Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Another day of recovery

Dear Family and Friends,
9:50, earlier tonight. We are getting ready for Barb and Gerry who are working on going to bed earlier than they used to. We are so looking forward to their visit.
Teri the nurse came at 8:15 today, drew blood, took nan's vitals and pronounced her doing pretty well. She was kind enough to take the many bags of saline solution off our hands so we have the frig back now. She changed the PICC line bandage, helped Nan with her eranas shot, weighted her and generally just evaluated her. Nan weighs 130 or so now and is fully hydrated. In fact perhaps a bit over the top. She has had a low energy day today with stomach sort of upset. She spent a good deal of time in bed while I was out seeing a SF property and shooting Castro Valley comp photos.
On the money front we were able to collect and receive in the mail enough today so Loree could make a $1,900 depost, that sure helped and I see tonight that no all the phone payments have come into the bank yet. We are very thankful for the payments from many of our faithful clients and we hope that more funds are coming soon.
Nan called me as I was driving this afternoon to check up on my progress. She was already planning dinner. When I got home we put off planting the back deck items since it was cold and windy. We even built a small fire and enjoyed a warm evening in. Nan had me start preparing things in the kitchen and at the crucial time she joined me, wow was it good. We had fried vege chicken, asparagrass specially prepared in a skillet and then in butter with special spices, white rice fluffy and perfect. She managed to make it all get done at the same moment, a feat I have not been able to master yet. Unfortunately after eating part of a platefull she became sick. However after a few minutes she ask for her plate back that I had put in the frig and she finished everything. Later this evening we put together a new TPN bag and after fighting to get it to run right we succeeded. Now she is dozing in her chair, waiting for me to complete this blog and then to bed. How I wish she could feel better more of the time. She bravely faces each day and hopes and prays for some joy and peace during its passing.
Jason leaves for Peru tomorrow on a mission trip. He will be there for a couple weeks working to create better conditions for educating children and caring for their medical needs. This time Jo will stay home, traveling and working hard is not in the best interest of her health or the baby's health at this time.
Nikki and Keanna were in town tonight at a cycling class and then weight lifting class, well Keanna was at kids club which she loves dearly. Go Nikki, we are so proud of you.
Tomorrow I'm off to Napa, Richmond and Dixon before heading home to spend time with Barb and Gerry. We are very thankful for the steady work which comes in through email and the fax machine.
We live our lives one day at a time and are thankful when nan feels good and saddened when nan feels poorly. In general her health numbers are pretty good we think. Tomorrow or the next day we will get blood work results which we expect to be pretty good. We think the creatine level will be down due to the excellent hydration nan is experiencing.
We hope you are enjoying this week and that it can have some high points, points of blessings for you and your family. We love hearing from people and especially enjoyed reading comments from Roger and Carol, Carrol and Bob and Wes. We are thankful Sharon is doing better and that she had the surgery when she did.
So with love,

tim and nan


  • At 12:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    I do so enjoy the reports you make. Each of them has special meaning for those that read them. Even though they are written in first person from Tim's point of view I always see another aspect of the message that the writer can't always see. When one is strong I can't help but share the revelations in the hope that it brings joy and encouragement to others.

    ie Today's BLOG "She managed to make it all get done at the same time". I haven't been as aware nor as appreciative of this magicial event that happens in my own kitchen. I is just the way you and Nan live your lives in the open for the rest of us to see that provides me with an awareness of my daily blessings.

    There is always joy and peace in everything we do. It is sometimes hiding behind the pain and the suffering. I am sure that there is a fixed amount of it to go around and I know that you and Nan are getting more than your fair share and that I am getting less. Thank you for taking so much of my share.

    Your have my daily prayers for your victory over these current difficulties.

    Your brother,


  • At 4:10 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    And yet another good news blog today! Nan is cooking and dreaming of the flowers and hay bale tomatoes on her back deck. In general it sounds like she is feeling a bit stronger at times and the nausea isn't constant like it was for awhile, weight is up (Wow! I'll bet she never thought she would be happy about that!) And now you both are looking forward to Barb and Gerry's visit.

    We''re warming up again in NC! This a.m.'s temperature is 45 ~ much more normal for this time of year. And warming just in time for the first day of spring coming up.

    Enjoy your company this week and take care of yourselves.

    Love and Prayers ~ Carol


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