrantee that they can find you at all times. So it won't be long till I track you down. Keep looking over your shoulder.

    I keep thanking God for all the answered prayers and for more faith and more strength.

    Good health to you,


  • At 3:57 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning from NC!

    And it is a beautiful morning bringing good news from CA again! Nan is up and running again ~ shopping, getting her hair done, taking the dog to the groomers..... The next step is travel.

    Tim, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I'm not surprised that your immune system is a bit low right now. I think your body is saying to you ~ back off a bit!!! Have you tried Air Bourne? It really does work. When we went to Sacramento everyone got the flu. I took Air Bourne and got only a touch that lasted one day. Try it ~ can't hurt you.

    We're just plugging along here. We have 10 cottages filled with people who are here for 3 months or longer. 2 have been here over 2 years. There are a lot of people in transition moving from FL and LA. I like these! They do their own laundry and pay their own electricity. They just rent and mind their own business. I've been updating the cottages changing curtains, replacing the kitchen supplies, and towels. It is amazing what new curtains do for a place! The old ones have been up for 13 years and it was time for a change. We'll probably get it all done and someone will come along and tear down the cottages and put up condos or something. That's life.

    We were trying to take the cruise next week that we had to cancel when Roger had his heart attack last Sept. We are on a stand by status and this is the beginning of spring breaks..... I think that tells it all. So, we are driving to FL to see Roger's brother who is wintering in FL from MI. We leave after the choir sings for church and get home on Thursday.

    Have another great day! Take care of yourselves. No one else can do that for you.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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