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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, October 23, 2006

The Talls come to town

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is finally resting comfortably in her recliner now. She has had a big day. This morning she and Jan took Lady, my scottie to the groomers. The last time they really shaved her to a point of being almost ugly. This time she got a more conventional scottie cut and looks great and smells slightly less like a dog. Nan came home and rested for awhile. This afternoon she heard a friendly voice, its was Marilyn and Keith Tall, long time friends who now live in Canada and spend winters where it is warmer. They were passing through and took time out of their busy schedule to drop by to see Nan. turns out they are faithful readers of the blog and are totally up on Nan's recovery struggles.

The Talls were faithful members of the Tracy SDA church when nan and I were the pastors there. They were the kind of people pastors long to have in their churchs. They were solid, loving, faithful and great examples to the community. When they decided to retire back to Canada where Keith had grown up it was a huge loss to the church but many of us have maintained some contact with them as the years passed. They have continued to be very active in their church home in Canada and have three successful children who have established families. having the chance to visit with Keith and Marilyn is just great. Years ago when we first contemplated building our first home in Tracy Keith and Marilyn along with a couple other families helped us with the downpayment.

George Miller called and let us know that several Tracy friends were getting together at the Golden Corral this evening in Tracy. So Nan and Jan drove in and I met them there driving directly from my last appraisal appointment in Fremont. It was a very nice time getting together with young and old alike from Tracy SDA Church and to just get to spend time with Keith and Marilyn. As the meal progressed Nan began to fade, the many activities of the day began to get to her and so it was back to her bed in the back of the van and a sleepy ride home. She had enjoyed a visit from Mary this afternoon too. All in all it has been a very big day for Nan and thanks to Jan it has been a very successful one. Nikki and Keanna joined us at dinner tonight and Keanna immediatelly noticed that Nan had cut most of my hair off, Keanna thought it was funny, I just think it is great. No more wild look.

I spent the day inspecting properties and the day went very well for me too. I met some very nice people in 4 different properties. I was grateful for the opportunity to see the properties, back to work again. We'll have a nice day tomorrow celebrating Jan's birthday and then reluctantly see her on a plane Wed night for her return trip to Denver.

Nan continues to have some leakage so our immediate challenge continues. Please remember Nan in your prayers once again this evening. We are all thrilled that nan has been able to be up and active today. We are indeed grateful to our heavenly Father for His strength and healing power.

Todays high point was seeing Keith and Marilyn after such a long time, one of those special blessings. The photos are of Jan and Keanna, Jan, Nikki and Keanna and some of the people who gathered at the Golden Corral. Thanks George and Yvonne for making it happen.


tim and nan and jan


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