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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Sunday evening winding down

Dear Family and Friends,
What a weekend, Nan is receiving some pepcid for reflux, then dilautid for pain, then oxycontin fo0r long term pain, then sleep. Mostly today she has been sleeping but this afternoon Mary came to visit and they had a good time together while I slipped out and had a vegeburger at UNO's. Mary rubbed Nan's feet with the magic Mary Kay lotion and they gossiped together for awhile. Mary is a wonderful person and really gives Nan a needed boost.

I've been here since this morning and thanks to the trusty laptop and kind nurses moving us to a private room with a desk I've been working cranking out lots of work. I've emailed several reports out to lenders today and managed to get much more caught up. Nan and I have walked with the help of her trusty walker, then sat in this nice recliner (no Starr to help her get settled) then back to her warm trusty bed.

Drs report her numbers are getting gradually better, Dr. explained that potassium can't be rushed or it might get too high and hurt her heart. So they bring it back up gently and gradually. For that reason it may be tuesday or wednesday when she is released from here to home. That might give me a chance to get the washing done that I didn't get down stairs while Barb and Gerry were there. How we wish we could learn how to keep her potassium level correct at home. They put some in her TPN but still it gradually slips away and then when the vomiting starts the potassium plunges down fast. Yesterday she was only 2.6 when the correct range is 3.5 or 3.9.

I am going to head home soon, my eyes are burning with hay fever and fatigue. Happens to us old guys. I've sunk so far that I now like hot chocolate that comes from a machine, it is hot and gets me all the way home for .75 cents!!

Nan and I hope your weekend was meaningful and that you had time to spend with the ones you love. Treasure your time with your special people, play, laugh and hug each other.

Got to say that our nursing staff on 4th floor have been outstanding, of course the patient count is down so Nan's nurse only has one other patient and that sure helps.

So tomorrow begins another work week and hopefully lots of checking finding their way to our little mailbox. We are so thankful for God's help and miracles. And we sure want to stay in the need of His help.

Today I've had a chance to talk to Nikki a couple times, to Keanna, to Barb and Gerry, to Pam (who is not well yet) and hopefully to ARt as I drive home now. Talking to friends sure helps give me needed balance and courage. I especially enjoyed talking to Jo who had been out and about and was home to enjoy a quiet evening of knitting. We are assuming that Jason is OK, Jo had one email from him but he is a long ways away and very busy with working there.

So I once again leave Nan is the loving arms of Jesus tonight, seeking His healing, His strength, His calm and peace. Nan is a very courageous lady who loves life, loves her family, treasures her friends, enjoys her Starr and longs to be whole again.

We send our love and appreciation, especially to my sister Sibyl who remembers us in such special ways.

tim and nan


  • At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    First there was Hawaii 5 o and this week there is Wes 6 o! So it was determined by my own personal Nan that there must be a party, we have to model for the children says she. Well if I must have it, it will be at the mall and all the children, grand and otherwise will ride the maerry-go-round with me until they tire of it. Well today was the day and you are right my friend when you say to treasure your family and friends. That is exactly what we did.

    Special treats included Emma's first merry-go-round ride while I stood next to her being warmed by her smiles and thrilled by her screams of joy. There is just something about little girls screams of delight that make and events happy. Another great moment was the all in the family ride except for my mom who volunteered to watch the purses. A wife, sister, son, daughter, son in law, daughter in law, two grandsons a granddaughter and of course the happy birthday boy. All this was captured on electrons by the helpful attendant at the marry-go-round. Needless to say a good time was had by all!

    We all pray for Nan and hope that she will not suffer too much from Starr withdrawal pains during her brief rehab at the hospital. Drink more cocoa and enjoy your good advise!


  • At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    How correct you are when you say to enjoy family and friends by 'hugging, laughing and playing...with them", I'll add to talk to them when they are far and in need or just plain calling for a talk. E-mailing is another way I keep in contact with family and friends.

    Art and I have been playing Mexican Dominoes this week with neighbors, we are getting to know them better, in fact two couples were here past mid-night (Saturday and Sunday). We have to luxury not to have to get up early.

    I think Art missed your phone call last night by the time he saw the message it was too late. He is out walking now and I'm sure he is talking to you. He carries his cell everywhere.

    We always keep both of you in our prayers. Don't rush getting Nan back home until she is better.

    Take care.
    Connie and Art


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