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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday evening after 24 hours of love from Pam

Dear Family and Friends,
Greetings from the isolation ward in Antioch. Our home away from home is beginning to have a bit of everything. Today we added a hair dryer, magazines, snacks, water etc. Last night as I was driving home Pam called me to say she had arrived at Nan's room and would be spending the night. So she settled in the recliner with blankets and pillow and did just that. They talked, laughed and made it through the night. This morning Pam went shopping and left snacks, Fiji water which Nan loves, lemon slices, watermelon. Then they did a shampoo with conditioner complete with blown dry treatment. Nan walked again and sat in the chair. She enjoyed some of the things from the food service today, her Sees candy which she is sharing with nurses, her Garden Burger from the caf this evening. We have seen two doctors today, the kidney doctor is a hoot, she is a fast talking very kind doctor with a plan, always a plan. They just took samples of everything, stool, urine for more tests and tomorrow there will be a CT scan, transfusion, more blood work.
Nan has been on the edge of a temperature all day, not high but not normal either. We have kept the window open most of the day and have enjoyed cool breezes, good conversation, Nan has slept a lot and had several nice conversations including Sharon, Dana (who found a recliner for Ronnie the recovering knee replacement dude), Keanna who announced that she had prayed for grammy and pappa this morning, try to keep your eyes dry when you hear those precious words from her highness. She told us she had enjoyed a mommy day and they had gotten to have lunch with their daddy too.
So tomorrow is once again one of those important days. nan is feeling quite well with occasional pains here and there. She looks forward to her precious dilauid every two hours and has been know to harass a nurse that misses the two hour appointment. Nan and I were both so glad to see Bob and Carrol yesterday and to have Pam here today. What a lift it gives to have fresh faces and conversation, gifts of candy and magazines etc, positive expressions of love and affection. Thank you for your presence here in the room.
I have been working on getting things ready for the tax man, AMEX information for the year 2005 for an amended return we need to submit. I started last night with nothing put in and now I am in the middle of the 5Th month, that is progress that my tax man and the IRS will appreciate very much.
I have been emotionally lifted this weekend by being able to spend time with Nan, large blocks of time, by long talks with Art, by the visits from loved ones and by the walks I am trying to take with the demanding doggies. Nan is such a force for good, no matter what she never complains, she never makes life difficult for the nurses unless they deserve it and then she is kind, she is a wonderful example of the patience of Jesus and I so beg the Lord to put her back on her feet and let her enjoy more of the life she loves, being mobile, being active, being involved.
So now we wind up this weekend and anticipate the best from the upcoming week.
We send our love and appreciation for the many kind emails both to the blog and private. You touch our lives, you help us cope, you keep us grounded and our faith working.
Jo was kind enough to forward a web address where one can see results of the trip to Peru Jason is on. Right now he is touring the amazon having spent a week of hard work already. He comes home early Wednesday morning and we are all ready to see him, especially Jo.
I'll try to capture the web address and include it tomorrow.
So we send our love to each of you tonight.


tim and nan


  • At 10:19 PM, Anonymous Bob and Carrol said…

    Dearest Nan and Tim,

    We had such a nice day with you yesterday and were so happy to find Nan looking so good. It wsas so good to share a nice lunch with Tim and pizza for Nan. We got home safely and then played Mexican Train and shared popcorn with Dorothea and Volney Guptill.
    One of these days Nan will feel well enough to play with us too.

    It sounds like she picked up some more energy today and that is such a positive step towards being able to go home. Now if she can just get rid of the fevers.

    Take care and know we love you!

    Bob and Carrol

  • At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Good news on the Pam front. Glad to hear that she is better and was able to keep Nan company. She can be quite funny for a girl! I am sure that Nan was pleasantly diverted by the interaction.

    Your fictional friends Bob and Carrol were able to visit as well. I am sure from your accounts of them and probably some of your other friends as well that these people are just made up. Really nobody can be that nice! Tim if you want to hold on to any of your credibility you must turn down you imagination and stick to the truth.

    Like that Art guy talking a lot. Now that is something we can all believe.

    I thought maybe your were going to take a break from treatment for a few days. I seems that you have scheduled a weeks worth of procedures all in one day. Is it really necessary to take a sample of everything? All I can say is that if they are going to test Nan's character they better bring a BIG container.

    Have a great time during todays adventures.

    Thoughts and prayers as always!


  • At 10:31 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hi dear Tim & Nan, What a wonderful treat to have Pam spend the night -- sorta' like a slumber party, sounds like. Getting your hair shampooed and fixed must make you feel like a million! Pam is just the best!! You also had a visit from Bob and Carrol and that was a good lifter! You have so many friends to cheer you along the way! Thank you Lord! When Marilyn T. comes to visit we must come down to see her! Keep us posted. Tim and the doggies walking couldn't be better...sun, fresh air and hopefully deep breathing!?? My walking shoes are calling me so until next time God bless you both and we all love you two very much!! Barbie


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