Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

All too soon Jan flys home

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan has gone to bed anticipating a solid night of sleep. After last night when she was awake nearly every hour she is ready to sleep. Jan and Nan had a good morning while I was out appraising. They tackled replacing the wound cover / fluid drain system even though neither of them had ever done one before. nan had watched as wound care professionals changed the collection system before so she thought she could do it and they did it perfectly. While at it they also changed the other bags, Jan had a taste of medical procedures up close and personal. She did fine. Jan made muffins for breakfast and they turned out great. The kitchen sparkles and the counters have been reclaimed, Nan and I are both in awe!

This afternoon we had to head to Sac to the airport to get Jan to United. She boarded without any problem and phones when she arrived in Denver later. Nan made the trip in her bed in the back of the van. Jan sat in the back and rubbed Nan's feet while we drove. nan thought she was in heaven, loves her feet rubbed. When we got home we settled in, Nan in her recliner and me to the office. Son Steve had been working hard and had several reports ready to review and ship. Jean, my writer, had a report ready for me to review and finish which I did and shipped out, todays main had everything in it but money, not good.

Our visiting nurse came this evening to take blood for Nan's blood workup, we love to see her since she is the kindest and most professional nurse, we love her. I got Nan's TPN ready early tonight and Nan headed up to rest earlier than we have been going for the past few nights. We anticipate a good night.

Nan believes that the amount of leakage from her wound is less than before. I hope she is right. Please remember her in your prayers, she needs strength, healing, courage and peace.

sending love and deep appreciation to Jan for alllllll her help. Thanks Kara for sharing your mom!

tim and nan


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