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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another day

Dear Friends and Family,

I'm writing after a very long day. Nan started her day off with herbal tea and followed the tea with some cold water, then it all came back up. Later she had a small bowel of cereal and milk which she retained. Shortly after that I left for San Enselmo where I saw a cute property and lovely people including a new 4 month old baby. Then to Santa Rosa to a place with three acres out in the country. Traffic everywhere these days so some slow going. Got home around 7 pm. Late this afternoon Nan called to let me know that somehow the TPN never got going last night after we put in the new bag so no nutrition all day after all. That bag had to be thrown away. We've found out that the pump was the $5000 item, we are not sure how much the TPN costs, in Boston it was $2,000 a bag which covers 24 hours at at time.

The wound care visiting nurse came at 11:15 and like the looks of the wound, redressed it and has a more knowledgeable nurse coming on friday to decide about the wound vac. This nurse also replaced the special locks which stick on nan's back and hold the nephrostomy tubes in place. They were last changed a month ago in Boston. This nurse suggests once a week, yikes. So nan has new clean holders which feel much better and safer to her. Still no idea if there is a kidney infection, that test will be done on friday I guess. We have not heard results from the blood work that was taken on monday yet, paperwork is floating somewhere. Nan is feeling pretty well with bouts of pain. She can move about well and is stable on her feet. She and Dana ventured out for "exercise" today, they went to a paint store. Nan has been looking forward to painting our living room since before her surgery and now we have the paint, do I like the color? Its fine, if she likes it that is enough for me.

Steve was kind enough to drop by for a visit today, mom enjoyed that. Dana had been giving her a blow by blow of what Dana remembered about life in Boston as Nan began her recovery in ICU. Then Steve dropped by and Dana forgot where she was at in her narrative. More later I guess.

It is great having Dana here, I don't worry so much about mom's every move with Dana by her side. I long for Nan to feel better, to feel stronger, to move past the pain and suffering and start to enjoy eating again, start to do something beyond watch reruns on TV but at this point that is about all she can do. I think she is very glad to be home finally, that is a positive step.

Well I think its about bed time. Please don't grow tired of praying for Nan. I know God knows her and cares for her. I ask that He step forward and help her make the next step toward recovery.

we send our love

tim and nan and dana


  • At 1:03 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Mustards and Dana,

    We arrived here in Boise about 10:30 a.m. and are enjoying a cool 75 degrees with a gentle breeze. Of course it's good to see the kids and Andrew again.

    I had to check the blog and see how everything is going there. So glad Nan is still doing well and enjoying her time with Dana. It looks like you have a competent visiting nurse. This is good.

    Keep up the good work! You remain in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love you ~ Carol

  • At 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Dana!!!!!
    I am so happy to hear that Nan is moving around and getting out. I will pray that the pain subsides and that results are given that enlighten a way to control the nausea and rids you of your pains. Best of luck to you.
    Pam :)


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