Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Progress and blessings

Dear Family and Friends,

Nan has had a pretty good day. First off no vomiting since we were in the car coming home. Secondly she slept pretty well last night. We woke about 6 or so and after a zophram she slept a bit more and then down to the recliner. Hot tea, toast, boost, popcycle, cold water, fruit juice were all successfully enjoyed. However there is an ongoing pain in her back and a sometimes pain in her stomach. This morning she headed down to the recliner and the heating pad. We spent a couple hours with the back doors open to the deck enjoying the morning. Mary called and promised White Peaches for smoothies. When she came I found the smoothie maker in the garage and she made some wonderful smoothies with peaches, honey, yogurt and ice. Nan loved it and had about a cup. Mary also brought excellent tomatos, perfect banana bread, fruit salad and her wonderful cheery outlook on life. We love to have her visit.

Later in the day Nan was resting in the guest room and Jason and Jo arrived. They arrived with snails for the reef tank and mom went down and sat with them by the tank for awhile and I fed the fish and we all enjoyed watching them eat the frozen shrimp. Thanks Jason and Jo for coming and for the snails, it was great to see you again and to see the CD about your trip to South Africa. Hope your return trip is going safely and well for you.

Nan has felt pretty well today with ups and downs along the way. We discovered that using 5 mg of oxycodine does a better job of controlling pain than the Dilaudid does with fewer side effects. Nan tried it after breakfast and it helped a lot. She has moved through the house several times today going up and down the three steps between dining area and family room.
She has fielded several phone calls today and been fully engaged in life. All in all a very good day for a first day back from the hospital.

The visiting nurse came at 5 today to watch me prepare the next TPN bag for Nan's nutrition. She said I passed and tomorrow I do it without help. Nan shudders at the thought but together we can do most anything. We've had a chance to reflect on our many blessings today and to appreciate the challenges that lie ahead. Nan remains committed to getting strong, broadening her daily routine and enjoying our family especially Keanna. Unfortunately we were not able to see Nikki and Keanna today since Nikki has been fighting illness of her own most of the week and does not want to bring anything negative to Nan. She will be feeling better soon and then we can enjoy seeing them again.

We accomplished what we set out to do today, rest up, enjoy being home but Nan's progress went far beyound what we expected. We were very pleased that she was able to keep things down, toast, chocolate milk, smoothie, hot tea, ice water, toast. We never expected any of that since she has had almost nothing to eat in the hospital all week, home is better just like the visiting nurse was telling us. Not to say Nan did not have a lot of down moments with intense pain, upset stomach and headache. This morning she decided to use some Ben Gay on her shoulders and the fumes did not set well this time and gave her a bad headache. Next time Ben Gay is used we will have more air moving and the doors open.

We praise God for a good day overall, far better than I would have hoped for or anticipated. I think we may be making progress on her stomach pain. Will you join me in praying both a prayer of thankfulness and a prayer seeking God's continued healing power in Nan's body.

All in all this is a Sabbath we will long remember. We send our love to each of you and our appreciation.

with love

tim and nan


  • At 5:09 AM, Anonymous roger and Carol said…

    "Praise God from whom all Blessings Flow!" What a blessed day you had. We rejoice with you on the progress. It sounds like you had a beautiful quiet restful day. That was good for both of you.

    Tim you have become quite the nurse for Nan. If you are able to change the dressings, empty all the bags and measure the contents, be tuned into Nan's needs ~ certainly you will do just fine with the TPN. We're proud of you!

    We pray that you will have yet another great day and the pain will decrease each day and the strength will increase. Enjoy those smoothies along with the TPN.

    Continued love and prayers ~
    Carol and Roger


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