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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, July 28, 2006

A new hospital room, 3107

Dear Friends,
I am writing from Concord, CA this evening sitting in a patient waiting room while Nan sleeps a few steps away.
Last evening Nikki came and cooked dinner, Jason and Jo arrived from different directions and along with Keanna we had a very nice get together. Unfortunately Nan was not able to eat or drink anything. When we went to bed it only got worse. Finally Nan said, its time to go so we loaded up the van and drove to Concord, 45 minutes away and entered a very busy ER. They quickly found her a bed and we spent the entire night in a tiny room in ER. Xrays showed no bowel blockage at all, blood work showed very low magnessium and her heart was not doing too well. She quickly gave her 2 units of magnessium and started IV fluids in at a rate of 250. They had to do two different IV sticks and both blew eventually. Finally at 8:15 this morning they sent her to a room and I drove home to do an inspection that had been set up days ago. After doing my appraisal work I came back and was back by 12:30 this afternoon.
The thinking is at present, Nan has a blocked bile duct or pancreatitus (sp) or a combination of both. They are taking a conserative approach looking to let her body heal up, they think the pancreas may be inflamed and needs to calm down with no food to have to cope with.
We are both in a state of disbelief, after looking forward to coming home for so long, not fully accepting that we are once again in a hospital.
The floor that Nan has been placed on does not allow cell phones at all due to possible interference with the heart monitors. So Nan's phone access is as follows: 925-682-8200, room 3107 bed 2. She has the phone right in the bed with her and loves to have calls. She can only call out in the 925 area code though.
I will be hanging pretty close to her room this weekend, there is a window seat which is large enough for me to stretch out and nap which I intend to do in a few minutes from now.
Once again I need to ask if you would be willing to include Nan in you prayers. I think we need to pray that God will guide the Drs in discovering and treating this condition which keeps Nan from moving about freely, eating and drinking. It is my prayer that God will help us find a real answer to this vomiting reality, help get it solved and allow Nan to move on with getting healthy, gain some weight, gain strength and rejoining normal life. Fortunately she is in no pain, can rest comfortably and can walk just fine, just no food, no liquid, ice chips only.
I will blog again when I can and Nan and I both appreciate your prayers and support so much. We send our love to each of you.

tim and nan
PS, we'd love visitors if you happen to be in the area. Call and we'll give you directions.


  • At 9:22 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim & Nan,

    Thank goodness for the Cooler Weather. We are thanking You for bringing it back with You to California from Boston.

    We share in Your wondering, "What next". God has a plan but it is not easy for Us to see what is in His plan for each of Us.

    We will continue to Pray earnestly for Nan's healing & comfort. If Carrol (after Her tumble the other day) is up to the trip We will try to get over to see You but We have company arriving Sunday and they will be here till Tuesday , We are hoping that Nan will surely be Home to stay by then. We will call for sure tomorrow 9:00/12:00 or so.

    Sleep well and We will talk in the morning.

    Bob & Carrol

  • At 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim, Hope Nan is sleeping
    I see now why I couldn't get back to you by cell phone-
    It is hard to see any silver linings at this point but what came to mind was- Thank goodness the pancreas or what ever it turns out to be waited until she was back here to act up. At least she is in visiting distance for friends and family and after your Sabbath rest- much needed- you are within running back and forth to work distance. Think how much more dissapointed you and all who are pulling for you both would have been if Nan had to go back into the hosp in Bostin when she was all set to come back to California. I will probably be doing prayer and praise in church tomorrow and will update the church family. May God fill you with peach and give you both rest tonight.

  • At 6:32 AM, Blogger Jane Oberg said…

    Hi Tim - my prayers are with you from Minnesota - we will be gone another month at least - I know God can hear me from anywhere -

    Be sure to take care of yourself - you are Nan's strength also - my heart is with you both -

    Hugs to both of you - Jane

  • At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dearest Nan and Tim,

    Another obstacle, you have had many. Another door waiting to be opened; and it will be.

    I am so happy that you are home with your family and friends. That work is now manageable for you Tim. That your grandbaby is close enough to visit with her Grammy and give her hugs and smiles.

    God is still in control and He loves you dearly.
    Jer. 29: 11-14

    Love and prayers,

    Phyllis Lytle, North Carolina


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