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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Late friday evening

Dear Friends and Family,

Another big day. Nan is now resting quietly but awake after sleeping for awhile. We have been reflecting on the day which has yielded some help. Barb and Gerry left our home at 8:30 headed for Sacramento and their own bed tonight. What a total blessing they have been on all fronts. Barb has been with Nan all day thursday and today while Gerry and I went out seeing properties nearby. They have talked, watched Price if Right together, Barb discovered a card game on the laptop and they have slept some. Barb being here has helped Nan pass the time waiting to hear news from the doctors. Today several different doctors visited. In summary they are saying that the help Nan needs is beyond the ability of this facility so they are contacting Dr. Warren at UCSF to see if he will accept Nan as a patient and if there are beds available for Nan to occupy. It was mid afternoon when Dr. Ganey was here so we doubt anything will happen this weekend regarding moving to SF. Nan's fever moves up an down from normal to 101 so more blood cultures were taken.

It seems that the general conclusions at this point are: the right uriter which has a stent keeping it open where there were tumors around it has now pretty well plugged. It needs to be removed. When it started to become plugged urine forced its way through the wall and found an opening into Nan's incision. So concensus seems to suggest that the stent be removed, this can be done through the urostomy opening on Nan's right side. A scope or tiny camera will be used to guide as they go down the tube and find and remove the stent. I would guess that they will then use the scope to try to locate where the uriter is leaking and either try to repair it or plug it somehow. The earlier suggestion that Nan's abdominal cavity was filled with urine is not the current thinking. The infectious specialist thinks there might be a small pocket or abcess where the leaking is taking place. At this time the plan is to make the move to UCSF as soon as they say yes and keep a close eye on temps, and if there are any complications then intervential radiology here in Concord would try to fix things. So we wait.

Nan has had a good day, had three meals, cream of wheat, soup for lunch and soup for dinner. There were popsickles, pineapple juice also. Nan handled all of this pretty well without nausea. She has gained weight, 114 today which is up from the low point of 97 after surgery. She looks good and in general feels good. She takes a minimal amount of dilatud for pain as needed. The pain she feels is in the area directly around her incision wound. This afternoon she expressed a desire to walk so when I got back we did just that. She walked around the nursing station and is the strongest I have seen her in a very long time. We managed to do this without breaking the tenuous bond that keeps the fluid in a capture system. Then back to bed and rest. For awhile Nan was sleeping, Gerry was sleeping and I was on the floor taking a nap myself. Barb was playing the card game.

About 5 Barb, Gerry and I left for Olive Garden, taking back roads we avoided traffic and were soon eating salad and eggplant parm. Then to the house for them to get their stuff and for me to pick up the motorhome and drive back. I arrived at 9:45 and am in the room with Nan.

A high high point of this day was Irene Wing coming to visit Nan. She brought beautiful flowers and a book to share with Keanna on sunday and was her wonderful self, inspiring Nan with hope and courage. Irene is a special person that ends up being God's blessing to each of us. She and Barb enjoyed meeting and she stayed for several hours before having to head back. Thank you so much for coming Irene. One feels heaven visited when Irene is able to be here.

We have heard that Dolly is coming tomorrow and we look forward to seeing her again. She is another source of great faith and courage. We love to see her and to catch up on her interesting life. It will help us celebrate the Sabbath to have her here. We hope to see others if they have the time and are free to visit. Nan is in a private room and we have several chairs. She tells me she has a lovely view of the BART tracks and enjoys seeing the train go by during the night. We have also heard rumors that Pam might be able to come as she now feels better. We hope so. Being in the hospital without Pam never seems right.

So we know a little more than a week ago and Nan certainly feels better than she did a week ago. Our prayer continues to be, please Lord heal the leaking, we are not particular about how the leak is healed, a miracle, a radiologist, a urologist, a surgeon. We just seek God's healing and most important His will be done.

Please join us in seeking God's special blessings for Nan's recovery.


tim and nan
thanks Nikki and Jason for calling me today, ironic that both of you had phones cut off while we were talking, as good as technology is its not perfect. Loved hearing from both of you wonderful children.


  • At 12:51 AM, Blogger Gerry & Barb said…

    Hello dear Tim and Nan, Gerry and I are home again and have carried in all the things from the car. It was so good to see you both and to be with Nan at the hospital. For those of you reading the blogs I want to say how good Nan looks and that her attitude is great towards all that is going on. She does have her moments when it's been hard to be positive but she deserves to have those moments. She is always polite and appreciative to the nurses and other attendants that are there to help her. We need to pray that God will give the doctors the knowledge they need for treating and stopping this "leak" that is causing problems for our dear Nan. I think it is very difficult for a doctor to say they don't know how to treat this problem. Nan and I had a good time this morning watching "The Price is Right." Nan had to clue me in on some of the procedures when the contestants would spin the wheel. We watched a young lady win 3 cars! We forgot we were in the hospital for awhile. After being in bed on her back for 3 days, Nan was brave and took a nice little walk around the hallway by the nursing station with Tim being "the guy that carried all the hook-ups." I smoothed out the sheets and got the bed ready for her return. It was a pleasure to meet Irene and enjoy the pretty flowers she brought to Nan. Nan's room has 1 chair with arms, one chair that rolls around, one chair that reclines, a wheelchair, and a walker, plus her bed; we all had seats we could sit on. In her private little bathroom there is a toilet that sounds like a volcano erupting when it is flushed; ear plugs are needed. Nan has a beautiful velvet,maroon housecoat that makes her look like royalty. When we hear her tummy gurgle we know she will be experiencing a short, painful few seconds. This seems to happen after she eats and sometimes after she drinks water. This morning when we walked into her room, Nan greeted us very "chipperly" and it was a good sound. Nan's situation is a long ways from perfect but Nan is a very brave little patient. She needs our prayers and encouragement. Hopefully, my little update on Nan has been interesting to all you blog readers. I look forward to being with her again -- she's an inspiration to me! Love, Barb

  • At 6:07 AM, Anonymous Marilyn in Lincoln said…

    Good morning Nan and Tim ~
    Good news about Nan - she's up and walking again and it sounds like they will have a plan soon on what to do to stop the leaking. Barb's update was good to hear too. This blog is great for updates - keep them coming.

    Tim fix yourself something to take along with you when you go out - take a ziplock bag or two and put in some nuts, dates, wash an apple and some grapes. Then when you get hungry, you'll have something to pop into you. In the morning, you can do some quick oatmeal and toast a piece of that Truckee multigrain bread - yummie. Have a little container of the silk milk too - put it in the refrigerator and have it icy cold.

    It's early and I've got to run fix a fresh fruit salad for potlock at church today.

    You two have a great Sabbath - relax at the hospital and enjoy each other.

    Love and prayers, Marilyn

  • At 6:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Greetings From Boston
    Hi Nan and Tim it's Amy
    Sorry to read that you have been having such a hard time since you have been back home. Your a trooper though keep up the walking, good spirits and great attitude. Glad to hear that you have gained wt. YEAH!!! If there is any way i can help to get you in touch or answers for you from Dr.B you let me know. I am working this weekend and could always leave here and email. Tim it sounds like you are handling things keep up the good work. Don't forget to take care of yourself too. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you
    take care


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