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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Nan rises again

Dear Friends and Family,

Another interesting day. Nan had a session of vomiting at 8 this morning so they called the doctor and she got phenagren and 1/2 mg of dialotid. It stopped the upset tummy and pretty well put Nan out of commission for the day. After a nan this afternoon she woke and was slightly more alert and then got better as the afternoon and evening has gone along. I'm told that her PH is better but a way from being correct and normal, that her enzymes are close to normal. She is getting TPN from a very large yellow bag. Her creatins are 2.0 but the renal expert explained that the creatin levels may be unreliable due to lack of kidney muscle mass. I asked how to get more muscle, he said it was based on nutrition so a lot goes back to the TPN and eventually getting to eat again. She is now getting ready to go to sleep and is ending the day much better than she started.

When I got here Nan was complaining of pain so I eventually persuaded her to get up and sit in the recliner. She settled in the recliner and fell asleep. She stayed there for about a half hour and then wanted to go back to bed. This evening Mary from travel came to visit and we all got up and walked to the ICU and back. In spite of Nan being so low today she walked great with strength and speed. I meanwhile was struggling to keep up with the tower and three pumps, heavy and you don't dare fall behind since the tubes between are very short. Yikes. Then Nan was back to bed and settled in. Her tummy hurts tonight. When the lunch tray came she turned it away, yummy fruit plate (I know because I ate it later) and she had a Boost. This evening she had an activa yogurt and hot tea so she could take her Gleevec and Rapamune. Now she rests.

One interesting thing going on, the renal Dr. has them keeping all urine for a 24 hour period on ice so they can know better how the kidneys are really working. Urine on ice, only in a hospital right!!

I think we are on the right path right now. Our future will have TPN in it for awhile, sodium barbonate, magnessium and potassium but who cares, as long as Mom can feel good and get strong, we'll do whatever we need to do.

Jason is coming to visit in the morning and I am heading to Dixon with Nate to do an appraisal. Then back to Discovery Bay and then to the hospital. Nate will help with writing up the report and email it to me, I will review and finish it and then email it to the lender. Nice we can do all this stuff by email, it lets me be with her and yet meet the needs of our clients. Nan really looks forward to seeing Jason. This brave Jason is painting his living room a new color to surprise Jo, but now he wonders if the color is going to be acceptable, brave guy! Jo comes home from Tenn tomorrow after attending teachers meetings and Jason will pick her up tomorrow evening.

Well I am about to head home, need to change her dressing of the wound first and then head home. We really want it changed twice a day and unless we push it does not always happen. Our nurse today has already offered to change it, hes a good guy.

We ask that you continue to remember Nan in your prayers, that God will allow her to become more alert, more strong, more PH balanced, more nurished, more on her feet so she can come home and resume life. We don't know God's will but we sure had a wonderful visit today from someone who has known God well for years, Dolly Vogel, the lady who taught us the appraisal business years ago came to visit and brought her generosity with her, her kind and powerful prayer and her love. There is no one in the world like Dolly and we thank her for coming and caring so much.


tim and nan


  • At 3:46 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning, I'm so glad Nan is doing a bit better and she is getting some nutrition in her! It's not easy for a body to heal if it isn't getting fed. I'm sure her digestive system is not functioning as it should with all she's been through. I'm glad you have a more aggressive Dr. now and are feeling more confident.
    Tim, I'm still concerned about you. You are spreading yourself quite thin. Please be sure you are eating good nutritious food in a timely manner. With the stress you have been on you could get yourself in trouble with the diabetes. You don't need that right now!
    How nice that Jason will be there today. There is nothing like having our kids near. I do believe his surprise is no longer a surprise however, since Jo reads your blogs faithfully.
    My prayer for you is for continued strength for the day for each of you. Have a good day physically, emotionally, spiritually and nutritionally.
    Love and prayers ~ Carol

    P.S. Sorry, I got this in yesterday's comments, so I moved it to today.
    3:42 AM

  • At 7:16 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi Tim and Erin:

    I enjoyed my visit with you both last night and for those of you who read the comments Erin did look better last night. I has seen her 2 days before and have talked to her everyday and I expected her to look worse. She is still very week but her mind is very sharp and she was telling Tim what to do and having a great conversations with me and that was great to see. Like Tim said she walked really good and on the way back to the room she was walking fast and Tim was having a hard time keeping up with the tower, which is very heavy with all that hanging on it. She did have her tummy ache but she was trying to handle it and like I told them she just can't handle food right now it seems that maybe it does not digest but she was getting her nutrition through the IV. The nurse was telling us that one of the bags was just Fat. I told them I could give her some of mine with no problem but she said no thank you. When we left the hospital she was going to sleep and Tim and I felt OK leaving her for the night.

    As for Tim he is an Angel. He takes care of her like I have never seen anyone do. He is the one emptying her bags, he is the one taking care of her wound and he does all he can for her. We all need to remind him that Tim needs to take care of himself. He needs to eat some balance meals and watch his diabetes. I tried to tell him he can't afford to get sick right now. When you go to see Erin most likely you will see tim there, Please tell him to get some food for himsel. If you all get a chance go see Erin she loves to get visits don't stay long and make sure no one has a cold or anything like that because she can't afford to get anything else but I know everytime she sees me she is so happy to see me.

    I just thought you would like to hear from someone outside of the family . My prayers are with both Tim and Erin and they are going to need our prayers for a long time to come.

    Mary Puente


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