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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Home but not all is well

Dear Friends,

Nan had a rough day. Our first flight lasted over 5 hours and she was in pure agony by the time we arrived. She fell as she was putting on her sandals in the hotel this morning bruising her leg but also wrenching her back in the process. She braved it through today in spite of extreme pain. In addition since yesterday afternoon she has not been able to keep anything down once again. Tonight she cannot even keep water down. So unless God intervenes very soon we will be heading to a local ER for hours of waiting and questions before getting the IV fluids she needs to rehydrate her body giving it a chance to start working again.
All the planning for the day went smoothly, once again the manager of Budget Rental at Providence helped us as we needed to return a car we had rented at Logan to Providence and we were told the fee would be over $800. I called him on the cell number he gave me last time and he called back. Said he would see what he could do. When we turned in the car today it was only $420 including taxes for two weeks of rental, half what I was quoted last evening on the phone. Thank you Lonny Brown.
Our plane left on time and arrived on time in Vegas where we had an hour to move about and stretch. Then back on for a second flight which was just 1 hour to Oakland. The attendants on both flights were wonderful to us. The second flight had a cancer survivor who insisted on Nan taking 4 pillows, 3 blankets for the limo ride home.
The limo was on time and we loaded our 8 pieces of luggage and Nan was able to lie down. Shortly after we left Oakland we became sick and threw up. Then she slept most of the way home except for some nice phone calls from friends and family. When we got home I changed the sheets and put her to bed. She slept soundly for a couple hours and then was sick again.
Nikki came over and made dinner, a wonderful home cooked meal, thank you Nikki, brought Keanna to play with Grammie, Jason and Jo both arrived from different directions and we all spent the evening together. It was wonderful except Mom feels lousy. We tried Gatoraide, no luck, we tried cold water, no luck, room temp does the best but only for a short while. So either during the night tonight or tomorrow we will be in an ER somewhere near. We know she cannot become low on body fluids or it begins to effect her heart, that is a risk we cannot take. We do not understand why these GI blockages seem to be happening, normal food, normal colostomy output yet a feeling in the stomach that the water is making her bloated and then it comes back up.
This is sure not the way we wanted to come home. I am wound up like a spring right now, we have lots of new appraisal work to do, appointments have been made for tomorrow yet of course Nan comes first, so not sure what to do.
Please pray for Nan tonight. Something is not right inside and no one seems to know what is wrong, I despair if anyone will ever know what is wrong.
Right now I need to stop writing and go be with her. We praise God for bringing us this far and we sure need His divine help tonight and His guidance.
Thanks for your prayers for Nan's safe return and thanks Irene for calling and talking with her. We appreciate your taking time to pray and we sure need it now.
Sending our gratitude,

tim and nan


  • At 8:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Tim, elevation changes can make you sick. It can take up to 24 hours for it to clear up. I will pray that is what is causing Nan to be ill. You are now dealing with weather differances. This could blow over. Keep your chins up and keep a good eye on her. Take care. Sending my prayers.
    Pam :)


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