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Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday evening - wrapping up a tough week with happiness

Dear Family and Friends,
Just back this evening from a wonderful time with Nikki, Keanna, Steve, Kevin. Nan felt good enough to make the trip to UNO's in Antioch which is a place that Nikki loves. Nikki turned 33 today and we enjoyed our time together. Keanna kept suggesting that we sing happy birthday to her mommy so we did, over and over again. The place had a hard time getting Nikki's pizza right but finally they did, then the free brownie cookie covered with ice cream and whipped cream, yum, yum. When Nikki told us where she would like to go I quickly converted the van back into a 7 passenger vehicle so we could all go together. Nikki drove and we all talked and laughed and enjoyed. Nan's back was hurting and she had a pretty tough time in the resturant but she toughed it out for the whole time. She is sure glad now to be sitting in her recliner, working on taking her pills and resting under her heated blanket. This day turned out so well after all.
As you know if you follow the blog we faced huge financial hurdles this week, AMEX, house payment, Visa payment, surprise IRS check. Well amazingly we have paid over half of the AMEX, paid the house payment, the Visa payment, covered the IRS check and have money toward todays payroll. Its really pretty amazing how the Lord has supplied funds even though yesterday there were no checks in the mail. We are far from being out of the financial woods but we are making serious progress as the days go by. We are very thankful for the sincere prayers seeking God's help with everything. Tonight I am nearly caught up with my back load, we've contacted the clients who owe so much money and they are looking into it, we made yet another deposit today and this afternoon's appraisal paid by credit card, always a good thing. But even more important is the fact that nan has had a pretty good week. She has been out in the car nearly every day this week taking care of one thing or another. This afternoon she got her hair washed, went to Longs and brought home a tomato plant plus another plant. In spite of it being easier to just stay in the chair or bed, Nan has stretched herself in big ways this week. We have finally got her hydrated again we think, her weight is back up to 131.5 and she has renewed strength. When one lets the mind wander back to Boston, when she could not hold a cell phone or push a computer key, to weak, then one realizes how far she has come in her recovery.

We got a huge shipment from Crescent Home Health today, three boxes. They shipped us huge TPN bags which hold amazing an 3500 ml of good things and hydration. The bags is heavy but not as heavy as normal TPN and hydration beside like we have been doing. Evidentially her numbers are holding because we have not had a panic call from the doctors regarding hemoglobin, potassium or magnessium. either they are asleep at the wheel or her numbers are OK. We hope and pray it is the later. We were thrilled to receive the tiny bottle of eranas, this little bottle is very expensive, several thousand dollars worth and it is given with a tiny needle on mondays. It tells sends a message to the blood producing parts of her body that is supposed to be sent by the kidneys, a message to make more red cells. It takes quite a process to get insurance to grant the use of eranas and we are very thankful that once again we have it.

After a week of ups and downs, of failing colostomy bags, leaking incision wound, back pains and some nausea we truely do have lots to be thankful for. We thank you our family and friends for your calls, your prayers, your positive thoughts, for your positive encouragment, for your caring for our situation. We thank our wonderful children who are so faithful in calling, contacting and caring, we are blessed.

How nice that we have the sabbath to rest in. Jesus knew what he was doing when He created the sabbath, a day to reflect on His finished work for us, a day to come closer as family, a day to put the cares and concerns about money and business aside. Tomorrow morning I get to take Keanna to Sabbath School, doubt Nan will make this one, it takes her a while to rest up after a big night out like tonight.

We are so looking forward to seeing Barb and Gerry next week. Our thoughts are with Art as he is traveling to attend a funeral for someone who died way to young. We also remember Sharon as she recovers from her surgery. We also think of Pam and Dana as they recover.

So tonight we thank God for His many blessings.


tim and nan


  • At 10:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Congratulations on another great week. If this is a day that the Lord has made to rejoice in, how much more is there to a whole weeks worth! Please correct the typo in your blog. You listed Nan's age for Nikki's age.

    I am also happy that your van has been converted. It must have been terrible riding around in a heathen vehicle.

    Sorry I missed bogging you yesterday. I was getting an NCAA tranfusion. My son Zack had to drive me to Sacramento for this special treatment. It took all day and the only bad side effect I had was a flat posterier. I'm ok now and back to work. Only missed one day! Hope Nan's special pill keeps her in the pink (red).

    Children's church tomorrow if you and Keanna can make it. Gold fish and apples are on the menu plus singing and some coloring.

    Blessed Sabbath to you and your family on this extra special day of the week,


  • At 4:37 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Happy Sabbath to you!

    How God takes care of you! Just as it seemed that the whole bottom fell out of your financial situation enough funds came through for the essentials. He is such an awesome God! Nan got her tiny bottle of expensive medication, the TPN with hydration, you had a special night out with your kids. What a great way to finish up a very trying week! God's timing is always the right timing. We need but trust.

    We have gone from 75 degrees here earlier this week to 30 and very windy this a.m. Brrrrr! I was thinking warmer when I planned what to wear today. Hmmmm ~ that's life. Always subject to change.

    Have a blessed restful Sabbath.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:02 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim & Nan, Your blog was so encouraging and yes, what a wonderful God to let you end up such a trying week with a relaxing time with family. Hope you and Keanna have a nice time at S.S. I got up early and took a walk and practiced the children's story as I walked. Today I have story time at church for the children. We are looking forward to our visit with you this coming week. The weather is so nice, I want to take Nan walking -- we can take the wheelchair in case she gets too tired. Keep positive. You are both loved by many! Love, Barbie


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