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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday evening going in circles, Pam goes nuts and chews

Dear Family and Friends,
It is evening now and Pam Whitted has just arrived for a much needed visit. She came bearing gifts, easter eggs and a cute basket, chocolate eggs, a candle, so nice to be remembered, oh yes and a lemon.
Nan has had a low energy day and has slept most of it. However she insisted on walking and so shortly after my arrival she said let us walk and we did. All the way to the end of the hall and then outdoors to have Nan sit in the sun and feel the breezes. After a long time she decided the bed seemed like a good idea so we headed back. After we got back we were told that this morning at around 8 am Nan had a fever of 103 and when she complained of being cold they gave her a blanket and then the temp was 104. A call was placed to the doctor and orders were given for Nan to get a peripheral blood draw, some from the PICC line and some from a fresh stick from the other side. We dreaded the fresh stick but this time atila the hun did not come, a young person, we asked are you good and she shyly said well I hope so. She did a great stick the first time, perfect and got blood quickly. The main issue was this, the doctor had ordered the blood tests to be done stat and 10 hours later the lab showed up to take the tests for the cultures. Amazing, really amazing.
Pam is entertaining us with stories, humor and thoughtful banter and most importantly rubbing Nans painful and swollen feet. Just before Pam came at 8 Nan once again ask if she could walk so this time we walked the other way, to the lobby to wait for Pam but after sitting for awhile she gave up on Pam and walked back to the room. The latest vitals showed Nan once again at a temperature of over 100.4. This is in spite of her getting powerful antibiotics this morning.
At this point we do not know when or if there will be a surgery tomorrow or not. Everyone here thinks there will be but it really is up to the guys at IR in Concord making a place for her. I have my appointments on hold for tomorrow in case Nan does get the surgery opportunity. AFter we discussed Nans health issues with our oncologist she discussed them with the kidney doctor and they together decided to have the IR guys pull out some of the fluid from the pockets of fluid while they are already there with Nan on the table. Now we will see if infectious disease agrees with this and perhaps it will happen or not. My concern is to have Nan get a new nephrostomy tube inserted and yet still be running fevers afterwards with the infection somewhere else. That would mean even longer in the hospital.
So tonight Nan is slipping toward slumber for the night, her left leg is very hot this evening and she still has fever. Now Pam and I are discussing Nan's condition sharing ideas and hopes for her recovery.
We just changed the bandage for Nan's wound and is was fairly dry tonight.
I went to STockton this morning first to do a driveby review, then back to the hospital where I wrote the report and emailed directly to the lender from the room. I have done some more work, not enough but at least some this afternoon. Of course we have had the ups and downs with pains, food disappointments and either too warm or too cold temps in the room. We have a lot to be grateful this evening. In spite of being stuck in the hospital we have had wonderful visits, great phone calls, easter celebrations and calls and visits from Keanna, yea!
On this day when many thoughts are drawn to Jesus and his resurrection I too have been thinking. I found a channel on XM, 34, which has southern gospel music. Some of the music is just too poorly done but some is inspirational and really touches the heart. This morning was especially good as I drove back from Stockton. We have a wonderful Lord who cared enough to come to this mess, live here, interact with all classes and care, care, care for people. I have only a dim understanding of His will or His ways but I do know He is my creator, my inspiration and my eternal hope.
Will you seek God's will with me for Nan and for each of us? Tomorrow is another of those important days, when things could get better.

Sending our love and appreciation,

Tim, Nan and Pam


  • At 10:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Please give my best to Nan. I just finished reading the log for the last few days.

    I'm so glad that I was able to installed the wireless card, well my nephew helped a little. He came to Indio for the day as he is based in Mira Mar. We had a nice visit. If you have not heard from Art is because he lost his phone this morning while on a bike ride. He is completely lost without his phone and all the phone numbers. Feel free to call him at home or send him e-mail. Hopefuly by tomorrow he will cancel the phone and get a new one.


  • At 10:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…


    Happy to hear that the Easter bunny found you and Nan with full chocolate force. A tastie and enjoyable event to say the least. Great also to celebrate the presence of Christ in our lives. He doesn't have to find us because he is always there!

    He is there today, now and especially tomorrow when you need special help for the many hands that need guidance as they perform needed procedures.

    Our job is to pray an give support to the participants. AKA Tim and! I'm! I'm still praying....................yeh this going on all day. Let us know when you get done.


    Wes & Nan

  • At 8:28 AM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    We will be Praying for You Both today as the tube replacement & drainage issue is taken care of. Trusting that the Lord will lead the Dr's to solve Nan's problems.

    Glad that Pam was able to be with You for awhile Yesterday We know what a lift She is to You Both.

    Have a Safe and Productive Day.

    Much Love ,

    Bob & Carrol.


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