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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

When you are in the hospital you learn to wait

Dear Family and Friends,

Its 7:24 in the evening and Nan is working through her dinner, that is having some back pain and stomach pain as well. For dinner tonight they brought her exactly the same plate as lunch and she didn't care of it then either. So we talked and I brought a small deep dish pizza from UNOs and soup. Nan ate part of one piece but found it had too much cheese, yet I think she enjoyed some good bites. She had already snacked on a bit of apple nut bread and has been sipping on Fuji water that Pam was kind enough to provide. She discovered it in Boston and loves the taste of it.
This morning by the time I arrived Nan was gone to ultra sound already. I quickly found her and she was waiting for transportation to bring her back. It went smoothly and the tec seems to be very complete in what she did including poking around the leak. That is the most interest anyone has shown in the leak since Boston. Of course as of this evening we have no results back and no meeting yet with the infectious disease doctor or the IR people either. I waited here with Nan until nearly 4 pm hoping someone would show up to let us know what was going on. nan continues to have infection and discharge from her left nephrostomy insertion site. Tomorrow wound care nurse will come by and change the special keeper that holds the nephrostomy tube in place. Seems it is new to this place and no one wants to tough it. Meanwhile Nan has continued to have fevers today, last one was in the mid 99s which is better a bit. But until the fevers stop we will not be leaving this lovely place. And speaking of lovely place, Nan was moved this afternoon to room 111. It is still private, large with room to work, has windows to outside that open wide for fresh air and grassy views. No one seems to make much out of Nan being supposedly in isolation any more, no one gowns up and no one even mentions it. We walked out the door today into the sunshine and Nan sat with the breezes blowing. She really loved it. Finally we reluctantly headed back inside again.
Mom has had an OK day. They continue to show her weight at 149 which would mean a weight gain of about 20 lbs since we came in. As of this afternoon they backed off the extra hydration completely but have started a couple kinds of antibiotics and potassium. It is amazing to me that they allowed her potassium to drop down to 2.6 this afternoon. What ever happened to monitoring it and keeping it topped off. So she is getting bags of potassium this evening sinc her levels are so low.
Nan has no nausea, quite a bit of back pain, some stomach pain after she eats, she is putting out lots of urine and the colostomy is working better with the imodium added in. She is unable to eat a whole container of the special yogurt saying it makes her feel like losing it all. However she tries to eat at least some.
She is nodding off right now.
I have been torn between needing desperately to see several properties but afraid to be away in case Nan needs me to be with her for procedures. Torn between our hearts and our clients, not a fun conflict. Tomorrow I will try to see a couple properties plus plug in something very fun for me. Steve has to see a property tomorrow in Union City or somewhere like that and has to take Keanna. I am going to meet them there and I will walk around with Keanna and talk to her while Steve is doing his job. Then I will drive on to an appointment, I think it is a great plan and Nan agrees too.
Nan and both enjoyed reading the comments submitted to the blog last night and this morning. Wes is a kick and brings such fresh thinking to his writing and I know we all enjoy his contributions. I am lifted by the kind comments of Connie who writes so well. We are always encouraged by the eternal comments of Bob and Carrol and we love to keep up with Roger and Carol as they work too hard, love too much and hold on to the Lords hands.
In summary: Nan is up in weight, has no nausea, has reasonable blood pressure, good hemoglobin numbers, lousy potassium numbers, has had a CT scan, an ultra sound, gets pain meds about every two hours when she is awake, is feeling pretty well, can walk fine, no longer has pain in her feet or toes, is able to talk on the phone at great lengths, is kind to her nurses and doctors.
This morning while Nan was at the ultra sound two different doctors came to visit, told the nurse they would be back soon and both came last this afternoon. Both talked of progress but showed continued concern re: fevers and the pockets of fluid located inside.
So we stay another day and yet another. Nan is well cared for and is safe here and I suppose is making progress to a degree.
So until the next time we sign off. Nan just got a call from Keanna and Nikki and just loved every minute of it. Keanna was so cute, ask her grammy if she was going to stay another week! Nan said she hoped not to stay that long. Jason also called in having arrived back home early, 2 am, this morning. He had a very long flight but is feeling good and glad to be home. Plans to sleep well tonight.
Please keep Nan in your powerful prayers. We are praying for relief from fevers, solutions from the leaking, balance in hydration. Thank you in advance for your love.


tim and nan


  • At 12:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Patience is a virtue and having been trained at the hospital with constant waiting you are a virtueous man. The hours and hours of waiting have rubbed off your sharpe edges and any excessive impatence and what do we have left, yes you got it Mr. Virtue himself 'ol pass the mustard Tim!

    I would like comment also on the LEAK issue. ie

    poking around the LEAK
    shown the LEAK
    solutions from the LEAK

    It would seem you have tried a lot of different things. But the most obivous thing that I have not heard about is TAKE A LEAK. Let us know if that helps.

    I will call GHOST BUSTERS for you. They can help get rid of the numerous hemogoblins that have been an problem of late. Let's also order a HASMAT team in for you as the place is lousy with pottassium.

    I'm praying now that a discovery soon will answer the infection question and that in turn will eliminate the temperature problems.


  • At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    I may not be able to read the blog for a week depending if I'm able to connect with the wireless card at the other house. I'm looking forward to get to Indio and check on the house. I will work hard cleaning the dust and the weeds the first day!

    My prayers are with both of you daily. My neighbor is always asking how Nan is doing and each time she tells me I don't know Nan but she is on my daily list of prayers. Perhaps one day you can visit us in Gilroy and get to see my neighbor, she is a wonderful and caring person.

    Take good care of each other!


  • At 4:56 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    I hope you had a good day with lots of answers, less pain, no fever and on your way home!

    It's been just another crazy day here at Lakemont. I had a frantic phone call today from a boyfriend of a girl who has been here for 2 days staying with another guy who is renting from us. (Renter is a very polite clean cut guy with an imaculate car) He said she called and was sick and afraid because she was "shooting drugs". He asked me to call 911. I did. 2 Sheriff cars arrived plus an ambulance. She and the guy were out in the yard. Of course she was "fine" and she said she has a jealous crazy x boyfriend who was just trying to make trouble. Of course she refused treatment. They all believed her story and left. I gave the guy notice that he has to move out tomorrow. Boyfriend calls again. Very upset!!! Girlfriend is still calling. He is very worried for her safety and is coming to get her tonight. Yikes!!! I'm here alone this evening. Now the Sheriff thinks we're all crazy.

    To be continued......

    Are you really sure you don't want to buy a resort? Enjoy the peace and quiet of a hospital tonight.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 8:18 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Mustards,

    I believe that I saw that show on TV a few weeks ago that Carol is going through. Yikes!! is right. Where is Roger? I guess He just left the "Deputy" in charge. You can do it Carol. Might even get a comunity service award. Maybe the Guy is on America's Most Wanted !!

    Hoping that this day has brought some relief for Nan and that She can soon be going Home.

    What a beautiful day this has been and they say that We will be having more of the same. The warm sure feels good.

    No more leaks! that is the word and We will be Praying that the Good Lord will take care of what needs to be done.

    Have a good rest and We will talk in the Morning.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol.


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