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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Bleak times in Discovery Bay

Dear Family and Friends,

Its Wednesday morning and Nan is NOT feeling well at all. During the night around 4 am she moved from the bed to our recliner in our room, in a few minutes she was vomiting again. She slept there for a bit and moved down to the family room recliner which is more comfortable, snuggled up in her blankets and drank a hot herbal tea and fell asleep. I didn't want to leave her so slept in the love seat recliner with an airline blanket and a rug that happened to just be out of the wash. We both woke up again around 6 and she drank another hot tea but complained of a nasty headache. That continues to be the case now at nearly 9 am. I have emailed Dr. Morgan, her trial doctor at Dana Farber, to see if there are any medicines she can take for a headache that do not conflict with Gleevec. She is weighing whether to go back to the hospital or not but does not want to at all.

We are both bummed out over this latest development. Yesterday was a good day food wise and liquid wise for her but she had a headache then as well. We think the headache is caused by allergies and the massive change in the weather from the east coast to the west coast but she did not have the headache when she was in the hospital so who really knows. We have heard nothing about the tests that were given in the hospital so we are assuming that there was nothing found of interest. We'll call the hospital doctor later and see if he has any insight.

Can we trouble you one more time to take Nan to the Lord in your prayers. She is so miserable right now and a bit frightened / concerned about what is taking place in her body, so off and on, one day food does fine, the next it is the enemy, there has got to be an answer or answers which would help her feel better on a regular basis. Please join me in praying that God would guide us to the answer for this troubling condition.

We look forward to Emily Dunston coming to be with Nan today, she is a nurse and a good friend.

Thank you for remembering Nan and please pray for me too, that I will be helpful and supportive in all the right ways and still be able to do some work for the company. Its a hard balancing act to perfect.

Thanks so much,

tim and nan


  • At 12:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm sorry mom is not feeling good again. My classmate and I prayed for her this morning and I hope things will look positive as the day progress with the help of Emily and the doctors. I'm thinking of you two all the time. Keep your chins up and remember God is with you all the time.


  • At 6:44 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    This is so not fair. When you work so hard for something you should be able to reep the rewards of it. I am so sorry Nan that you are not doing well. I will hope and pray that this goes away.
    I know it is hard but please try and keep positive.
    Tim for you I do pray that you are able to assist Nan and take care of her the best way you can. I will also pray that you recive finances that make it possible for you to not return to the field yet.
    All my best thoughts to you both.
    Pam :)

  • At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Roger and Carol said…

    Oh the ups and downs of life! How frustrating for all of us. When I read that Nan had eaten cinnimon bread.... it brought back some pretty scary moments a couple of times. I know Nan knows exactly what I'm talking about. I think that's one she should avoid big time!

    Our prayers remain with you. Hang in there girl.

    We love you,
    Carol and Roger

  • At 10:20 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Nan & Tim,

    So very sorry that things are not going well . Be assured that we continue in Prayer for Your healing & comfort. It is surely time for You to have some lasting comfort and return to a more normal life style.

    You have Our Love , Thoughts & Prayers.

    Bob & Carrol


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