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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sabbath (Saturday) Morning

Good morning,

Nan is having a painful morning today. When I came in she said she took a Dilautid (1 mg) at 4 am for some pretty strong upper back pain which extended into her neck. She is fighting a headache also. She had a the liquid breakfast, then the oncologist came to visit and put her on a soft diet and then another tray appeared. So in short order she had a hot tea, drank a Boost over ice and then another hot tea. Shortly after that she seemed to have more back pain. I helped her move to our recliner from the motorhome which is pretty comfortable and after that we walked but she really did not want to walk and as soon as we got back she headed to bed.

Well time has passed and it is now 5:45 or so. Joyce and Glen Connor came to visit and are about to leave, Joyce is holding Keanna in her arms right now singing to her, it is so precious. Nikki and Keanna have been here all afternoon and have had such a good time interacting with the visitors. Bob and Carrol drove over today from Lodi and we so enjoyed their visit. I had Carrol watch me change the wet to dry dressings and she was very valuable in her insights. I can do a better job next time due to what she told me and showed me. Carrol has come a long way in her progress fighting her cancer but this week she once again faces chemo so it will not be an easy week for her. Bob and Carrol happened to buy the same van as we own so we often compare notes and today I learned that if you push the lock and hold the windows will all roll down to let hot air out.

Nan just walked again and did a very good job, now she is ready to rest for awhile. I am proud of her but we have had a bit of a tough day communicating. We so appreciate our friends and family coming today, it really helps a lot.

Please keep Nan in your prayers and your hearts. Today her right eye is drooping a bit and she has fairly intense upper back pain. Not a fun day!

I'll blog more later after everyone heads home and just Nan and me are here.

We send our love and best wishes,

tim and nan


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