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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Better, Nan visits Tracy Dr. on her own...

Dear Family and Friends,

Well Nan went to her doctor appointment in Tracy today for her Vitamin B12 shot and some updates on prescriptions by herself. She planned carefully and allowed herself enough time, unhooked from TPN and hydration and drove to Tracy, saw the doctor, stopped by WalMart to buy a flower and tomato plant and then came home. She was tired when she got home so took a long nap. Then up and back downstairs to hook up to lines again for food and water. She called me and let me know what to bring home, special dirt for planting, food from Safeway. We did leftovers tonight but unfortunately Nan grew sick after eating and lost some. She is doing better now. When I finish here I will go rub her feet, she really loves that and I love doing it.

Today was a dry day checks wise in the mail but I did collect one from a client in Antioch. We made partial payment to AMEX today to keep them happy and hope to see money tomorrow to help with the house payment.

My travels today were a joint venture of Nan and me laying out what needs to be done and then trying to get appointments to do it. I drove to Patterson for an inspection, then to Antioch, then to Brentwood and then to Home Depot and then Safeway and then home. Guess my favorite part, yes thats right HOME. Nan was so cute today in her new white blouse and her jeans. She looks so good!

Tomorrow appointments did not come through so I plan to work in and start preparing taxes for last year and this year. Tomorrow evening we hope to be able to celebrate with Nikki as she has a birthday. She is a very precious person and we have enjoyed her all through the years first as a beautiful baby in Sacramento, then a little girl in Tracy, then a young woman in Discovery Bay and then she lived in Santa Cruz, Portland and now we love having her so near here in Discovery bay. She is everything one would hope for in a daughter, wise, thoughtful, considerate, funny, strong, self starting and a great mom to Keanna and a great wife to Steve. We are blessed with having Nikki as our daughter. They don't make em any better!!

Well we are trying to head to bed early tonight so I'll bring this epistle to a close. One note of good news, Barb and Gerry are coming next Tuesday afternoon and staying with us for a few days. We are both so excited about the news. nan will have someone to talk to and do stuff with and Gerry and I can ride to circuit seeing houses. Then at night we can play Mexican dominos!!
Barbie has been learning a lot about depression and has promised to share some insights with us. I could sure use some help on that score.

Sending our love, lets pray for each other, that God will shower blessings ($$$$).


tim and nan


  • At 11:31 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    We're back! It's good to get away, but oh so good to be home again. We enjoyed the warm sunshine of FL and swimming in the pool every day. Now we're home and back to work.

    I got caught up on all the blogs while we were gone. It sounds like Nan is doing better than Tim. Tim, you are saying you don't have time to go to a Dr. Well, what would Nan do without you? You have to take care of yourself also. Those chest pains don't sound so good to me. I know you are exhausted and are struggling with finances, your own health, your business, and the IRS. AS you know there are sometimes no good answers. I hear you talking about selling the Fiero at times. Could you list it on e-bay? Do you have anything else you can sell? That all takes time also and more hassle. Would Gerry be able to help you when he comes?

    Nan, it sounds like you aren't feeling that great, but your determined self is pushing along. I'm glad you discovered that you have a disability insurance policy on your credit card. Not having to make those payments will help. Now for the SS and Medicare help... It will all help the cash flow.

    Have a good week end and enjoy that little Keanna!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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