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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sabbath morning - could be a great day

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is up and enjoying the morning with George, our new kitty, Dana and Keanna. She made it through the night with a lot of sleep and only some pain. Pam Whitted, her dear friend from Lodi, drove over in the evening and arrived while the wound care nurse was still here. Pam visited for awhile and then headed home. The nurse was very helpful and so kind. She changed the dressing and assessed the healing incision. She thinks we do wet to dry dressing for one more week and then perhaps the wound vac can be applied. She was very helpful and gave great suggestions on a number of topics. It definitely looks like we are headed toward some 24 hour pain control instead of the sporatic use of oxycodone for breakout pain. Nan does much better when on 24 hour pain management as the pain does not get a chance to get started.

Nan had a very good day yesterday which included many cups of hot water, three meals which she kept down, naps and lots of up time. She suffered with pain off and on the whole day though. During the morning she walked outside and did a great job of it. She checks her computer often for messages, she uses the so I almost never get to see it anymore. Feel free to write her direct messages and if she is up to it she may reply to your messages. I have the laptop set up on a little table right next to her recliner so it is easy for her to see and use.

Keanna is having a sleep over thanks to Dana's help. We had so much fun with her last night after Nikki brought her over. Keanna is a very bright child, has lots of will power which is often good and loves to feed ducks, watch DVDs, read books, play with her dolls and help with the new kitty she and Dana picked out, George. She is helping George and Starr get to know one another right now, yikes, that may be a tough job. Starr likes to chase cats and I don't think George is going to run away. Keanna named the kitty, hence George.

This morning I get to take Keanna to Sabbath School in Tracy. Both she and I enjoy that experience where she can brush up on her bible stories and see the other kids, sing songs and get stickers.

We are very thankful that Nan has now been home for a week from the hospital. Due to TPN and her faithfulness at drinking, eating and moving about she is stronger, heavier, better than she was a week ago. We continue to pray for her full recovery. I can see progress when I stand back a bit and take in the whole picture.

We will be here if any of you want to drop by this afternoon or evening. We are not doing exciting stuff, just relaxing and enjoying our life as best we can. Mary from Travel comes by nearly every day and has been such an inspiration. I've been able to see a few homes this week and have more to see next week. Thanks to Dana being here I am free to get some work done to generate much needed funds. I've been working the books and realize that we have a long way to go to get back on our feet but house payment is paid, most bills are pain and we are moving in the right direction.

We send our love and appreciation, we solicite your prayers that Nan will continue to prosper.


tim and nan and dana and keanna


  • At 8:06 AM, Anonymous Roger and Carol said…

    Hi Mustards and Dana,

    Just think ~ you have been home a full week now. Wonderful!!! Did you ever think that time would come? It sounds like you are doing great even though you are still experiencing a lot of pain. If the nurse can help you get on a pain management program you will soon get your freedom back. Oh happy day! Little Keanna must be enjoying having her Grammie back too.

    We are leaving this a.m. for Stanley, up in the mountains, for a couple of days. Don't do anything too dramatic while we're gone. We won't even be in cell phone range. Now that's a scary thought! You can still leave a message though.

    Have a Happy Sabbath and enjoy Sabbath School with that special little one today.

    Love and Prayers,

    Carol and Roger

  • At 7:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hope your day was good. We started our early services again today and we get out of Sabbath School by 11:30 so usually we can eat around 12:00. We had 7 extra guests to day , bringing our total to 18, which means 36 feet under the table. We had a good day!

    Sounds like things are slowly falling into place for you guys. Live one day at a time and thank God when you have made it through it.

    I'm ready to go on a trip, Nan, hurry up and get better!!!

    Love you, Sharon


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