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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Not bad - great company!

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is winding down from a long day. She started the day around 6 am with a normal herbal tea and promptly lost it. Later she tried a bowl of cereal and that stayed put. Later in the morning the nurse came and took blood for the next blood test, discussed better pain management and asked us to find out if Gleevec can be given any other way beside pills. I had already changed nan's dressing over her incision that is healing. Nan was able to keep quite a bit of water down during the night and had good output as well. She slept pretty well with only a couple times of waking. Finally lower back pain drove her from bed and down to her recliner where there is a heating pad. This morning the chair was cold since I had the sliders open for fresh air and the air was 52 degrees. So three blankets later nan was warm and cozy. Steve came with Keanna for a few minutes for a short visit. Later I asked him if we could have her visit for the afternoon and he brought her over. Keanna and Dana tried napping but only for a short time, then she wanted McDonalds McNuggets. Dana loaded her up in the van and off they went. We didn't see them again for hours. They went to McDonalds, visited Petco and then found a place that has kittys for adoption. They selected one since Nan has been asking for a kitty, Keanna named it George and finally they made it back home. They will pick up the kitty tomorrow from the vet where he is becoming an it. It will be interesting to see if Starr can handle having a kitty around, hope the kitty has lots of spunk and will stand up to Starr. Stay tuned!
Nan went up around noon to rest and ended up being in bed until about 6 pm. I ran errands around 5 thinking Dana was about to return, she didn't make it back until I was already back. nan was ready to leave the bed and join the lower level. Nikki came to pick up Keanna, Art and Connie arrived for a visit and had Sarah and Clay along with the new baby and Gage their little son. Dana arrived and immediatelly started cooking and frying, the food that came out was wonderful, everybody loved it, then Nikki pulled out the cake and cards to celebrate my birthday which was the 10th. Her cards are always to the point and just plain wonderful.
Dana and Nikki made wonderful food and one of the outstanding features was fresh tomatoes from Steve and Keanna's garden. Everyone raved about the taste of the tomatoes, thanks Steve.
Nan had a toasted english muffin with peanut butter for dinner. She just tried a popsickle but half way through had to quit, it was making her stomach upset. I have the TPN running this evening, no more hitches on that front so she is getting nutrition and hydration which is good.
Tomorrow a wound care specialist nurse will come to inspect the wound to determine if and when the wound vac will be installed. We look forward to the vac even though it means one more piece of equipment to carry around all the time. They work, they help things heal faster and they are a 3 day fix to the wound without any changes. We'll also do a urine sample to determine if there is any kidney infection going on. We doubt it since Nan has not been running a fever.
Our work situation is beginning to pick up a bit. We received several orders today and hope that the trend continues. Loree, our very helpful, bookeeper, house sitter, fish tamer, phone answerer and appraisal scheduler lost her dear aunt this week and has services tomorrow. Our thoughts and prayers go the entire family.
Well we are all heading to bed about now, bone tired and worn out.
We send our love and deepest appreciation for your faithfulness in praying for Nan. We continue to seek answers as to why she is constantly near nausea and can hardly eat anything, sometimes can't even drink. There has to be answers, we just have not found them yet.

love from our home to yours,

tim and nan and dana

ps Dana started painting walls today, wonderful color and it is so nice to get away from all while walls and introduce some color, goes great with our painting we bought in Hawaii long ago. Lots more to paint but she is a go getter. I probably should lend a hand at some point since painting is something I actually know something about.


  • At 6:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Dear Troops,

    Called twice last night but guess Nan left her cell phone upstairs. I was afraid that something drastic had happened, but me of little faith! Am glad everything is ok, at least no big changes.
    What color are we painting the walls, terra cotta, I hope, love that color on a wall. It is amazing what a little color can do not to mention just the freshness it brings. Yea for Dana!

    Hope you guys have a good day. Go slow and try to enjoy the day.

    Love you and will call later today.

    Love, Sharon

  • At 8:54 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Hi Ya'll,

    Nan is really getting adventurous! And a new kitty too. I can't imagine Star taking to that situation very well. I hope it all goes well with few confrontations with the resident dogs.

    I'm glad you are getting out and doing things again. It makes life a whole lot more enjoyable.

    We continue to remember you in our prayers for better pain management and less nausea.

    We love you ~ Carol

  • At 1:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    We had a wonderful visit yesterday. Nan looked great and is looking forward to more cruises. She really is a positive person. We all were glad for the visit but were not expecting such a delicious meal. Thanks Dana and Nikki!

    Sarah and the kids had a great time with your grandaughter and the doggies.

    Take care.
    Connie and Art


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