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This blog is a record of Erin (Nan) Mustard's recovery.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday evening - Sharons visit draws to a close

Dear Friends and Family,

Nan is resting on the couch and is getting the IV of her Lovequin right now as she rests. Nikki and Keanna just left at 8:30 after a very pleasant visit. Nikki brought pizza and salad and we all ate our fill. Even Nan got into the spirit even though she has had a very touchy tummy all day. While she lost the first piece of vegetarian she kept the second down and along with Guava juice had a good meal. Sharon has given her a feet soaking and then pedicure so Nan's feet and toe nails look and feel great. Sharon is packing right now. She will have to go home to recoup after working night and day here. She and Nan have had many many happy moments in the past week. The first two days were spent in the doctors offices, then we went to Jason and Jo's for a few days and then back home for a couple days and she has to fly home. This trip has been a total blessing for Nan and me, although she faces her own set of challenges she has been a life giver to us both. Her faith, her courage and her sense of fun and love of life are inspiring. Words do not begin to cover how much we will miss her tomorrow. Yet we totally understand that she needs to get back to her work which is a mission of sorts for over 100 people every day.

Sharon flys out tomorrow at 10:35 and gets home at 6:20, when I drop her off I drive on to Santa Rosa and finish what I started last wednesday, then drive home and write the report and get it to the lender before the end of the day, we hope. It will be the first time Nan has been alone for a few days and she will probably just rest, rest, rest.

We see that Bob and Carrol got home safely from Tahoe and it sounds like they had a wonderful time even getting out on the lake on the Tahoe Queen which is a beautiful ride especially this time of year. We are glad they had a good time.

We were saddened to hear that Dr. Glover passed to his rest last night. He leaves very big shoes to fill. He was a very wonderful man and touched thousands of lives through his medical practice, through his generosity, his mission trips, his personal projects. Years ago when Nan and I were pastoring the Tracy church the Glovers gave us a trip to the holy land. A trip we will never forget. We will miss him greatly.

Nan has had a fairly tough day with lots of nausea yet she traveled to Tracy CostCo with Sharon and also the Social Sec. office. She came home at 3 pm and headed to bed for awhile. Later Mary came and visited with Sharon and then Nan called me and I brought her down. She has been down ever since. Her pain level is less today which is a nice change. The wound continues to drain a lot but her temp was normal this morning when the nurse was here. We have not heard back yet from the Dr.s regarding the blood cultures.

I'm going to round this up now. Many thanks for your continued prayers in Nan's behalf. We ask that you include Sharon's trip home tomorrow, that it be a safe one.

Good night or morning,

Sending love,

Tim and Nan and Sharon


  • At 1:38 PM, Anonymous roger and carol said…

    ;-( So sorry Sharon has to leave. I know you will miss her a lot. She is a special friend and support to you both. Perhaps someone else will show up to help. It seems that God has provided someone for you whenever you have been in need before. He is still there.

    Good news that Nan's pain level is less! That helps make for more quality of life. It would be great now if the nausea would go away and the wound would heal. We'll take one success at a time.

    Roger is doing probably better than I am now. I was stressed out before his heart attack. At least he is getting rest ~ I'm not. We'll make it through. We always do.

    Love and prayers ~ Carol


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