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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another step closer home....

Dear Friends,

Its nearly 5 pm here in East Lyme. The weather is gradually changing and there is a chance of thunder storms. Humidity is creeping up yet it is still beautiful outside and in the 80s. I just ventured out after Roxanna came home to be with Nan, found the local CVS pharmacy for a couple blood pressure meds. Since I was already in their system it was simple. Made my way back without event and returned a couple QVC packages which contain clothes that no longer fit Nan since the surgery. Until she completely heals we really won't know what size she will end up wearing since right now there is so much healing going on on her tummy that there is no way we could put anything snug around her waist.

When I returned Roxanna had washed her hair and blow dried it, looks great. Then a smoothie later and Nan is once again resting in bed. I used this morning to empty all our suitcases and we decided to donate some things to local causes, packed a suitcase just for the hotel stay on Wednesday night, packed books, CDs, DVDs, clothes, medical supplies in the other 5 suitcases. I think we are ready for the trip, I have all suitcases and her walker already in the car. We leave here in the morning around 8 am for a 10:30 appointment at Dana Farber Cancer Center to get final release for travel, to get vac sponge removed, to get PCCK line removed. Then to Marilyn's to say good bye and to pick up my laundry. Then to a hotel Nan found on sale right at the airport in Providence. We fly out on Thursday at 8:45 and arrive in Vegas at 11. We fly out of Vegas at noon and arrive in Oakland at 1:30. Then limo home. It will be the first time Nan has been home in over 3 and 1/2 months. She looks forward to finally being home, in her recliner, with her doggie, on her back deck, in her own sleep by number bed, visiting with Keanna, Nikki and Steve.
I look forward to mowing the lawn, selling the Fiero, selling the boat, taking loads of junk to the dump, having Dana help us paint the living room, finish the stain of the back deck and overhang, try to do a little work for the company, sell some items in the garage through Ebay or Craigs list, get back to living.
Nan looks forward to have some help from Barbie and Gerry as she considers what clothes to keep and which ones to donate to others. We are also going to need to move Keanna's crib out as she now sleeps in a big people bed, no crib!! Big girl you know.
Our minds are in a state of being on autopilot right now, just hope everything goes well tomorrow and we get that much needed release to travel.
Some thanks are in order I think, Dr. B, Michelle, Travis, Dr. Morgan, Dr. Ng, Trina, Amy, Loren, Heather, Andy and many other very helpful people. I have enjoyed getting to know many of the cleaning people, nurses, cooks, and transport people. Both Dana Farber and Brigham and Womens are excellent institutions with top quality care and people. We believe Nan is alive today due to the level of care she received and God's leading and healing. We are thankful on a daily basis for the Nan blessing!
Yesterday we read through all the cards we have received. We were touched again by the thought put into the selection of the cards and the personal comments that were added to the cards. We are touched by the thoughtfulness by so many in keeping Nan in their thoughts, prayers, on their card lists and sending emails. The financial impact of the 52 day ordeal has been mitigated by the extreme generosity of many of you. Over $9,000 has now been given to Nan's recovery fund. We have used the funds to replace the funds I would normally generate doing appraisals. We normally use those funds to cover travel, business expenses for data, payroll every friday and our own personal home payment and other expenses related to owning a home and a car. We really do not know what we face when we get home financially. Loree has been extremely faithful in using what funds are available to pay all the bills she can pay but gradually we have fallen behind. When we land Nan will continue to be my first priority, to care for her on the level she needs at the time, my second priority will be to let the business community know I am back and hope to help them with their needs. We plan to get a web site going very quickly after we are back and I will be making contact with lenders we have worked for in the past. I do not enjoy making cold calls but in the current lending enviroment we need to clearly state we are in business. I will be working closely with Steve, Heather, Loree, Nate and Ron to begin to pick up my part of the business again. It is due to these dedicated people that I have been able to stay at Nan's side day by day. We will never forget what has been done for us. There are so many people who helped, Pam, Ken and LeAnn, Scott. Thank you one and all.

I will not be able to blog until tomorrow afternoon late since we will be in transit, at the clinic, driving to Rhode Island to Marilyn's and then to the airport hotel. Please pray that all will go according to the divine plan. Nan has mentioned a new spot of sensitivity on her tummy by the wound that is slowly healing, we continue to have much more blood in the right nephrostomy than we would like to see, her lower back hurts badly at times and overall she remains very weak. The next two days may be the toughest days in her life so we really need your prayers.

We have enjoyed this quiet time away from the hospital for a bit of recovery but we sure are not recovered yet to any kind of normal activity on her part yet.

Nan and I both appreciate your being there for us. We hope we can be there for you if and when you need us.

with love

tim and nan


  • At 5:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Nan and Tim
    Tears of joy again as I read todays entries. Nan you are a gift from God to anyone that has met you. Tim you are an amazing gift as well. Your daily blogs were filled with your own faith and trust in God's intentions for Nan and an expression of deep love, admiration and commitment to your Nan.

    You are an extraordinary couple.

    May God cover you with His hand of protection and surround you with heavenly angels as you travel back home.

    Love and prayers,

    Phyllis Lytle, North Carolina

  • At 6:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We will have to hope that the sore tummy is because of so much good food. :) Hope it gets better and you have safe travels home. You really have gone through enough at this point. You really are such a treasure. I hope you enjoy coming home AND STAYING :)home.
    Tim if you e-bay you will not need to appraise homes anymore :) ha ha
    Take care,
    Pam :)

  • At 6:59 PM, Anonymous Roger and Carol said…

    Hey Mustards!
    It has been a long journey there in Boston and now it is getting closer all the time to that wonderful trip home! There's no place like home ~ no matter where it is. It's your home! God has been near you these past 50+ days. He will continue to be with you the next couple of days of travel.

    You remain in our prayers and I know his ministering angels will be there for you. I'm sure it's a bit scary being that far away from the Dr.s, nurses and the hospital that have been such an intrigal part of your lives the last coule of months.

    Tim you have made some changes in your life the last couple of months also. You are looking forward to mowing your lawn? cleaning out the garage? Good for you!

    We love you and will keep you in our prayers as you make that trip home! You have come this far ~ you will make it home!

    Roger and Carol

  • At 7:21 PM, Blogger Barbara said…

    Nan, I check your blog site many times daily, just anxiously awaiting the next update that tells us that that you are drawing closer to recovery. You are in my thoughts and prayers every day ...and Tim, I do hope that you will continue to keep us updated when Nan gets home.
    Love you girl!
    Barbara in Houston

  • At 7:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim & Nan,

    You don't fool us with that lawn mowing and garage cleaning. Just to be in your own home, chair and bed will be enough to enjou for now.

    Will be praying for a safe and pain free trip. Boy, has God ever got a plan for the two of you, so get ready!

    I love you both and thank God for you every day.

    Love, Sharon

  • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Erin and Tim:
    Erin I can hardly wait for you to get home. I will pray that you have a confortable flight home and that all goes well with the doctors. Star will be so happy to see you Erin and you will be happy to see her. Take care you too.

    Love you

    Mary Puente


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