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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Saturday night in Discovery Bay

Dear Friends, Family and Faithful Blog Readers,

Its 10:15 and Nan is in her recliner, enjoying Jan's company and mentally preparing for bed. Overall this has been a good Sabbath (Saturday). We were allowed to leave UCSF last night about 7 pm and got loaded and out by 8:30. We arrived home before 10 and headed for bed. As you might imagine Nan was excited but very tired as well. Jan had arrived from Denver at 3:25 in Sac. we drove to Discovery Bay and traded for the van since we knew nan was being allowed to come home. Then we fought traffic to the city taking over 2 hours to do a trip that is ideally about 1 hour plus a few minutes. In the morning on friday doctors from both the surgery team and urology had consulted with us urging a take it slow approach to the leaking. They let us know that is they did a balloon or coil in nan's right uriter that it was non reversible. They urged taking a few weeks to see if the flow would lessen. We asked in unison, 3 to 4 weeks in the hospital, they smiled and said no, we could go home today but keep them up to speed on the flow amount.

Nan had a good night last night with a few times of waking for pain meds or needing bags emptied. We did not get up until after 8 this morning. I can't begin to explain how wonderful it was to be able to look over in the dark and see Nan's form slowly breathing or hear her rustle in her sleep. It was magic to have her home once again after nearly 3 weeks. This morning Nikki let me know she was taking Keanna to Tracy to the special Sabbath School in the park for Keanna's Sabbath School division. I hurried over and we had a wonderful time in the park with a good program, fun activities and crafts, nice treats and perfect weather. Then to Olive Garden for lunch, then back home to welcome Bob and Carrol from Lodi who came bearing a chocolate pie. Their visit was great and the pie was pretty nice too. Thanks so much Bob and Carrol. Carrol is looking so good and we were delighted to hear about her current health status in dealing with her cancer. She is doing well and enjoying life.

While they were still visiting Nikki and Keanna came over, perhaps Nikki smelled the pie and we all had a good time catching up on gossip. Bob and Carrol are very close friends with Jan's parents and Jan knows them very well so photo books came out and a phone call was made to Aunt Ann and Uncle Jim and everybody got to say hello. Then they all left, Nikki and Keanna to a birthday party in Tracy and Bob and Carrol for a much needed rest at home. Nan and I rested for a bit and Jan took on the kitchen. Once again it shines, I mean really shines. Then she took a shopping list and was able to find her way to the Safeway and back, better than the 6 mile run this morning when she lost her way and was without a way back for a couple hours. Kind people brought her home. She had never seen Discovery Bay in the daytime and had no idea of where things were.

Our visiting nurse was kind enough to come over this evening and bring a new weeks supply of TPN for Nan and to get up to date on Nan's condition and status medically. She found Nan to have a 100 degree temp. which we were not happy to discover. Terri is such a dear person and she always helps us with everything. Finally she left to join her husband and we settled in to snack, watch TV and to try again to make the laptop work properly. This morning when I sat it up I didn't plug it in right away and the battery failed. Well a file got lost and the email will not work now or I would have blogged much sooner. I have tried many times to uninstall the mail program and then reinstall it but it will never quite complete the uninstall so I am stuck. Guess I will have to turn to my miracle worker Jim with I Net computers to solve yet another problem. He always comes through and has for years.

Nan is very tired this evening and now has her TPN bag going. She bagged some cheetos and green olives a bit ago and a popsickle.

We are thankful to be home and the output of the leak has been very low today. For that we are grateful but we certainly are not proclaiming the leak healed yet.

Please pray for Nan's health, her leaking wound, her GIST disease, her various aches and pains and for her appetite.


tim and nan


  • At 5:05 AM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    Good Morning Mustards,

    You're back! I tried all day yesterday to even pull up your blog and it wasn't working at all. I thought maybe it was full or something and not working anymore. I was concerned. That's the last thing I do at night and first thing in the a.m. and I couldn't get an update yesterday. I guess you didn't do a new one later Friday anyway, so I didn't miss anything.

    I know Nan is as happy to be home again as Tim is to have her there. If the leak doesn't stop in 2 weeks it doesn't sound like there's much they can do anyway. We will continue to pray that the leak will stop. We have connections with the Great Healer who can stop that leak if it is His will.

    So glad Jan is there for a few days. I don't know Jan, but she sounds like a pretty special person. She will keep you company and be your private nurse for a few days.

    Today is our horrendous cleaning day, so we'd better get going. I just hope people leave when they are supposed to ~ early would be nice too. It takes awhile to clean 6 cottages!

    Love and prayers ~ Carol

  • At 9:03 AM, Anonymous Marilyn said…

    Hi you two ~
    I don't know these people that blog to you, but I'm beginning to feel like I do. I was just reading from Roger and Carol and found myself routing for them to get those cottages cleaned and ready for the next people coming in!!!

    You are home - yeah!!! Doesn't it feel got to be within your own walls and snuggle in your own bed? I'll keep praying for that leak to stop!!

    Barb left a message on my phone yesterday and they are having a wonderful time in Baltimore. She said she talked to you Nan and you sounded so good - excellent. They have tried to get the blog, but can't right now. I'll pick them up Monday night after work and they leave Wednesday morning for their Hawaii jaunt!!

    I have managed to get a cold - it seems lots of people at work have this cold going and I thought I was washing my hands enough and staying away from people that had it, but guess not!!! Yuck - haven't had a cold in ages and just don't like having one at all.

    It's beautiful here this morning - nice and cool and my trees out back are beginning to turn color. I had three doves on the top of the little swing in the backyard - they were just singing away.

    Have a good day and fun with Jan - she's going to be good company.

    Love and prayers for you both,

  • At 7:50 PM, Anonymous Bob & Carrol said…

    Hi Tim, Nan & Jan,

    It was good to visit with All of You yesterday and to see Nan much more like Herself than at Our recent visits. (We are Praying for the "Leak" to stop).

    So good to visit with Jan after so many Years. We had many good times together when She & Her parents lived in Lodi.

    The UOP Volley Ball game was great to watch even given the fact that They lost, It was a good match up and the scores were very close. We got home to Lodi about 10:00. Up this Morning at 9:00 and then out to Phillips Farms for the Band Concert at Noon. Good crowd, Concert & Food.

    Lab Work and Ultra Sound tomorrow morning for Carrol. We are hoping for good readings.

    Have a good night of rest and a great week.

    Love & Prayers,

    Bob & Carrol


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