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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Nan takes a cruise!

Dear Family and Friends,
Nan was able to sleep in today until about 10 am. Of course she missed Rachael Ray but she needed the rest. We were up several times last night and she needed to catch a few extra winks. We changed her dressing, noted better urine output and brought her down to her trusty recliner. She had toast and mocha, hot tea and water. She napped and enjoyed Bob Barker.
When I got up I went out front to move the motorhome to the driveway so I could empty the tanks. I noticed a green honda and then a lady getting out of the car. You guessed it, the IRS. Of course I had spent nearly an hour on the cell phone yesterday waiting to talk to someone at IRS without success. Well the lady turned out to be nice and I explained the best I could what our life has been like over the past year. She was understanding and settled for a check for $1,600 which was supposed to go to AMEX tomorrow. It was that or an immediate lien on the house which would prevent any possible refi in the future. She will come back next month on the 20th to pick up another check for $1,600 and then we will be totally caught up with 941s for the past year. After she left I dumped the tanks and then went in to help Nan.
I spent the entire day sitting at my desk working up appraisals and managed to get about 10 reports ready to email. Then this evening I drove over to Stockton to take a photo that was needed for a follow up of an FHA report and got a message on the cell, the one I had taken hours this afternoon to write up is now going to a lender I am not approved with so that time was wasted totally and the trip to Sonora as well, wasted. hard not to be a bit bitter.
Nan decided to drive to her oncologists office in Antioch this afternoon to pick up the cushion we left there last friday and to pick up some paperwork for disability. She also went by Dr. Edwards office and snagged some very good tasting oranges, thanks so much Jim and Marti for the oranges. They are so good. So now we have oranges from Mary, Lemons from Loree and Dana and more oranges from the Edwards. Yummy.
Nan came home tired but happy at the success of her trip. She even stopped at Safeway and got gas, that is a first since June of last year. Way to go Nan.
This evening was brightened by the arrival of Nikki and Keanna. We enjoyed some time together and Keanna was tired from dance class but glad to see her grammy.
Now its time to sleep, Nan has already gone up and after I prepare the TPN and take it up we will go to sleep. I enjoyed calls from Art and my brother Jerry, both were a real lift. nan talked to brother Joe and her mom, Sharon and perhaps others I do not know about.
In spite of our desperate need for clients to pay todays mail brought no checks, bummer!
These are challenging days but Nan's health is much improved. Her blood pressure was good this afternoon and her heart rate was below 100 for awhile, amazing. Even after working out in the kitchen fixing dinner her heart rate was only 109 which is greatly improved over what it was in the hospital. Nan is walking real well now and finds it slightly easier to dress and move about.

So we end this less than ideal day. Yet we are thankful for the progress Nan is making. We are in God's hands.


tim and nan
ps thanks Jason for your comments on the blog and your call today!


  • At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    From bad to cruising in 24 hours. Man you are on the biggest roller coaster ride ever! Know wonder your hair is a mess.

    Where was Carol last night anyway? I hate to create problems for her and Bob but I have to say. Bob your wife was not at band practice last night. I was at band practice tooting my own horn and she was not there. I am sorry to say it but the truth will out and better sooner than later.

    What is the deal with the approved vs not approved. Just what are you missing that is keeping you off the A list?

    Too good looking by half!

    True blue and won't fool around!

    Age discrimination (they have dye you know).

    Too flashy a car?

    Hygiene issues!

    Wrong side of the tracks.

    Too friendly ( you won't be able to fix that)!


    I is a bummer to do work and expend effort with no result. Business is tough. Some times, like today, very tough!

    The great news is how far behind you were with the IRS last year and where you are now. Jeepers! Now that is a leap forward.

    Oh! when the checks start rollin in
    oh! when the checks start rollin in
    Your gonna be at that mail box
    when those checks start rollin in

    The Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace!


  • At 9:34 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards & Wes too,

    Great to read that Nan is doing so much better today. Wes, if You are playing in the Lodi Comunity Band ,What do You Play ? I saw no Strangers there much less YOU !. Carrol does so much enjoy the band She plays a very heavy insturment(Bass Clarinet) so I go and set Her up at 6:30 or so and then pick Her up at 9:00, The Band is sounding very good and has a Concert coming up on Memorial Day.

    Even the IRS is driving Hondas that must tell Us something Tim. Maybe We need to switch to Hyundai that would show them that We are watching Our $$'s .

    Carrol & I enjoyed a funny Movie Yesterday, "Wild Hogs" a real slap stick type but a lot of laughs for an hour and a half. Sometimes One just needs to laugh a bit it is good Therapy.

    We are going to Chico to Visit Carrol's Sisters this weekend, Her Sister Carla has a Birthday on Saturday. We will be back early Sunday to miss the Traffic and to get ready for Carrol's Clinic Appointment on Monday at 8:30. We are hoping for good counts on the lab reports from Monday.

    We were 82 here yesterday and even turned on the A.C. for a couple of hours about 6:00 and found that it is working just fine,We will have routine service next week and should be good for the coming summer & fall.

    Some of the frozen shrubry seems to be waking up , things are turning green again, so nice to see instead of all the BROWN .

    Love You,

    Bob & Carrol.


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