Nan Mustard's Recovery

This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday is ART day

Dear Friends and Family,

Its early evening and Nan and I are sitting in our family room watching Rachel Ray and 30 minute meals. Nan is trying to get warm, has the heating pad on, two blankets over her and even has her nose covered. We just brought her down from upstairs where she has been for several hours.

Todays events: Nan slept from about 8 last night until about 10 this morning. She only woke briefly a couple of times. After days of vomiting she was so worn out. Plus the Adivan seemed to facilitate her sleeping. Around 11 she came down to be ready for the wound care nurse. The nurse decided to take the wound vac out for now and resume using the wet to dry until tests can establish what fluid is so copious in the wound, 200 to 300 CCs a day in the canister of the sponge vac. Plus we were out of canisters, they failed to send more. The nurse expressed concern about the high amount of fluid. Art, our long time friend, came today to keep an eye on nan and to work in the front yard. He did wonders in the front yard and kept good care of Nan doing all the nurse kind of things she needed while I was gone. Nan and I both thank Art for being here for us. Perhaps the rose bushes will eventually grow again.

The afternoon nurse visit was for a blood draw for weekly blood workup. While she was here she took Nan's temperature and found it to be 101.8. She called me and then called the doctor with that bad news. So far we have not heard anything back from the Dr office. When I got home from seeing a house in Alameda I inspected Arts front yard work, great! and then went up to talk to Nan, she was asleep again. Later she called me to let me know the wound was spilling fluid all over so we changed gown, did a new wet to dry dressing and brought her down to her chair. It took her a while to get warm in this cold room and now she is asleep again. I got her a hot drink which helped the warming process. Now its up to change the bed linen and prepare the TPn and Hydration for later tonight. The bag is beeping already letting me know that its time to prepare. Nan is finally feeling better this evening after being very sleepy all day.

Amazingly Nan has had no episodes of vomiting since about 8 pm last night. Pams peppermint sticks seemed to have worked. We really enjoyed having Shawn and Pam here last night and earlier we enjoyed Steve and Sylvia's visit and thank them for bring back our laundry. You don't get that kind of help every day.

Nan and I just decided to try some soup broth tonight to see if she can handle it. Tonight we send a special request asking for your prayers that God will seal up the tunnel in Nan's wound. We have seen God heal bleeding, GI bleeding, heart weakness, kidney's not working. Now we are seeking God's healing once again so we can move forward with Nan's recovery. We are so thankful that the nausea is diminished but concerned about the fever again and the low energy level. Life just keeps handing us new challenges these days.

We look forward to Barb and Gerry Lammerding's visit from wed thru friday. That will be a real blessings. It will allow me some time to see properties and Nan will have loving friends nearby to help her.

Well thanks for listening and caring.

We send our love and appreciate your involvement in our lives.


tim and nan


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