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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

More awake, better overall

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is doing better today, not great by any means but better. She is suffering at the moment with stomach pain which happens right after she drinks the Boost and takes Gleevec. Perhaps the Gleevec needs more food to dilute it, not sure. Jason is here and is always a source of information about school events, people and students. He is complaining about our temperature here, says his is normally about 30 degrees cooler and since he lives on the Pacific Ocean he is right, it is cooler there. When he arrived every parking place was taken today, had to find parking out on the street. We are so glad to see him, its been a few days and he is a blast.

Mom had a pretty good night but once again this morning she has had nasea which they are attempting to control with zophram. All three doctors involved with mom tend to be seeing mom leaving the hospital this friday or over the weekend. Issues are making sure the TPN can follow her home with home health care, that we can make sure she is getting enough bicarbonate, potassium and magnessium. I doubt she will be eating a lot of solid foods too soon but smoothies, fruit, yogurts, jellos are on the agenda. It will be wonderful to have her home again but this time we need to take care of her.

Dr. Davies came by and once again was helpful and answered our questions. Nan continues to have cramping stomach and nasea. We don't understand that at all, is it because her stomach is empty? or due to the Gleevec on a basically empty stomach? Or something else? I hate to think of taking mom home with continuing nasea and stomach cramping. But we have some time yet and God has the answers we know.

We really appreciate hearing from people, are glad that Mary was able to be with us last night and Dolly earlier in the day. These two ladies helped the day pass and Nan was most appreciative. I wish they both could see her awakeness today, its much better and all would be perfect if not for the tummy pain and waves of nasea which come from time to time.

Dr. Davies said that on a scale where 20 is the ideal and Nan started at 6 she is up to 15 today so she is making excellent progress. She gets her fats again tonight and has been on TPN enough that she is looking much better and feeling much better. Her magnessium and potassium appear to be leveling off now, not so much loss. The minor infection in her incision wound is being handled with some cream and there is a wound vac coming on friday we think.

This morning Nate met me at 8 and we drove to Dixon to do an appraisal. Nice place and decent comps. Then back to Antioch where Nate drove back to the office and I drove here to the hospital. We were hearing that Nan was being moved but so far that has not happened. I came over expecting to find Nan in a different room and was told she would be moved to 3114 but so far it has not happened.

Right now in spite of getting a 1/2 mg of dilatud for pain she is sipping tea and talking with Jason and me and is very alert. She has just been on the phone with several people, nice to hear her talk happily again. Very nice indeed.

We are thankful for your prayers and ask that you continue to seek God's total healing for all of her ailments. Have a great evening, we send our love.

tim and nan


  • At 6:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Nan looks much better. More alert and had that humor with her :)
    I do wish the pains would go away. It is so hard to see her trying to fight the urge to yell out. So calm the entire time with no complaining. Nan you are amazing with what you deal with. You are the most amazing woman I have ever met in my life. The fight you put up everyday, over and over....I could never express to you what a marvel you really are to me.
    Take care of each other.
    Pam :)

  • At 6:20 PM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hello to the Mustards...the brave ones! Well, if anything can cheer up a mother, it's a visit from her kids! We looked for Jason at Tahoe Campmeeting in a booth to be recruiting for MBA but didn't find him. So happy to hear that you are looking and feeling a little better, Nan. Keep up your improvements and keep walking! It's warming up again; our nice delta breeze blew away ... boohoo! Ger is off to his EAA meeting and I'm home alone ... yahoo!! What shall I do to get into mischief? Guess its time to clean the house for the "Cousin Reunion" on Sunday. Ger is going to meet several cousins he has never met. We're excited! Love to you both. BarbieLou

  • At 9:19 PM, Anonymous Bob and Carrol said…

    So glad to hear that you are getting stronger and more awake than you were this last weekend. I'm sorry to hear of your continued bouts of nausea and stomach pains, but hopefully as things become more in balance they will subside. you are a very brave lady and we know you will come out of this.

    I have one more day of chemotheapy to go and so far so good, a little nausea but no vomitting. Yeah!!

    Take care and know you are in our prayers.

    Love to you both,

    Bob and Carrol

  • At 9:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim and Nan:

    We are glad that Nan is feeling a little better. Art was so confused when Nan called him today, he thought it was one of those phone calls offering a free vacation....etc. Nan, you played it right. A cruise sounds great.

    We are glad you called and please call at any time.

    Again, we are glad that things are looking positive.

    Art and Connie

  • At 5:53 AM, Anonymous roger and Carol said…

    Hi Tim and Nan,

    It sounds like you both had a better day yesterday. This is good! Now that Nan is getting more nutrition into her perhaps she will regain her strength. One is not motivated when feeling weak.

    Yes, it is very special when we have our kids around. Friends are great, but there's nothing like family in times of crisis. I'm glad he could get away and come see you.

    Our love and prayers continue to be with you.

    Roger and Carol

  • At 10:02 AM, Anonymous Marilyn Crawford said…

    Speaking as a smoothie addict, a diet of fruit and yogurt smoothies is not a bad way to live. I'll share my smoothie recipes whenever you're ready for them.

    I pray for strength for both of you.

    Marilyn Crawford


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