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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

It is quiet here in the room as I prepare to head home and Nan gets ready to rest. Right now we have a mini crisis with Nan's little toe causing her incredible pain. She has been putting biofreeze on it all day but I have encouraged her to let the nurse know so they are calling the doctor now about it. I am aware of how critical it is to have full circulation especially on her left foot and leg which had the bypass surgery in Boston. So we hope, pray that this is just a sore toe from being caught in the blankets or something.

Nan has had a very good day, she was informed that her potassium was 4.1 today, that is the highest we are aware of ever. Yesterday we were told it was 2.6 so that is quite a change. Her blood was down to 10.1 which is also a big change from yesterday downward. She has had no nausea today whatsoever and had me bring her green olives from the store tonight and pretzels. Yup, she is getting better for sure.

I'm about to head home to bed, tired from driving all over in the rain today. I managed to see a nice place in Walnut Creek, a cute remodeled house in Oakland and some followup work on another home also in Oakland.

We are looking forward to Nan's being able to head home sometimes on wednesday, we hope so. Right now the nurse is back in with pain meds for Nan. She will have an xray tomorrow on her toe to make sure it is OK. We do not want to take any chances.

This morning after being urged by both Barbie and Irene I took the dogs for a walk to the park. They loved it and Starr seems to be getting better with her little hurt foot. She was slowing down on the way home though so she had the day to rest up. They both look behind me when I come in to see if I am bringing Nan home and when I have not done so they are disappointed. They love their mommy. I am enjoying giving them the treats Keanna selected for them at the pet store.

Nan was glad to hear from Nikki today, from Irene, from Sharon, from Dana and especially the email from Jason in Peru.

Please pray that Nan's condition will continue to improve, that the leaking will lessen, that the little toe pain will diminish and that the potassium levels will level out as well. Thank you Lord for giving Nan a good day, for good pea soup for lunch and for peace.

tim and nan


  • At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Nan,
    I hope you are already having a good rest tonight and will see this Tue AM. I was thinking about you this evening as I was making food for Steve for tomorrow. I was making cottage cheese loaf and the recipe card says Nan's Cottage cheese loaf. I have heavily modified it but still refer to the card to see how many cups of Special K to use. It is neat how friends are part of our everyday lives.
    Glad things are getting tuned up again. I am trying to figure out why after a while at home the nausea gradually starts- worsens and stops at the hospital- When I come up with a good theory I'll give you a call-
    Have a good Tuesday



  • At 11:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    So glad to hear there is a vegetarian version of Dr. Suess's Green eggs and ham. We all look forward to more from you and Nan. Green Olives and Pretzels a new story! Put in the pea soup and the peace and you will have a best seller.

    Dancing with the stars is back on and you best get that little wee wee toe back in shape and on the floor. My little toe on occasion has had issues and it caused considerable consternation. I hope they discover quickly Nan's cause because it is a great irritant. Strange that it is the smallest toe that gives the most pain. That's just weird for everyone except those of us that are in pain. I that case it is all you can think about.

    Tim now is the perfiect itme to confess any past wrong doings. Nan won't even notice or care until the little pinky is back in track.

    Great to learn the pottasium levels are back in range. Any news on how to check the levels so you can keep them managed better at home?

    I pray that I get to read wonderful news in tomorrows blog!


  • At 3:42 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning!

    Too bad about that little toe pain. Something seemingly so insignificant can really be bothersome. Hopefully you will get relief soon.

    Tim, I'm glad you had a walk in the park! The dogs loved it and it was good for the body and the soul. Remember to "come apart and rest" on a regular basis. We worry about you at times! Nan needs you around.

    Yes, it does seem strange that the nausea stops when you are in the hospital and starts up rather quickly when you get home. What's up? What are they doing differently in the hospital that you are not doing at home? Maybe that hospital food agrees with you even if it tastes yucky. It must be the mushroom soup! Isn't 10.1 a bit low for blood readings after just having 2 units of blood? Where does it go?

    Life goes on here as usual. We're busy. I'm looking forward to retirement ~ someday! Hopefully not too many years in the future.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:39 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi Tim & Nan, Along with the doggies, we hope Nan goes home on Wednesday. The little toe wants to go walking a little bit...maybe? It rained so hard for a few minutes yesterday afternoon that I could not see out of the kitchen window. Today it is beautiful with sun shining and I'm going out to pull some more weeds in the back. Yeah, Tim, taking the dogs walking was a great treat for your body! Do it MORE! Soon you can put Nan in her wheelchair and you can all go walking! Cheers! Barbie

  • At 9:38 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    Sorry about the Toe Pain Nan, Hope it's just a thing that will be gone in the morning.

    Boy was it cold & Windy today, We are ready for some warmer weather for sure.

    Just talked to Our G. Daughter in Sonora and they had a bit of Snow up there last night and it is 35 degrees and dropping right now.

    Hope that Nan is on Her way Home Tomorrow and that the pesky nausea is a thing of the past. We pray every day for that to happen.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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